Antique Ceramics
20th Century Ceramics
20th Century Ceramics
Paperback      ISBN: 0500203717
Potters long ago left behind the notion that pots must be purely useful or merely pleasant everyday objects. At the turn of the twentieth century, ceramicsas in other media in both the decorative and fine artsunderwent revolutionary change. The potter emerged from the anonymity of the workshop and made more individualistic statements in clay than ever before. Ceramics have kept pace with, or even led, new movements in art, from art nouveau, art deco, the Bauhaus, and futurism, through abstract expressionism, pop and performance, to land art and installation art. Stylistic and technical influences are considered here in context, from orientalism and color theory to modernism, postmodernism, and the profuse diversity of approaches that characterizes the end of the century. The scope is wide, taking in developments in Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, the United States, and Japan. The work of exceptional individuals is appraised, including Taxile Doat, Clarice Cliff, Susie Cooper, Bernard Leach, Isamu Noguchi, Hans Coper, Lucie Rie, Joan Mira, Pablo Picasso, Peter Voulkos, and Adrian Saxe. The relation of ceramics to other disciplines is given close attention: sculptors, such as Antony Gormley and Tony Cragg, and even architects, including Frank Gehry, have made ceramics central to their practice. This comprehensive survey provides invaluable background and commentary on leading practitioners, critics, theorists, and pioneers, illuminating the development of an art form that seized and inspired the imagination of artists and the public alike in the twentieth century. 180 illustrations, 80 in color.

The Art of Korea: Highlights from the Collection of San Francisco's Asian Art Museum
The Art of Korea
Highlights from the Collection of San Francisco's Asian Art Museum
Paperback      ISBN: 0939117819
This stunning art book explores the rich visual history of Korean peninsula with dozens of Korean paintings, sculptures, figurines, porcelain, and textiles. Korea is home to one of the longest and most vibrant art traditions in the world—yet it is one of the least known in the United States. San Francisco's Asian Art Museum was a pioneering advocate for bringing Korean art into this country. One of the first museums in the United States to have a gallery solely dedicated to Korean art, it has built up a remarkable collection of more than 750 art objects spanning millennia of Korean culture in a variety of mediums. More than 100 highlights of the collection are included here, along with detailed commentaries by Kumja Paik Kim, the museum's emeritus curator of Korean art, which together compose an accessible introduction to Korean art and culture. Dr. Kim has also contributed an essay that constitutes one of the most helpful overviews of Korean art currently available.
Arts and Crafts Tiles: Morris to Voysey
Arts and Crafts Tiles
Morris to Voysey
Paperback      ISBN: 1445672146
The Arts and Crafts Movement was a reaction to the brutality of working life and the sterility of industrial design in Victorian Britain. Although Arts and Crafts was initially a mediaeval revival, the movement was always about the artist craftsman and the appropriate use of materials, rather than any single design tradition.The movement was inspired and led by William Morris, whose company was founded in 1861 and produced a full range of interior furnishings, including tiles. These were designed by Morris himself, and also by leading artists and architects of the day such as Edward Burne Jones and Philip Webb. The term Arts and Crafts was formalised in the late 1880s, and many designers, artists and craftsmen joined Morris in this new movement, and leading designers including Walter Crane and C. F. A. Voysey produced distinctive and now highly collectable ceramic tiles that were used to decorate the bathrooms and the fireplaces of the wealthy and discerning.This book, with its companion on the work of William de Morgan, is the first complete introduction to British Arts and Crafts tiles from 1860 to 1920.
Bencharong: Chinese Porcelain for Siam
Chinese Porcelain for Siam
Hardcover      ISBN: 6167339686

The Book of Griswold & Wagner: Favorite Pique, Sidney Hollow Ware, Wapak
The Book of Griswold & Wagner
Favorite Pique, Sidney Hollow Ware, Wapak
Paperback      ISBN: 0764337297
British Ceramic Art 1870-1940: 1870-1940
British Ceramic Art 1870-1940
Hardcover      ISBN: 0887404561
British Tea and Coffee Cups, 1745-1940
British Tea and Coffee Cups, 1745-1940
Paperback      ISBN: 0747806950
Tea and coffee cups have been made in Britain since the middle of the eighteenth century and can be found in a vast array of decorative designs, reflecting the changing fashions of society as well as the advances made in the manufacturing process. This book charts the development of tea and coffee cups over 200 years, providing information on the methods of decoration, influential factories and designers. Steven Goss guides the reader on how to identify the dates of particular patterns, as well as listing a number of museums and auction houses where these ornamental cups can be discovered.
Bubble Wrap: The Chinese Art Market's 21st-century Boom
Bubble Wrap
The Chinese Art Market's 21st-century Boom
Paperback      ISBN: 1848222424

Ceramica Deco / Deco Ceramics: Il gusto di un'epoca / The Style of an Era
Ceramica Deco / Deco Ceramics
Il gusto di un'epoca / The Style of an Era
Italian    Paperback      ISBN: 8836636071
Ceramics in America 2017
Ceramics in America 2017
Hardcover      ISBN: 0986385719
A diverse range of essays, new discoveries, and book reviews on the latest research of interest to ceramics scholars