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Exalted: The Dragon-Blooded
The Dragon-Blooded
Hardcover      ISBN: 1588466566

It is the second Age of Man, the age before the world turned. The Empire of the Dragon-Blooded -- an invincible colossus -- stands astride the ruins of the First Age. For millennia, the scarlet Empress held the world in her steel grip. But the empress is no more, and the Realm spirals toward chaos and civil war. Its enemies descend -- demon princes, deathlords, skin-changing barbarians and the twisted and inscrutable Fair Folk hammer at the gates. In this time of darkness are reborn the solar Exalted, heroes of legend once slain by the Dragon-Blooded. Will these living legends herald the return of the Golden Age... or the end of creation?

The first in a series of hardbacks making the other types of Exalted available for play. Exalted: The Dragon-Blooded includes extensive detail on the world and society of the Terrestrial Exalted, as well as full rules for creating and playing Dragon-Blooded characters. Inside is everything needed to portray these warlike aristocrats, from guides to their manners to systems for the supernatural martial arts practiced by the Immaculate Order.

Gurps Ultra-Tech 2: Hard-Core, Hard-Wired Hardware
Gurps Ultra-Tech 2
Hard-Core, Hard-Wired Hardware
Paperback      ISBN: 155634337x

-- Hundreds of different science fiction devices...weapons, computers, armor, exotic medicine, and much more.
-- By one of the GURPS system's most popular authors.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Equipment
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
Ultimate Equipment
Hardcover      ISBN: 1601254490
  • Gear up your Pathfinder RPG character in style with this massive catalog of thousands of magic items, alchemical equipment, weapons, and adventuring gear Lavishly illustrated with hundreds and hundreds of full-color illustrations and organized in a new, easy-to-reference format that groups magic items by "slot," Ultimate Equipment sorts all magical and mundane equipment released in the hardcover Pathfinder Roleplaying Game line to-date with tons and tons of new items to create the most comprehensive treasure resource ever created for the Pathfinder RPG Perfect for players looking to kit out their characters or Game Masters looking to stock a dungeon with appropriate treasure, Ultimate Equipment is an excellent resource for every Pathfinder RPG campaign
Dungeons & Dragons Player's Strategy Guide
Dungeons & Dragons Player's Strategy Guide
Hardcover      ISBN: 0786954884

One hundred and sixty pages of Dungeons & Dragons(r) hotness.
The "D&D(r)"" Player s Strategy Guide" is aimed at D&D players who crave the envy of their gamer peers. If you want a character that s jaw-droppingly cool, this book is for you. It provides tips and tricks for optimizing your D&D characters to make them more awesome and fun to play at the game table.
In addition to character optimization tips and player advice, this book includes entertaining sidebar essays written by celebrity gamers and a distinctive comic art style unlike other books in the D&D game line."

The Gondoliers or The King of Barataria: For Soli, Chorus and Orchestra, Vocal Score, A Kalmus Classic Edition
The Gondoliers or The King of Barataria
For Soli, Chorus and Orchestra, Vocal Score, A Kalmus Classic Edition
Paperback      ISBN: 0769246087

An Opera score composed by William S. Gilbert and Arthur S. Sullivan.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Demons Revisited
Pathfinder Campaign Setting
Demons Revisited
Paperback      ISBN: 1601255527
  • Demons have plagued heroes since the dawn of time; their brutality and ferocity matched by few foes, and their capacity for cruelty and destruction seemingly without end. They are legion, as varied as the countless mortal sins that give them birth and ever eager for new opportunities to destroy the works of humanity, if only as a prelude to the lingering, painful deaths they so love to visit upon the flesh. Yet despite the danger, arrogant mortals remain fascinated by demons, and work tirelessly to conjure and subjugate them to their will. To the demon host, these mortals are their favorites, for they are the key by which these fiends shall inherit the world
  • Demons Revisited presents 10 of the game's most infamous and notorious demons, providing details on the sins that spawn each type, what roles they play on the Abyss, and what particular devastations they prefer to wreak on the mortal realm, given the chance. In addition to advice on how to use these demons in your game, each chapter presents rules for specialized half-fiend templates -- half-demons designed specifically to evoke the features and powers of a fiendish parent.
Pathfinder Player Companion: Faiths of Corruption
Pathfinder Player Companion
Faiths of Corruption
Paperback      ISBN: 1601253753
  • Learn the hideous secrets and vile rituals of Golarion's most evil cults, from the lord of all devils Asmodeus to the apocalyptic monstrousness of Rovagug. These deities are the villains of the cosmos, sadists and manipulators who view mortal life as a resource at best, or cattle to be fed upon at worst. Yet even the gods of corruption do not directly interfere in the workings of humanity -- they leave that to their faithful, a despicable lot who spend their lives in the pursuit of cruelty, trickery, and violence.
  • Faiths of Corruption presents a player-friendly overview of the evil-aligned religions and faiths of the Pathfinder campaign setting, along with new rules and information to help players customize pious characters in both flavor and mechanics.
Simsoc: Simulated Society, Participant's Manual: Fifth Edition (Participant's Manual)
Simsoc: Simulated Society, Participant's Manual
Fifth Edition (Participant's Manual)
Paperback      ISBN: 0684871408

The official guide to SIMSOC, the dynamic group simulation game whose "potential for stimulating the learning process is staggering" (Teaching Sociology), in which players grapple with the challenge of governing society.

In SIMSOC, players confront issues like abuse of power, justice, diversity, trust, and leadership as they negotiate their way through labor-management strife, political turmoil, and natural disasters. Success or failure is dependent upon decisions made by players and the creativity of the group--and every game is a teaching tool.

To be successful, players must utilize every basic social process from cooperation and reward to threat and punishment. SIMSOC will make participants ask questions about social control, and bring everyday experience and deeper understanding to even the most arcane social and organizational theory.

Included in this Fifth Edition of SIMSOC's Participant's Manual are instructions for playing, materials for play, study questions based on participation, and selected readings about simulation games, leadership, and social processes. New to the Fifth Edition are additional size levels to accommodate groups of up to ninety participants with simplified rules and readings by authors from Nicholas Lemann to Robert Putnam.
Ultimate Magic
Ultimate Magic
Hardcover      ISBN: 1601252994

Raise your character to the pinnacle of magical might with Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Magic. Within this book, secrets arcane and divine lie ready to burst into life at the hands of all the spellcasting classes in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. In addition to the brand-new magus class-a master of both arcane magic and martial prowess-you'll also find a whole new system for spellcasting, rules for spell duels and other magical specialties, and pages upon pages of new spells, feats, and more. Because when it comes to magic, why settle for less than absolute power?
Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Magic is a must-have companion volume to the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook. This imaginative tabletop game builds on more than 10 years of system development and an Open Playtest featuring more than 50,000 gamers to create a cutting-edge RPG experience that brings the all-time best-selling set of fantasy rules into the new millennium.

Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Magic includes:
►The magus, a new base class combining deadly arcane magic with the skills and weapons of a trained warrior.
►Words of power, an innovative and flexible new spellcasting system.
►New options for dedicated casters, such as alchemist discoveries, alternative uses for channeled energy, druid companions, sorcerer bloodlines, eidolon abilities, witch hexes, and oracle mysteries.
►Additional feats and magical abilities for martially oriented casters, including monk ki tricks, inquisitor archetypes, and ranger traps.
►New magical conditions called spellblights, as well as systems for crafting constructs, binding outsiders, and spell-dueling.
►More than 100 new spells, plus detailed guidelines for designing your own.

Pathfinder Module: The Ruby Phoenix Tournament
Pathfinder Module
The Ruby Phoenix Tournament
Paperback      ISBN: 1601253818
  • Once every ten years, the cosmopolitan city of Goka on the eastern coastline of Tian Xia hosts the Ruby Phoenix Tournament on an island in the city's harbor. Infamous for its strange spectacles and exciting mix of fighting styles, the contest draws combatants from all over the world. Its winner gets his choice of a single item from the legendary treasury of an ancient spellcaster. But this year, not all who have come to compete do so out of respect for the traditions of battle or even out of greed for the reward. They seek, instead, nothing more than revenge
  • The Ruby Phoenix Tournament is a tournament-style Pathfinder Module designed for 11th-level characters, written for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and compatible with the 3.5 Edition of the world's oldest RPG. The adventure serves as an ideal introduction to the folk and fighting styles of the lands of the Dragon Empires.