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Photography in Worship: The Art and Science of Iconic Imagery
Photography in Worship
The Art and Science of Iconic Imagery
Paperback      ISBN: 1458402959
The ability to take a photograph - to stop a moment in time - is a very powerful act in and of itself. When this skill is used in the creation of imagery in support of worship, or even as an act of worship, it can be truly breathtaking. A great photograph can make a point or elicit an emotion in ways nothing else can, but what makes a truly great photograph? It's not the camera! Ansel Adams said, "The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it." In other Cameras and technology have made incredible advances through the years, but the basic elements of photography haven't changed for over a century. Great cameras do not make great photographers any more than great guitars make great guitarists. You have to learn how to "play"! * What is good composition? * How much of the image do I want in focus? * Where do I place my subject? * How do I manipulate my image after I take it? This book will teach you the basics of photography through simple explanations and practical examples, and more important, how to "see" the image in advance, with special emphasis on creating imagery for use in worship.
Photo Fakery: The History and Techniques of Photographic Deception and Manipulation
Photo Fakery
The History and Techniques of Photographic Deception and Manipulation
Paperback      ISBN: 1574881663
Retired now but long the Central Intelligence Agency's expert on photo fakery and manipulation, Brugioni presents hundreds of photographs that have been altered or contrived, some of which succeeded and played important parts in history. He also explains to non- photographers the techniques of faking from the early double exposures to the current computer-enhanced digital doctoring, and how to the detect them. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (
Hardcover      ISBN: 3882439181
Harlemville is a small community in North America that adheres to the philosophical writings of the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner and his Waldorf schooling system.
Hardcover      ISBN: 1888001798
Artificial-light Photography Basic Photo 5
Artificial-light Photography Basic Photo 5
Hardcover      SKU: 281AKJ1005076
The A-Z of Creative Photography: Over 70 Techniques Explained in Full
The A-Z of Creative Photography
Over 70 Techniques Explained in Full
Paperback      ISBN: 0817433139
A guide to over fifty photography techniques, including cross-processing, panning, backlighting, close-ups, and framing a scene
The Handbook of Modern Halftone Photography With Complete Concepts and Practices
The Handbook of Modern Halftone Photography With Complete Concepts and Practices
Hardcover      ISBN: 0911126058
Ounce of Preservation: A Guide to the Care of Papers and Photographs
Ounce of Preservation
A Guide to the Care of Papers and Photographs
Paperback      ISBN: 1568250215
A guide for the non-professional published by Rainbow Books, Inc., P.O. Box 430, Highland City, FL 33846-0430. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.
Digital Diaries
Digital Diaries
Hardcover      ISBN: 382286398x
Anyone who has seen her Digital Diaries has intimate knowledge of Natacha Merritt. And of her Friends, male and female, and her acquaintances as well. But Merritt's favourite motif is herself: she poses almost every minute of the day for her camera, taking photographs of herself in bed, in the shower, having sex with her friend, masturbating with and without accessories, from every imaginable angle and with the camera usually at arm's length. Merritt, born 1977, works with a digital camera, the Polaroid of the 90s, breaking down the most intimate details into universally accessible bits of information. Eric Kroll came across Natacha Merritt by chance in the internet, where she had put several of her photographs. This was something that left the tradition of classical pin-up and fetish photography, in which Kroll himself works, far behind. Face to face with Merritt's photographs one can reflect on intimacy and publicity in the digital age, on narcissism even, or on radical self-exploration with the help of the camera. But this all sounds better as Natacha Merritt herself puts it: in her view, she has found a new mode of masturbating her way into the next millennium.
Jerry Spagnoli: Daguerreotypes
Jerry Spagnoli
Paperback      ISBN: 386521200x
Jerry Spagnoli is one of the world's foremost daguerreotypists and this book brings together the last decade of his work, including selections from his Western Landscape and Anatomical Studies series and a comprehensive presentation of his documentary series The Last Great Daguerreian Survey of the Twentieth Century. Adopting a narrative form which unifies what at first appears to be disparate subjects, the viewer is led on a journey through a world distilled through the idiosyncratic perspective of the daguerreotype, a world which is both familiar and uncanny. Daguerreotypes have long been noted for their accuracy and veracity. In the hands of Spagnoli the technical limitations of the medium, the long exposures, odd tonalities, shallow focus and the necessity of large cumbersome cameras, are exploited to produce images which are at once completely objective yet intensely personal.