Build-Your-Own Cable Car: Includes 2 Punch-Out Paper Cable Cars
Build-Your-Own Cable Car
Includes 2 Punch-Out Paper Cable Cars
Hardcover      ISBN: 1452140243

For anyone who's dreamed of hopping aboard a little cable car that strives for the sky, this is just the ticket. Two punch-out cable car models are included: one fully illustrated and one prime for coloring in. An accompanying content-rich booklet provides information about the history of cable cars and how they work, and a handy map for navigating the City by the Bay courtesy of this cherished icon.

Building a Miniature Navy Board Model
Building a Miniature Navy Board Model
Paperback      ISBN: 1848321864
"Building a Miniature Navy Board Model is a must-have for either the amateur or professional ship model builder's library."--Michael Wall, director of the American Marine Model Gallery

Now available in paperback, Philip Reed's latest building guide tackles what many regard as the ultimate expression of the ship model maker's art, the Navy Board model. His step-by-step construction of a miniature 1/192 scale model of HMS Royal George of 1715 demonstrates all the conventions of Navy Board framing and planking. With the aid of nearly four hundred photographs, he takes the reader through every building stage. He covers methods of hull and deck framing, internal and external planking, and the construction of the complex stern. Reed also shows how to render the multitude of decorative carvings on the figurehead, stern, and broadside. A section showing, amongst others, his model of Siren, explains how the techniques used to frame Royal George can be adapted for ships of a later date, using single and double frames closer to full-size practice.

This is the first book in many years to cover the well-known and sought-after early eighteenth-century Navy Board models. Here is an invaluable manual from which any model maker can benefit from the lifetime's experience of one of the world's leading exponents of the art of miniature shipbuilding.

Building and Detailing Model Aircraft
Building and Detailing Model Aircraft
Paperback      ISBN: 0890247234

Readers will learn how to master construction and finishing of plastic model aircraft with basic skills such as assembling, aligning, gluing, surface preparation, painting, and decaling. Then they'll be able to add extra details and use more advanced techniques.

Building and Detailing Realistic Sherman Tanks
Building and Detailing Realistic Sherman Tanks
Paperback      ISBN: 0890247897

Of all the Allied armor of WWII, one tank stands out: the M4 Sherman medium battle tank. This comprehensive book is both a how-to construction guide, as well as a portfolio. The first half of the book covers a beginner's basic buildup of a simple Sherman and progresses to a full-on customized Sherman from a resin kit. Along the way, readers will learn about all the details that distinguish this iconic tank-tracks, guns, applique armor, and paint schemes-to make the most realistic Sherman models possible. The second half of the book is a gallery of the author's own models-47 in all

Building Architectural Models
Building Architectural Models
Paperback      ISBN: 0764310712

Whether you intend to add flair to your office presentation or charm to your model train set, this book will give you professional insight into designing and producing architectural models--with truly spectacular results. This book is a primer for the design, construction, and presentation of the three-dimensional model from conceptual drawings. Ideal for use inside or outside the classroom, the process begins with the construction of a cube and tetrahedron, and moves on to encompass manufactured modules, a commercial building, a single-story house, and a city rowhouse. Landscaping and presentation details are also provided to make your creations look their absolute best. Beautiful photography illustrates the step-by-step instructions for the beginning projects, as well as a colorful gallery of more complex designs that will excite and inspire you. These projects are a wonderful combination of the precision of model-building and the limitlessness of your creativity.

Building Dioramas
Building Dioramas
Paperback      ISBN: 0890248702

Acclaimed modeler Chris Mrosko explains how to build dioramas that showcase models and create dramatic scenes, as well as offering expert modeling tips. Focusing on a step-by-step, how-to approach, modelers will learn the fundamentals of construction and design, airbrushing and finishing tips, how to cast pieces out of resin, and more.

Building the Six-Hour Canoe
Building the Six-Hour Canoe
Paperback      ISBN: 0961039671

A guide to building a canoe that contains scale plans, specifications, a tool list, step-by-step instructions, and even a helpful explanation of how to paddle the canoe. All the building operations are clearly illustrated with photos and sketches. The canoe is constructed from a single 4'x16' (or two 4' x 8' sheets) sheet of marine plywood and a few pieces of dimensional lumber and, with epoxy glued seams, is watertight from the moment it hits the water. When completed, the canoe is 15'3" in length with a 311/2" beam. Inexpensive to build using ordinary tools and materials, the canoe gives everybody access to boatbuilding and a boat.

The Bulgarian Air Force in World War II: Germany's Forgotten Ally
The Bulgarian Air Force in World War II
Germany's Forgotten Ally
Paperback      ISBN: 8365437554

The intervention of the German Air Force, called Luftwaffe, during World War II is well known by those interested in this conflict, due to the large number of works dealing about it. Much less well-known are the air forces of Germany's allied countries, although in the last years excellent works appear about these ones. Among them, perhaps the least known and treated is Bulgarian Air Force (although its more exact name would be Royal Bulgarian Air Force) because of its lesser degree of participation in the war unlike other countries like Hungary, Romania or Finland. That is the reason why Bulgarian Air Force is Germany's forgotten ally...

Carving Japanese Netsuke for Beginners
Carving Japanese Netsuke for Beginners
Paperback      ISBN: 1861086938

Create your Japanese work of art with this new, comprehensive title on the intricate skill of Japanese netsuke carvings. Traditionally created for practical reasons, these fantastic miniature carvings are now highly collectible works of art. Carving Japanese Netsuke for Beginners is packed with information on the history, techniques, tools, and skills needed to master the art.

Written in an approachable, personal style with 6 step-by-step projects to follow and 23 additional ideas, Carving Japanese Netsuke for Beginners includes everything you need to know to get started on the way to creating your own superb miniature carvings, each reflecting Japanese tradition.

Cnc Milling for Makers: Basics - Techniques - Applications
Cnc Milling for Makers
Basics - Techniques - Applications
Paperback      ISBN: 1681983028

Until fairly recently, machining has been a high-cost manufacturing technique available only to large corporations and specialist machine shops. With today's cheaper and more powerful computers, CNC milling and 3D printing technology has become practical, affordable, and accessible to just about anyone.

Tabletop CNC machines--such as the Stepcraft-2/600, which is the model featured in this book--are every hobbyist's dream, providing the tools needed to cut and shape materials such as glass, wood, plastics, and aluminum.

In CNC Milling for Makers, author Christian Rattat explains how CNC technology works and he walks you through the entire milling process: starting with a blank piece of material, Rattat takes you step by step through to a finished product.

Rattat offers advice on selecting and purchasing the best machine for your own particular needs. He also demonstrates how to assemble a machine from a kit and explains all the steps required to mill your first project. Moving past the basics, Rattat introduces a variety of cutting tools and provides hands-on examples of how to use them to mill a wide variety of materials.