African Art
365 Postcards for Ants
365 Postcards for Ants
Hardcover      ISBN: 192823027x
Postcards For Ants is an exquisite retrospective collection from miniaturist artist and global Instagram phenomenon Lorraine Loots. It includes high-quality reproductions of her entire 2014 collection: 365 miniature watercolours inspired by Cape Town in its role as World Design Capital 2014. Part art book, part Cape Town tourist guide, Postcards For Ants puts a microscope onto one of the world’s most beautiful cities, and is an instant collector’s must-have.

Affective Images: Post-Apartheid Documentary Perspectives
Affective Images
Post-Apartheid Documentary Perspectives
Hardcover      ISBN: 1438467850
Explores intervisual case studies in relation to migration, xenophobia, and gender.
Africa at the Tropenmuseum
Africa at the Tropenmuseum
Paperback      ISBN: 946022119x
Africa at the Tropenmuseum is not meant to be a general book on art from Africa, but rather a treatise on the formation and development of a specific Africa collection, which started at the beginning of the 20th cetnury with the fusion of the collections of the Colonial Museum in Haarlem, and the ethnographic collection of Artis, The Amsterdam Zoo. Many early objects were lost before Africa was formally integrated in the Tropenmuseum's policy in 1950, when the colonial phase of the museum was concluded. The following decades saw several changing objectives, from an emphasis on development cooperation toward an orientation on art and culture. Collection policies followed, focusing on daily household objects, popular art and contemporary art and design. The result is a fragmented but vivid collection that gives access to many forms of African art and culture as well as to the mindset of European collectors, researchers, and museum workers. This richly illustrated book emphasizes this historical context and the way the objects were collected and presented to the public to this day.

Africa Explores: Twentieth Century African Art
Africa Explores
Twentieth Century African Art
Paperback      ISBN: 0945802099
Africa in the Market: Twentieth-century Art from the Amrad African Art Collection
Africa in the Market
Twentieth-century Art from the Amrad African Art Collection
Hardcover      ISBN: 0888545061
While many publications focus on the aesthetics and symbolism of African art, few explore the historical dynamics and exchanges that have informed the way people in Africa have created, preserved, collected, and sold their artworks to local and foreign patrons. The book addresses key issues of market trends, the transformation in taste and aesthetics in relation to changing historical conditions, and the role of artisans, traders, and collectors in mediating knowledge and value in the international art market. Africa in the Market, which is richly illustrated, introduces to the public the artwork in the Amrad African Art collection at the Royal Ontario Museum. The collection contains a wide range of mostly 20th century pieces that illustrate the creative achievements and cultural meanings of art objects produced and/or collected at a time of great international expansion of the market for African art. The objects are framed and interpreted within academic essays that highlight the significant role that African makers and dealers have played in shaping Western understanding of African art. The essays are based on the long-term fieldwork of a number of anthropologists and art historians who have contributed original and innovative research to the discussion. The book explores the significance of 20th-century artistic production as a material component of local traditions and, at the same time, as artifacts circulating in a global market where local specificities are often lost.
African Art
African Art
Hardcover      ISBN: 8857208699
An illustrated study of African traditional figurative arts that reflects the continent's rich artistic and cultural heritage. The marvelous achievements of African artists over thousands of years are revealed in this book. The artworks range in date from the beginning of the first millennium all the way through the early twentieth century. Sculpture is the chief means through which the earliest African artists expressed themselves. The human figure, evocative of real or symbolic key people in the community or entities facilitating contact with the supernatural, is almost exclusively the subject matter. This vast world of African sculpture is the result of an evolutionary process based on a rich history and a diversity that derive from a seriesof migrations, wars, and alliances. During the last century, the African continent has experienced radical social, political, economic, and religious transformations. Inevitably, this has brought about a change in Africa's expressive forms, which retain fewer and fewer ties with those of the past. The aim of this work is to exhaustively present the traditional figurative arts of Africa and to concisely explain their distinguishing historical, formal, symbolic, and functional characteristics. Table of Contents: Introduction; African sculpture history and dating; Attribution; Cultures of Sudan; Cultures of Mali; Cultures of Nigeria; Afro-Portuguese and hybrid ivories; Everyday objects; Variety and purpose; Different solutions; Bibliography
African Art in the Barnes Foundation: The Triumph of L'Art negre and the Harlem Renaissance
African Art in the Barnes Foundation
The Triumph of L'Art negre and the Harlem Renaissance
Hardcover      ISBN: 0847845214
The first publication of the Barnes Foundation’s important and extensive African art collection. The Barnes Foundation is renowned for its astonishing collection of Postimpressionist and early Modern art assembled by Albert C. Barnes, a Philadelphia pharmaceutical entrepreneur. Less known is the pioneering collection of African sculpture that Barnes acquired between 1922 and 1924, mainly from Paul Guillaume, the Paris-based dealer. The Barnes Foundation was one of the first permanent installations in the United States to present objects from Africa as fine art. Indeed, the African collection is central to understanding Barnes’s socially progressive vision for his foundation.This comprehensive volume showcases all 123 objects, including reliquary figures, masks, and utensils, most of which originated in France’s African colonies—Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, Gabon, and the Congo—as well as in Sierra Leone, Republic of Benin, and Nigeria. Christa Clarke considers the significance of the collection and Barnes’s role in the Harlem Renaissance and in fostering broader appreciation of African art in the twentieth century. In-depth catalog entries by noted scholars in the field complete the volume.
African Canvas: The Art of West African Women
African Canvas
The Art of West African Women
Hardcover      ISBN: 0847811662
Documents folk architecture and wall paintings in Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mauritania, and Mali

African Cosmos: Stellar Arts
African Cosmos
Stellar Arts
Hardcover      ISBN: 1580933432
A groundbreaking scholarly publication, accompanying an exhibition organized by the National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution, African Cosmos: Stellar Arts brings together exceptional works of art, dating from ancient times to the present, and essays by leading scholars and contemporary artists to consider African cultural astronomy: creativity and artistic practice in Africa as it is linked to celestial bodies and atmospheric phenomena. African concepts of the universe are intensely personal, placing human beings in relation to the earth and sky, and with the sun, moon, and stars. At the core of creation myths and the foundation of moral values, celestial bodies are often accorded sacred capacities and are part of the “cosmological map

African Filmmaking: Five Formations
African Filmmaking
Five Formations
Paperback      ISBN: 1611862450
This volume attempts to join the disparate worlds of Egyptian, Maghrebian, South African, Francophone, and Anglophone African cinema—that is, five “formations