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Throwaway Players: The Concussion Crisis from Pee Wee Football to the NFL
Throwaway Players
The Concussion Crisis from Pee Wee Football to the NFL
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1933016701
"The NFL insists players know they're playing a dangerous game, but players never see the deteriorated mental capacities of their former heroes.Throwaway Playersis former Tampa Bay Buccaneers president Gay Culverhouse's story of the broken bodies and lost souls of the men who have left the locker room and what remains after the cheering subsides. Focused on making money rather than the well-being of their players, this is the dark side of football the NFL doesn't want fans to see. Additionally, high schools, colleges, and independent sports organizations have little oversight when choosing player's equipment. This breeds a new generation of kids suffering from multiple concussions and damaged lives.Throwaway Playersoffers guidance to parents navigating the world of competitive sports as well as advocacy and resources for athletes often left in the dark about appropriate procedures for treating injuries, especially head traumas.Throwaway Playersis essential reading for any parent, athlete, and sports fan.Gay Culverhousetestified before Congress on football head injuries and successfully changed the policy of including an independent neurologist on the sidelines of every NFL game. Gay's work with former players has appeared inThe New York Times,Sarasota Herald Tribune,St. Petersburg Times,The Tampa Tribune,Timemagazine, and many more. She has appeared on several radio shows, including PBS and ESPN, and three documentaries are in post-production (with CNN, ESPN, and an independent filmmaker). In November 2009, Gay formed The Gay Culverhouse Players' Outreach Program, Inc., a nonprofit organization to further the work nationally for retired players"--
Waterlogged: The Serious Problem of Overhydration in Sports
The Serious Problem of Overhydration in Sports
Paperback      ISBN: 145042497x