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Advanced Tactical Fighters (jane's)
Advanced Tactical Fighters (jane's)
Paperback      SKU: 1199631132
Gurps Cyberpunk: High-Tech Low-Life Roleplaying
Gurps Cyberpunk
High-Tech Low-Life Roleplaying
Paperback      ISBN: 1556341687

-- The book that was confiscated by the Secret Service because they thought it contained hacking secrets (It doesn't)
-- Nominated for the Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Supplement.

Rise of the Runelords Base Set
Rise of the Runelords Base Set
Cards      ISBN: 1601255500

"Price Includes VAT"

Dungeon Master's Guide: Roleplaying Game Core Rules
Dungeon Master's Guide
Roleplaying Game Core Rules
4th Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0786948809

The third of three core rulebooks for the 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons(R) Roleplaying Game.

The Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game has defined the medieval fantasy genre and the tabletop RPG industry for more than 30 years. In the D&D game, players create characters that band together to explore dungeons, slay monsters, and find treasure. The 4th Edition D&D rules offer the best possible play experience by presenting exciting character options, an elegant and robust rules system, and handy storytelling tools for the Dungeon Master.

The Dungeon Master's Guide gives the Dungeon Master helpful tools to build exciting encounters, adventures, and campaigns for the 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game, as well as advice for running great game sessions, ready-to-use traps and non-player characters, and more. In addition, it presents a fully detailed town that can serve as a starting point for any D&D game.
Pathfinder Module: Tears at Bitter Manor
Pathfinder Module
Tears at Bitter Manor
Paperback      ISBN: 1601256132
  • A retired cadre of lifelong adventurers meets every year in the city of Cassomir to embark on their latest "one last adventure." As the aged travelers prepare for their annual reunion, one of them disappears amid signs of foul play. C
Wonders of the Lost Age: The books of Sorcery
Wonders of the Lost Age
The books of Sorcery
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1588466914
Rise of the Runelords Character Add-On Deck
Rise of the Runelords Character Add-On Deck
Cards      ISBN: 1601255519

Add more players and character options to your Pathfinder Adventure Card Game experience with the Rise of the Runelords Character Add-On Deck. Inside this 110-card expansion deck you'

Halo 3: The Official Strategy Guide
Halo 3
The Official Strategy Guide
Paperback      ISBN: 0761556990

.Detailed annotated maps for alllevels
.Learn how to dominate multiplayer matches with information on weapon locations and expert tips
.Learn about every enemy, vehicle and weapon their strengths and weaknesses and how you can exploit them
.Confidently navigate the huge Campaign mode with our exclusive maps and step-by-step walkthrough
.Complete list of all Achievements and how to unlock each one
Packed with tips, tactics and techniquesdirect fromBungie"

Exalted: The Dragon-Blooded
The Dragon-Blooded
Hardcover      ISBN: 1588466566

It is the second Age of Man, the age before the world turned. The Empire of the Dragon-Blooded -- an invincible colossus -- stands astride the ruins of the First Age. For millennia, the scarlet Empress held the world in her steel grip. But the empress is no more, and the Realm spirals toward chaos and civil war. Its enemies descend -- demon princes, deathlords, skin-changing barbarians and the twisted and inscrutable Fair Folk hammer at the gates. In this time of darkness are reborn the solar Exalted, heroes of legend once slain by the Dragon-Blooded. Will these living legends herald the return of the Golden Age... or the end of creation?

The first in a series of hardbacks making the other types of Exalted available for play. Exalted: The Dragon-Blooded includes extensive detail on the world and society of the Terrestrial Exalted, as well as full rules for creating and playing Dragon-Blooded characters. Inside is everything needed to portray these warlike aristocrats, from guides to their manners to systems for the supernatural martial arts practiced by the Immaculate Order.

Pathfinder Module: The Ruby Phoenix Tournament
Pathfinder Module
The Ruby Phoenix Tournament
Paperback      ISBN: 1601253818
  • Once every ten years, the cosmopolitan city of Goka on the eastern coastline of Tian Xia hosts the Ruby Phoenix Tournament on an island in the city's harbor. Infamous for its strange spectacles and exciting mix of fighting styles, the contest dra