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ABC's Write and Wipe Lowercase Letters
ABC's Write and Wipe Lowercase Letters
by Kumon
Paperback      ISBN: 1933241446

This sequel to ABCs Write & Wipe: Uppercase Letters will help children learn to write their lowercase letters. These flash cards also include a dry-erase marker which allows children to practice the stroke order of lowercase letters again and again.

Addition Facts That Stick: Help Your Child Master the Addition Facts for Good in Just Six Weeks
Addition Facts That Stick
Help Your Child Master the Addition Facts for Good in Just Six Weeks
Paperback      ISBN: 1933339926

In 15 minutes per day (perfect for after school, or as a supplement to a homeschool math curriculum) any child can master the addition facts, gain a greater understanding of how math works, and develop greater confidence, in just six weeks
Mastery of the math facts is the foundation for all future math learning. Lay that foundation now, and make it solid, with Addition Facts That Stick

African Americans and Homeschooling: Motivations, Opportunities and Challenges
African Americans and Homeschooling
Motivations, Opportunities and Challenges
Hardcover      ISBN: 113880732x

Despite greater access to formal education, both disadvantaged and middle-class black students continue to struggle academically, causing a growing number of black parents to turn to homeschooling. This book is an in-depth exploration of the motivations behind black parents' decision to educate their children at home and the strategies they've developed to overcome potential obstacles. Citing current issues such as culture, religion and safety, the book challenges the commonly expressed view that black parents and their children have divested from formal education by embracing homeschooling as a constructive strategy to provide black children with a valuable educational experience.

Ahead of the Curve
Ahead of the Curve
Paperback      ISBN: 0768938716

Navigating the high school years and getting a student ready for the next step in their education can be challenging for everyone involved.

Ahead of the Curve: What Parents Need to Know to Get Their Kids into College is a "college adviser in a book," keeping you and your child on the path to a successful college application and acceptance letter.

Peterson's comprehensive guide includes individual chapters to plan your student's path to college during grades 9 through 12. Tasks to be done include the following:

  • 9th grade - The journey begins. Choosing a major and building a resume
  • 10th grade - Avoid the sophomore slump. Get to know your guidance counselor
  • Junior year - Standardized testing. College visits.
  • Senior year - AP exams, recommendation letters, the Application Essay

Each section contains helpful checklists of tasks to accomplish each year, including questions to ask, tests to take, resources to utilize, and much more.

Also, this guide provides a valuable Appendix on:

  • financial aid
  • tutoring assistance
  • test prep strategies
  • choosing a major
  • and staying organized and on deadline

Peterson's Ahead of the Curve will take the "Google-work" out of college preparation and give parents and students a user-friendly guide to the exciting journey from high school student to college freshman.

Algebra Survival Workbook: The Gateway to Algebra Mastery
Algebra Survival Workbook
The Gateway to Algebra Mastery
Paperback      ISBN: 0984638172

Now announcing the second edition of the Algebra Survival Workbook, your tool for reaching algebra mastery.

Now that the award-winning Algebra Survival Guide has been expanded and revised, the companion Algebra Survival Workbook has also been enhanced and updated. The second edition Algebra Survival Workbook features a whole new section with practice word problems.

And not just any word problems. These are advanced algebra word problems. As a result of this addition, the Guide and Workbook now provide thorough, expert instruction on the toughest word problems that algebra can throw at students.

The 2nd Edition Workbook's word problems cover the following topics: mysterious numbers and percents, coin problems, rate-time-distance, wind speed, current speed, fractional work problems, and those tricky mixture problems, too.

All instruction for these word problems is contained in the Algebra Survival Guide, which contains a number of practice problems, too. But if you want many more additional practice problems, the Algebra Survival Workbook is the book to get. The Workbook contains thousands of additional practice problems with all answers displayed in the back.

By working through these problems, students can attain a level of algebra excellence that is rightfully called mastery.

Learn from the Guide; practice in the Workbook, and watch your understanding and grades improve dramatically

Answers for Homeschooling: Top 25 Questions Critics Ask
Answers for Homeschooling
Top 25 Questions Critics Ask
Paperback      ISBN: 1683441109

You've made the decision to homeschool. Suddenly, you find that some of those who were once in your corner supporting you are now questioning your competency as a parent and maybe even your sanity. Their lack of confidence may sting, but in reality, the critic provides a wonderful opportunity to replace fear and stigma with truth and reality. This book equips you to answer the critic in your life with resolve and confidence. ANSWERS to help you become confident in your homeschooling journey Socialization Qualifications College Legality Academics Sports Affordability Competency

Any Child Can Write
Any Child Can Write
Paperback      ISBN: 0195153162

Harvey S. Wiener shows how parents can encourage their children to write with a home program that can be used from preschool through high school. Beginning with the building of attitudes, Wiener moves through simple, varied and practical experience with the written word. By setting up an atmosphere in the home that encourages creative written expression, coupled with a parent's guidance in writing, children gain an outlook on writing that builds confidence in their abilities to use language.
This new edition addresses many heated issues about children's education and touches on today's critical debates: parents' roles in school preparations, the increased stress on writing assessment and performance measures throughout a child's education and across school sectors, and the debate over phonics. A revised and expanded section called "Key Books for Young Writers and Their Parents" will help any family stock its shelves with useful books for a home writing program.
A new chapter discusses the ubiquity of home computers and word processing programs and assesses their positive and negative influences on children's home learning experiences. In addition, Wiener describes how to find the best educational online resources and how to supervise a child's work on the Internet. Furthermore, he emphasizes the importance of collaboration--child and parent, child and sibling--to help avoid computer abuse and establish good computer practices. Finally, he integrates discussion on computers through the text, and also offers writing exercises and samples for children to obtain from Oxford's website.

Basic Needs: A Year with Street Kids in a City School
Basic Needs
A Year with Street Kids in a City School
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1578860369

In Basic Needs: A Year With Street Kids in a City School, Julie Landsman chronicles one year as a teacher in a program for students in such serious trouble they are asked to leave their middle schools and attend a special program for disruptive students. Landsman allows her readers to get to know the students, their home and street situations, and how their stories develop over the year, and in doing so, shows the complexity of young people, their beauty, and their individuality. This second edition is as current a story as the original: about kids in trouble and their resiliency. Landsman has added a foreword, afterword, and an extensive Resource Guide, which includes all the text of activities from Diversity Days, revolving around how to create a community in your classroom and includes ideas for every week of the school year. Landsman also includes a list of books to read over the summer for busy teachers. In total, the second edition of Basic Needs is a worthy follow-up to the highly praised original.

Becoming a Bilingual Family: Help Your Kids Learn Spanish (and Learn Spanish Yourself in the Process)
Becoming a Bilingual Family
Help Your Kids Learn Spanish (and Learn Spanish Yourself in the Process)
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0292743637

Would you like your children to grow up bilingual, even if you aren't yet? Then speak to your kids in Spanish as you learn the language along with them. Becoming a Bilingual Family gives English-speaking parents the tools to start speaking Spanish with their kids in their earliest years, when children are most receptive to learning languages. It teaches the vocabulary and idioms for speaking to children in Spanish and offers practical, proven ways to create a language-learning environment at home.

The first part of the book introduces parents to many resources--books, audio books, music, television, computer programs, childcare workers, school, and friends--that can help you establish a home environment conducive to the acquisition of Spanish. The second part is a Spanish phrasebook that takes you through all the typical activities that parents and children share, from getting up in the morning to going to bed at night. Few, if any, other Spanish study aids provide this much vocabulary and guidance for talking to small children about common daily activities. The authors also include a quick course in Spanish pronunciation and enough grammar to get a parent started. Spanish-language resources, kids' names in Spanish, and an easy-to-use index and glossary complete the book.

Take the Markses' advice and start talking to your kids in Spanish, even if it's not perfect. You'll learn the language together and share the excitement of discovering the peoples and cultures that make up the Spanish-speaking world.

Beyond the Bake Sale: The Essential Guide to Family/School Partnerships
Beyond the Bake Sale
The Essential Guide to Family/School Partnerships
Paperback      ISBN: 1565848888

Countless studies demonstrate that students with parents actively involved in their education at home and school are more likely to earn higher grades and test scores, enroll in higher-level programs, graduate from high school, and go on to post-secondary education. Beyond the Bake Sale shows how to form these essential partnerships and how to make them work.

Packed with tips from principals and teachers, checklists, and an invaluable resource section, Beyond the Bake Sale reveals how to build strong collaborative relationships and offers practical advice for improving interactions between parents and teachers, from insuring that PTA groups are constructive and inclusive to navigating the complex issues surrounding diversity in the classroom.

Written with candor, clarity, and humor, Beyond the Bake Sale is essential reading for teachers, parents on the front lines in public schools, and administrators and policy makers at all levels.