Sports Nutrition
Oxford Textbook of Children's Sport and Exercise Medicine
Oxford Textbook of Children's Sport and Exercise Medicine
Hardcover      ISBN: 0198757670
Now consisting of fifty innovative chapters authored by internationally recognised scientists and clinicians, the extensively revised third edition of the Oxford Textbook of Children's Sport and Exercise Medicine is the fundamental reference work on paediatric exercise medicine and sport science. Using a scientific evidence-based approach and new insights into understanding the exercising child and adolescent, this title covers a complex and rapidly evolving field. Designed to inform, challenge and support all involved in the study and treatment of the exercising child and adolescent, the Oxford Textbook of Children's Sport and Exercise Medicine presents complex scientific and medical material in an accessible and understandable manner. With extensive sections on Exercise Science, Exercise Medicine, Sport Science and Sport Medicine, chapters comprehensively cover training, physical activity in relation to health issues, the physiology of the young athlete and injury using the research and practical experience of a renowned author team. Fully illustrated and extensively revised, new topics and fully updated material complement the state-of-the-art approach of previous editions. With an increased focus on molecular exercise physiology, close to 75% of the content found in this edition is new material, reflecting the many advances and developments across this discipline.
The Patellofemoral Joint in the Athlete
The Patellofemoral Joint in the Athlete
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 1461441560
This comprehensively illustrated publication on a vital sector of sports medicine provides an extensive review of the physical examination, radiographic evaluation, differential diagnoses, and treatment options of common patellofemoral disorders.
Routledge Handbook of Motor Control and Motor Learning
Routledge Handbook of Motor Control and Motor Learning
Paperback      ISBN: 1138860425
The Routledge Handbook of Motor Control and Motor Learning is the first book to offer a comprehensive survey of neurophysiological, behavioural and biomechanical aspects of motor function. Adopting an integrative approach, it examines the full range of key topics in contemporary human movement studies, explaining motor behaviour in depth from the molecular level to behavioural consequences. The book contains contributions from many of the world´s leading experts in motor control and motor learning, and is composed of five thematic parts: - Theories and models - Basic aspects of motor control and learning - Motor control and learning in locomotion and posture - Motor control and learning in voluntary actions - Challenges in motor control and learning Mastering and improving motor control may be important in sports, but it becomes even more relevant in rehabilitation and clinical settings, where the prime aim is to regain motor function. Therefore the book addresses not only basic and theoretical aspects of motor control and learning but also applied areas like robotics, modelling and complex human movements. This book is both a definitive subject guide and an important contribution to the contemporary research agenda. It is therefore important reading for students, scholars and researchers working in sports and exercise science, kinesiology, physical therapy, medicine and neuroscience.

Running Free of Injuries: From Pain to Personal Best
Running Free of Injuries
From Pain to Personal Best
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1472913809
Shares with runners of all levels a step-by-step process of avoiding and managing injury.

Single-case Research Methods in Sport and Exercise Psychology
Single-case Research Methods in Sport and Exercise Psychology
Paperback      ISBN: 041556512x
This is the first book to fully explain single-case research in the context of sport and exercise. Starting with first principles, it offers a comprehensive introduction to the single-case research process, from study design to data analysis and presentation.

Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy
Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy
Paperback      ISBN: 0091809568
A guide to massage as a remedial therapy for sports training and injuries. It covers the practical and theoretical aspects of the subject and shows how to work in a support role with medical practitioners treating more serious injury. It sees massage as a vital component in an athlete's training.
Sports Acupuncture: The Meridian Test and Its Applications
Sports Acupuncture
The Meridian Test and Its Applications
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0939616661
The meridian test (or 'M-test' ) is a powerful assessment, treatment, and self-care system that can be used to improve athletic performance and physical fitness. It simplifies the assessment of strain and injury so that even nonacupuncturists and athletes can learn to apply massage and stretching more effectively.The M-Test is one of the most popular methods of sports acupuncture in Japan. Developed by Mukaino Yoshito, M.D., of the Sports and Health Science Department at Fukuoka University,the M-Test is based on his extensive experience in physical education and sports medicine. The M-Test uses the meridian system of acupuncture to analyze the movements of multiple joints and muscles in a holistic way. The most suitable meridians for treatment are identified by evaluating a sequence of movements. Flexibility and ease of movement in relation to the meridians are assessed to identify the areas and muscles that need treatment.Based on the M-Test results, the synergistic action of the joints and muscles involved in the movements can be facilitated with acupuncture, massage, or stretching.For the acupuncturist, the M-Test provides another powerful assessment tool for the treatment of pain and compromised movement. This system is compatible with the traditional understanding of the meridians, but takes it a step further to clarify the relationship between the meridians and movement. Practitioners can render treatment with a better understanding of this relationship and identify the most effective points for treating pain and improving movement. The M-Test can also be used to evaluate the results of treatment or the stretching regimen so that a better strategy can be formulated if the results are unsatisfactory.Athletes can learn to perform M-Test movements before or even during competition to identify and correct abnormalities to improve their performance and prevent injuries.
That's Gotta Hurt: The Injuries That Changed Sports Forever
That's Gotta Hurt
The Injuries That Changed Sports Forever
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1611689066
"The stories of a dozen athletes (including Joan Benoit, Michael Jordan, Brandi Chastain, and Tommy John) whose injuries and recovery advanced the field of sports medicine." --
Throwaway Players: The Concussion Crisis from Pee Wee Football to the NFL
Throwaway Players
The Concussion Crisis from Pee Wee Football to the NFL
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1933016701
"The NFL insists players know they're playing a dangerous game, but players never see the deteriorated mental capacities of their former heroes.Throwaway Playersis former Tampa Bay Buccaneers president Gay Culverhouse's story of the broken bodies and lost souls of the men who have left the locker room and what remains after the cheering subsides. Focused on making money rather than the well-being of their players, this is the dark side of football the NFL doesn't want fans to see. Additionally, high schools, colleges, and independent sports organizations have little oversight when choosing player's equipment. This breeds a new generation of kids suffering from multiple concussions and damaged lives.Throwaway Playersoffers guidance to parents navigating the world of competitive sports as well as advocacy and resources for athletes often left in the dark about appropriate procedures for treating injuries, especially head traumas.Throwaway Playersis essential reading for any parent, athlete, and sports fan.Gay Culverhousetestified before Congress on football head injuries and successfully changed the policy of including an independent neurologist on the sidelines of every NFL game. Gay's work with former players has appeared inThe New York Times,Sarasota Herald Tribune,St. Petersburg Times,The Tampa Tribune,Timemagazine, and many more. She has appeared on several radio shows, including PBS and ESPN, and three documentaries are in post-production (with CNN, ESPN, and an independent filmmaker). In November 2009, Gay formed The Gay Culverhouse Players' Outreach Program, Inc., a nonprofit organization to further the work nationally for retired players"--
Waterlogged: The Serious Problem of Overhydration in Sports
The Serious Problem of Overhydration in Sports
Paperback      ISBN: 145042497x