African Art
African Masters: Art from the Ivory Coast
African Masters
Art from the Ivory Coast
Hardcover      ISBN: 3858817619
West Africa has a rich and long artistic tradition. In particular, Ivory Coast is home to a vast number of sculptors, some of which have created work that bears comparison with masters of European art, such as Michelangelo or Picasso. Yet the view still prevails that no aesthetic principles can be found in traditional African art, nor that independent artistic personalities have ever emerged from this tradition. Only
African Photographer J. A. Green: Reimagining the Indigenous and the Colonial
African Photographer J. A. Green
Reimagining the Indigenous and the Colonial
Paperback      ISBN: 0253028957
J. A. Green (1873–1905) was one of the most prolific and accomplished indigenous photographers to be active in West Africa. This beautiful book celebrates Green’s photographs and opens a new chapter in the early photographic history of Africa. Soon after photography reached the west coast of Africa in the 1840s, the technology and the resultant images were disseminated widely, appealing to African elites, European residents, and travelers to the region. Responding to the need for more photographs, expatriate and indigenous photographers began working along the coasts, particularly in major harbor towns. Green, whose identity remained hidden behind his English surname, maintained a photography business in Bonny along the Niger Delta. His work covered a wide range of themes including portraiture, scenes of daily and ritual life, commerce, and building. Martha G. Anderson, Lisa Aronson, and the contributors have uncovered 350 of Green’s images in archives, publications, and even albums that celebrated colonial achievements. This landmark book unifies these dispersed images and presents a history of the photographer and the area in which he worked.
African Textiles: Color and Creativity Across a Continent
African Textiles
Color and Creativity Across a Continent
Paperback      ISBN: 0500292213
“Readers with a passion for textiles will . . . settle in with the thrilling reds and calming indigos that Gillow has put before our eyes.
African Textiles Today
African Textiles Today
Hardcover      ISBN: 1588343804
African Textiles Today illustrates how African history is read, told, and recorded in cloth. All artifacts or works of art hold within them stories that range far beyond the time of their creation or the lifetime of their creator, and African textiles are patterned with these hidden histories. In Africa, cloth may be used to memorialize or commemorate something - an event, a person, a political cause - which in other parts of the world might be written down in detail or recorded by a plaque or monument. History in Africa can be read, told, and recorded in cloth. Making and trading numerous types of cloth have been vital elements in African life and culture for at least two millennia, linking different parts of the continent with each other and the rest of the world. Africa's long engagement with the peoples of the Mediterranean and the islands of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans provides a story of change and continuity. African Textiles Today shows how ideas, techniques, materials, and markets have adapted and flourished, and how the dynamic traditions in African textiles have provided inspiration for the continent's foremost contemporary artists and photographers. With a concluding chapter discussing the impact of African designs across the world, the book offers a fascinating insight into the living history of Africa.
African-Print Fashion Now!: A Story of Taste, Globalization, and Style
African-Print Fashion Now!
A Story of Taste, Globalization, and Style
Paperback      ISBN: 0990762637
African-Print Fashion Now! introduces visitors to a dynamic and diverse African dress tradition and the increasingly interconnected fashion worlds that it inhabits: “popular
Ardmore: We are because of others: The Story of Fee Halsted and Ardmore Ceramic Art
We are because of others: The Story of Fee Halsted and Ardmore Ceramic Art
Hardcover      ISBN: 1431701114
Established by Fée Halsted and Bonnie Ntshalintshali in 1985, Ardmore Ceramic Art is world renowned as South Africa's most successful ceramics studio. Ardmore's artists produce handmade, colorful, highly detailed figurative and functional pieces drawing on Zulu traditions and folklore, everyday events at the studio, and important issues in contemporary South African society including AIDs, alcohol abuse, and promiscuity. Fée describes her early life, family, education, evolution as a ceramic artist and ceramic educator, the beginnings of Ardmore, and its development into the world-class ceramic studio that it is today. En route, she pays tribute to Ardmore's 50-plus artists who have worked together to form the legend. Illustrated throughout with some 300 full-color photographs. Oversize: 9.75x11.25". Fernwood Press is and imprint of Random House Struik. Annotation ©2013 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Art and Trauma in Africa: Representations of Reconciliation in Music, Visual Arts, Literature and Film
Art and Trauma in Africa
Representations of Reconciliation in Music, Visual Arts, Literature and Film
Hardcover      ISBN: 184885692x
The traumas of conflict and war in postcolonial Africa have been widely documented, but less well-known are their artistic representations. A number of recent films, novels, and other art forms have sought to engage with and overcome post-colonial atrocities and to explore the attempts of reconciliation commissions towards peace, justice and forgiveness. This creativity reflects the memories and social identities of the artists, whilst offering a mirror to African and worldwide audiences coming to terms with a collective memory that is often traumatic in itself. Questioning perception and interpretation, these new art forms challenge the inexpressible nature of atrocities. This groundbreaking volume will inspire those interested in African history and politics as well as broader cultural and artistic studies.

Arte Africano/ African Art
Arte Africano/ African Art
Spanish    Hardcover      ISBN: 8467750979
Arts D'Afrique / African Art: Portraits D'Une Collection / Portraits of a Collection
Arts D'Afrique / African Art
Portraits D'Une Collection / Portraits of a Collection
French    Hardcover      ISBN: 8874397445
Offering a fascinating multi-disciplinary approach to African art, this stunning volume presents 65 works from West and Central Africa, South Africa, and Madagascar, all from one private collection. Organized around four main themes—governance and communication, protection and caring, coming together (celebrating, judging, and awarding prizes) and serving and beautifying—this book offers a general introduction to African art as well as a deeper understanding of the artworks’ source cultures. New photographs of the 65 works are followed by a selection of early 20th-century avant-garde photographs and contemporary works—by Alfred Stieglitz, Man Ray, Erwin Blumenfeld, Robert Doisneau, Karl Blossfeldt, as well as Nicolas Bruant, Fr.d.ric Vidal, and Louis Tirilly—showing the close relationship between modern and contemporary Western art and six fascinating African pieces from the collection.

Arts of Global Africa: The Newark Museum Collection
Arts of Global Africa
The Newark Museum Collection
Hardcover      ISBN: 0932828175
"The Newark Museum has been at the forefront of American art museums in its representation of the arts of Africa since 1917. Newark's collection is notable for its embrace of the entire continent and its diaspora as well as for the breadth of artistic representation and inclusion of historic as well as modern and contemporary art. This catalogue is the first devoted to exploring this richly diverse collection, providing a comprehensive overview of African visual culture unmatched by most collection catalogues, ensuring its broad appeal and relevance."--Publisher's summary.