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The Art of Living in Singapore
The Art of Living in Singapore
Hardcover      ISBN: 9810054904
Indian Art (world of Art)
Indian Art (world of Art)
Paperback      ISBN: 0500201463
5000 Years of Indian Art
5000 Years of Indian Art
Hardcover      ISBN: 8174368531
This visually stunning book is a rare example of a volume that offers a panoramic view of Indian art from the pre-historic times to contemporary period.
Masterful Images: The Art of Kiyoshi Saito
Masterful Images
The Art of Kiyoshi Saito
Hardcover      ISBN: 0764964550
This delightful presentation honors and showcases the work of Saito (1907-1997), an extraordinary artist. Approximately 85 images are shown full page, preceded by an essay written by Till, curator of Asian art at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, British Columbia. In 1990 Till contributed an essay for the catalogue of an exhibition titled Woodblock Prints by Kiyoshi Saito. This book is partly based on that catalogue, which is now out of print. Annotation
New Ireland: Art of the South Pacific: 5 Continents Edition
New Ireland
Art of the South Pacific: 5 Continents Edition
Paperback      ISBN: 8874393695
Highlights the diversity and aesthetic quality of the art of New Ireland, a Pacific island, north east of Papua New Guinea.
New Narratives: Contemporary Art from India
New Narratives
Contemporary Art from India
Hardcover      ISBN: 1890206083
Contemporary art in India reflects her world-recognition as a major player in the new millennium. The journey from modern to contemporary art in India continues to be one from indigenous to global - intersecting with international art at increasingly frequent intervals as time progresses. By making "now" the curatorial priority, this book has a perspective that has been missing from most previous books and exhibitions of 20th-century art from India. To celebrate only the "glorious" past would be to miss the point of India's rising global presence, and how far she has come since her mid-century Independence. It is time to celebrate India's artistic independence. Recent works by 24 artists have been selected to represent art-making in India today. This catalog is published in conjunction with an extensive exhibition of paintings, photography, sculptures and installations, along with works in video and new media, that opens at the Chicago Cultural Center on 20th July 2007.
A Century of Thai Graphic Design
A Century of Thai Graphic Design
Hardcover      ISBN: 9748225429
Featuring over 5,500 items ranging from the mid-19th century to the 1960s, A Century of Thai Graphic Design examines the changes in everyday Thai life and culture by studying its printed material. The first printing machines were introduced into Thailand by missionaries in the 17th century, but printing in general did not really take off until the 1830s, during the reign of King Rama III. Since that time, Thailand has developed a rich library of graphic images using an alphabet unique to the language. A Century of Thai Graphic Design examines the many facets of Thai graphics, from early newspapers and funeral books, to political propaganda, film posters, children's cartoon books, labels and advertisements for household products. With the help of the foremost collectors in each particular field, Anake Nawigamune has assembled a collection of words and imagery which provides a visual history that will fascinate designers, historians and all those interested in Thai culture and society.
The Spirit of Indian Painting: Close Encounters With 101 Great Works 1100-1900
The Spirit of Indian Painting
Close Encounters With 101 Great Works 1100-1900
Hardcover      ISBN: 0500239509
“Wonderful . . . A book to make both layman and connoisseur alike realize why pre-modern Indian painting is one of the great arts of the world.
The Buddha in the Machine: Art, Technology, and the Meeting of East and West
The Buddha in the Machine
Art, Technology, and the Meeting of East and West
Hardcover      ISBN: 0300194471
The famous 1893 Chicago World’s Fair celebrated the dawn of corporate capitalism and a new Machine Age with an exhibit of the world’s largest engine. Yet the noise was so great, visitors ran out of the Machinery Hall to retreat to the peace and quiet of the Japanese pavilion’s Buddhist temples and lotus ponds. Thus began over a century of the West’s turn toward an Asian aesthetic as an antidote to modern technology. From the turn-of-the-century Columbian Exhibition to the latest Zen-inspired designs of Apple, Inc., R. John Williams charts the history of our embrace of Eastern ideals of beauty to counter our fear of the rise of modern technological systems. In a dazzling work of synthesis, Williams examines Asian influences on book design and department store marketing, the commercial fiction of Jack London, the poetic technique of Ezra Pound, the popularity of Charlie Chan movies, the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, and the design of the latest high-tech gadgets. Williams demonstrates how, rather than retreating from modernity, writers, artists, and inventors turned to traditional Eastern technê as a therapeutic means of living with—but never abandoning—Western technology.
From Heaven to Earth: Chines Contemporary Painting
From Heaven to Earth
Chines Contemporary Painting
Hardcover      ISBN: 8862080549
Edited by Lorenzo Sassoli de Bianchi.