African Art
New African Cinema
New African Cinema
Paperback      ISBN: 0813579562
New African Cinema examines the pressing social, cultural, economic, and historical issues explored by African filmmakers from the early post-colonial years into the new millennium. Offering an overview of the development of postcolonial African cinema since the 1960s, Valérie K. Orlando highlights the variations in content and themes that reflect the socio-cultural and political environments of filmmakers and the cultures they depict in their films. Orlando illuminates the diverse themes evident in the works of filmmakers such as Ousmane Sembène’s Ceddo (Senegal, 1977), Sarah Maldoror’s Sambizanga (Angola, 1972), Assia Djebar’s La Nouba des femmes de Mont Chenoua (The Circle of women of Mount Chenoua, Algeria, 1978), Zézé Gamboa’s The Hero (Angola, 2004) and Abderrahmane Sissako’s Timbuktu (Mauritania, 2014), among others. Orlando also considers the influence of major African film schools and their traditions, as well as European and American influences on the marketing and distribution of African film. For those familiar with the polemics of African film, or new to them, Orlando offers a cogent analytical approach that is engaging.
Penny Siopis: Time and Again
Penny Siopis
Time and Again
Paperback      ISBN: 1868146952
With her earliest work, Penny Siopis established herself as one of the most talented and challenging visual artists in and beyond South Africa.Penny Siopis: Time and Again engages in a variety of ways with her work of the past 35 years. A conversation between the artist and the editor, Gerrit Olivier, unfolds throughout the book, giving the reader fascinating insights into her working methods, her strong interest in form and different genres, her theoretical concerns and her views on the position of art in a socio-political context. The first chapter by Achille Mbembe, on her latest work, considers how creation takes hold in the wake of loss. Siopis’s abiding interest in what she calls “the poetics of vulnerability

Postcolonial Modernism: Art and Decolonization in Twentieth-Century Nigeria
Postcolonial Modernism
Art and Decolonization in Twentieth-Century Nigeria
Paperback      ISBN: 0822357461
Written by one of the foremost scholars of African art and featuring 129 color images, Postcolonial Modernism chronicles the emergence of artistic modernism in Nigeria in the heady years surrounding political independence in 1960, before the outbreak of civil war in 1967. Chika Okeke-Agulu traces the artistic, intellectual, and critical networks in several Nigerian cities. Zaria is particularly important, because it was there, at the Nigerian College of Arts, Science and Technology, that a group of students formed the Art Society and inaugurated postcolonial modernism in Nigeria. As Okeke-Agulu explains, their works show both a deep connection with local artistic traditions and the stylistic sophistication that we have come to associate with twentieth-century modernist practices. He explores how these young Nigerian artists were inspired by the rhetoric and ideologies of decolonization and nationalism in the early- and mid-twentieth century and, later, by advocates of negritude and pan-Africanism. They translated the experiences of decolonization into a distinctive "postcolonial modernism" that has continued to inform the work of major Nigerian artists.
Public Art in South Africa: Bronze Warriors and Plastic Presidents
Public Art in South Africa
Bronze Warriors and Plastic Presidents
Paperback      ISBN: 0253029929
How does South Africa deal with public art from its years of colonialism and apartheid? How do new monuments address fraught histories and commemorate heroes of the struggle? Across South Africa, statues commemorating figures such as Cecil Rhodes have provoked heated protests, while new works commemorating icons of the liberation struggle have also sometimes proved contentious. In this lively volume, Kim Miller, Brenda Schmahmann, and an international group of contributors examine statues and memorials as well as performance, billboards, and other temporal modes of communication, considering the implications of not only the exposure but also erasure of events and icons from the public domain. Revealing how public visual expressions articulate histories and memories, they explore how such works may serve as a forum in which tensions surrounding race, gender, identity, or nationhood play out.
Public Intimacy: Art and Other Ordinary Acts in South Africa
Public Intimacy
Art and Other Ordinary Acts in South Africa
Paperback      ISBN: 0982678975
Reading Egyptian Art: A Hieroglyphic Guide to Ancient Egyptian Painting and Sculpture
Reading Egyptian Art
A Hieroglyphic Guide to Ancient Egyptian Painting and Sculpture
Paperback      ISBN: 0500277516
An introduction to the symbolic language of hieroglyphs which includes a directory of the 100 used most often in Egyptian painting and sculpture. This book offers a comprehensive explanation of the symbols, their origins, identification and uses.

Recent Histories: Contemporary African Photography and Video Art: The Walther Collection
Recent Histories
Contemporary African Photography and Video Art: The Walther Collection
Hardcover      ISBN: 3958293506

Ruth Baumgarte: Turn of the Fire
Ruth Baumgarte
Turn of the Fire
Hardcover      ISBN: 3791357034
Characterized by their radiant color and confident brushstrokes, the "African" paintings of Ruth Baumgarte are a dynamic reflection of the German artist's deep passion for the continent. After working as an illustrator Ruth Baumgarte found ultimate fulfillment as a painter when she started visiting Africa in the 1950s. She traveled to the African continent forty times over the course of her life. Her large-format oil paintings, often created from memory in her studio, are both a joyful expression of her love for the land and people, but also a way of preserving cultures. This book features both renowned and lesser-known works, including portraits, landscapes, and graphic works and all have her individual, rapid stroke style. Saturated with bright primary colors, these paintings leap off the page, and give off a nearly palpable heat. With rich illustrations, this book shows Ruth Baumgarte's impression of Africa as a captivating and beautiful place.
Shades of Black: Assembling Black Arts in 1980s Britain
Shades of Black
Assembling Black Arts in 1980s Britain
Paperback      ISBN: 0822334208
A history of the last 20 years of black arts in Britain, focusing on the e1980s, a decade of such arts explosion.
South Africa: The art of a nation
South Africa
The art of a nation
Hardcover      ISBN: 0500519064
A unique insight into South Africa’s history, from iconic pre-colonial artifacts to the country’s vibrant contemporary art scene