Retirement and Wills
5@55: The 5 Essential Legal Documents You Need by Age 55
The 5 Essential Legal Documents You Need by Age 55
Paperback      ISBN: 1610352580
Many people discover too late that they need some essential legal documents to deal with common health and end of life issues. Failing to prepare these documents ahead of time can create major legal headaches that often require expensive trips to court to resolve.Written by expert attorneys, “5@55
8 Ways to Avoid Probate
8 Ways to Avoid Probate
Paperback      ISBN: 1413325130
By taking some simple steps now, you can spare your family and beneficiaries a lot of time and money. How much? Probate court proceedings after a death can drag on for a year and cost tens of thousands of dollars--money that would otherwise have gone directly to your loved ones. 8 Ways to Avoid Probate offers easy and effective ways to skip the probate process so that property goes directly to the intended beneficiaries. Using the simple, plain English instructions, you'll learn how to create a savvy estate plan. Find out about: - naming payable-on-death beneficiaries for financial accounts - owning property jointly - leaving real estate with transfer-on-death deeds - using a living trust - naming the right beneficiaries for IRAs, 401 (k)s, and other retirement plans, and - using probate shortcuts for small estates procedures for small estates. This (12th) edition provides updates to 50-state rules on probate, including affidavit procedures for small estates and transfer-on-death registration for vehicles and securities.
ABA / AARP Checklist for My Family: A Guide to My History, Financial Plans, and Final Wishes
ABA / AARP Checklist for My Family
A Guide to My History, Financial Plans, and Final Wishes
Paperback      ISBN: 1627229825
This book guides the reader through the process of gathering in one place your finances, legal documents, online accounts, wishes about medical care, and more. With this one-of-a-kind guide, you’ll stay in control of your life and feel satisfied in knowing that if anything happens to you, you—and your family—will be well prepared.
Art Law: The Guide for Collectors, Investors, Dealers, Artists
Art Law
The Guide for Collectors, Investors, Dealers, Artists
Hardcover      ISBN: 1402418884
Updating the 2005 third edition, this fourth edition is bound to continue as the go-to reference for a wide audience of collectors, investors, dealers, and artists. An understanding of rights and obligations and a well-written contract can avoid oh-so-many problems. Seven broad areas are addressed. These include the artist/dealer relationship; commercial aspects of buying and selling through dealers and auctions; international trade and Holocaust restitution; artists' rights (First Amendment, intellectual property, resale); financial aspects (such as tax consequences) for collectors, investors, and dealers; tax and estate planning issues for collectors and artists; and museum law (including legal concerns arising from the digital age). The two authors are lawyers with extensive experience in the field. Annotation ©2013 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Beyond the Grave: The Right Way and the Wrong Way of Leaving Money to Your Children (And Others)
Beyond the Grave
The Right Way and the Wrong Way of Leaving Money to Your Children (And Others)
Paperback      ISBN: 0062336223
Thoroughly revised and updated, a comprehensive guide to estate planning explains how to provide fairly and equitably for family members, facilitate charitable bequests and avoid probate. Original.
The Boomer Burden: Dealing With Your Parents' Lifetime Accumulation of Stuff
The Boomer Burden
Dealing With Your Parents' Lifetime Accumulation of Stuff
Paperback      ISBN: 078522825x
A practical guide to advise Baby Boomers how to deal with the daunting task of facing a parents' eventual passing as it relates to residential contents, heirlooms, and the often difficult family interactions and feuds that accompany them. With fascinating stories and comprehensive checklists, professional estate liquidator Julie Hall walks Baby Boomers through the often painful challenge of dividing the wealth and property of their parents' lifetime accumulation of stuff. From preparation while the parent is still living through compassionately helping them empty the family home, The Estate Lady® gives invaluable tips on negotiating the inevitable disputes, avoiding exploitation from scam artists, and eventually closing the chapter of their lives in a way that preserves relationships and maximizes value of assets.
California Wills and Trusts: Cases, Statutes, Problems, and Materials
California Wills and Trusts
Cases, Statutes, Problems, and Materials
Hardcover      ISBN: 1611636744
This casebook focuses on California law and, with respect to trust material, the focus is on traditional trust doctrines, with the more salient California doctrines discussed where appropriate. California Wills and Trusts has numerous examples throughout, as well as “notes

The Complete Guide to Trust And  Estate Management: What You Need to Know About Being a Trustee or an  Executor Explained Simply
The Complete Guide to Trust And Estate Management
What You Need to Know About Being a Trustee or an Executor Explained Simply
Paperback      ISBN: 1601382014
Shaw, a writer and editor who served as a personal representative for his family's estate, outlines the process of being a trustee or executor to an estate and issues involved in performing the associated duties. He explains the role of the personal representative or trustee and their selection, the probate process, trusts and types, understanding the grief process, involving professionals, preparing for a death and afterward, administering the estate or trust, tax considerations and filing requirements, trust investing, and terminating a trustee's responsibilities. Annotation ©2011 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (
Equity and Trusts
Equity and Trusts
2nd Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 1138830216
Equity and Trusts is an ideal choice for all undergraduate and GDL students looking for a comprehensive yet accessible textbook on this complex area of law. The author’s clear writing style, plentiful explanations and focus on modern case law demystify difficult concepts and help to bring the subject to life. Equity and Trusts is shown to be a live, growing and developing subject, with an important historical underpinning that ensures students gain a sound grasp of key material and understand both its history and current application. Clearly written and easy to use, Equity and Trusts enables students to fully engage with the topic and gain a profound understanding of this fundamental area. The Routledge Spotlights series brings a modern, contemporary approach to the core curriculum for the LLB and GDL which will help students - Move beyond an understanding of the law - Refine and develop the key skills of problem-solving, evaluation and critical reasoning which are essential to exam success - Discover sources and suggestions for taking your study further Companion Website This book is supported by a range of online resources developed to support your learning, keep you up-to-date and to help you prepare for assessments. By focusing on recent case law and real-word examples, Routledge Spotlights will help you shed light on the law, understand how it operates in practice and gain a unique appreciation of the contemporary context of the subject.
Equity and Trusts: A Problem-Based Approach
Equity and Trusts
A Problem-Based Approach
Hardcover      ISBN: 1138798746
Problem-Based Learning is a way of learning that presents a practical problem scenario in the context of which learning is conducted. Normally students are taught law through the transmission of information about legal principles and not presented with problems until they have accumulated enough information to solve them. In PBL, discussion and analysis of the problem starts the process of learning, rather than acting as an end point. As a curriculum concept, it is becoming increasingly common in law schools as the use of problem scenarios helps to trigger awareness of legal issues and to engage interest by highlighting the real-world ramifications. This new textbook creates a fresh approach to learning criminal law through the use of realistic scenarios. This helps both to engage the student and make the complexities of the subject more accessible as well as illustrating to students how equity and trusts actually operates in the real world. With Equity & Trusts: A Problem-Based Approach, context is placed at the heart of learning. By conducting learning through application rather than via an abstract set of rules, the book promotes a deeper understanding of how the law works, not just what it is. Unlike other textbooks, Equity & Trusts: A Problem-Based Approach integrates a thorough exposition of the law with practice, facilitating a more active learning approach and helping students to engage directly with the essential legal principles to develop key skills of analysis, problem-solving and application. Written in a clear and concise style but without sacrificing detail or analysis, the book guides the reader towards a deeper understanding of the equity and trusts curriculum.