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The New American Townhouse
The New American Townhouse
Hardcover      ISBN: 0847821412

Explores the designs of twenty-six recently built town homes by such architects as Tod Williams, Dan Solomon, Mark Mack, and Dirk Lohan.

What Not to Build: Architectural Options for Homeowners
What Not to Build
Architectural Options for Homeowners
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1580112935

The story is all too common in today's housing market: the basic principles of scale, proportion, balance, rhythm, and consistent architectural styles are often misapplied in new residential construction. Walk around almost any new development, and you'll find dormers that are bigger than the front door; windows that are out of scale; too few or too many columns; and more. "What Not to Build: Do's and Don'ts of Exterior Home Design" shows these problems and more to the reader. Focusing on the exteriors of houses, the authors--who are architects and designers--have identified a number of "problem"designs. Through photographs and illustrations, they show how the problems can be solved by applying easy-to-understand design principles. Anyone reading the book will be able to avoid the problems when designing their own house or fix problems that appear in the house they're already living in.

The House with Sixteen Handmade Doors: A Tale of Architectural Choice and Craftsmanship
The House with Sixteen Handmade Doors
A Tale of Architectural Choice and Craftsmanship
Hardcover      ISBN: 0393242048

When Henry Petroski and his wife Catherine bought a charming but modest six-decades-old island retreat in coastal Maine, Petroski couldn't help but admire its unusual construction. An eminent expert on engineering, history, and design, he began wondering about the place's origins and evolution: Who built it, and how? What needs, materials, technologies, historical developments, and laws shaped it? How had it fared through the years with its various inhabitants?

Sleuthing around dimly lit closets, knotty-pine wall panels, and even a secret passage--but never removing so much as a nail--Petroski zooms in on the details but also steps back to examine the structure in the context of its time and place.

Catherine Petroski's beautiful photographs capture the clues and the atmosphere. A vibrant cast of neighbors and past residents--most notably the house's masterful creator, an engineer-turned-"folk architect"--become key characters in the story.

As the mystery unfolds, revealing an extraordinary house and its environs, this ode to loving design will leave readers enchanted and inspired.

Patterns Of Home: The Ten Essentials Of Enduring Design
Patterns Of Home
The Ten Essentials Of Enduring Design
Paperback      ISBN: 156158696x

The key to creating a house that is memorable, satisfying, and enduring is to apply a group of design concepts--or "patterns"--that focus on the experience of being in a home. In this groundbreaking work, internationally respected architects Max Jacobson, Murray Silverstein, and Barbara Winslow present the ten essential patterns that shape and define a well-crafted home. Patterns explore the presence of light, the relationship between indoors and out, the flow through rooms, and the feel of one space as you are sitting in another.
Clearly written and profusely illustrated with houses from all over the country, "Patterns of Home," brings the timeless lessons of residential design to anyone seeking inspiration and direction in the design or remodel of a home. The patterns described in the book can make the difference between a home that satisfies only the material needs of the owners and one that captures the essence of home.

Madeline Island Summer Houses: An Intimate Journey
Madeline Island Summer Houses
An Intimate Journey
Hardcover      ISBN: 097991924x

Madeline Island. Just the words conjure up images of a magical place. For thousands of years the largest of the Apostle Islands has drawn people to its Lake Superior shores. For more than a hundred years summer residents have been shaping places for a relaxed pace of life shared with friends and family and immersed in nature.

Over the course of two summers, architecture writer Linda Mack and her daughter, photographer Kendra Mack, plied the island's roads to capture the stories of twenty-seven wildly different retreats. They include century-old cottages, contemporary houses designed by Minnesota architects, a rustic fishing cabin, a reassembled 1812 Vermont barn, and the author's own beach house.

"Readers of this delightful book will be so enchanted with Linda Mack's stories of the island cottages that they will want to catch the next ferry from Bayfield, Wisconsin." Bette Hammel, author of "Legendary Homes of the Minneapolis Lakes" and "Legendary Homes of Lake Minnetonka"

High Life: Condo Living in the Suburban Century
High Life
Condo Living in the Suburban Century
Hardcover      ISBN: 0300164084

The first comprehensive architectural and cultural history of condominium and cooperative housing in 20th-century America.

Today, one in five homeowners in American cities and suburbs lives in a multifamily home rather than a single-family dwelling. As the American dream evolves, precipitated by declining real estate prices and a renewed interest in city living, many predict that condos will become the predominant form of housing in the 21st century. In this unprecedented study Matthew Gordon Lasner explores the history of co-owned multifamily housing in the United States, from New York City's first co-op, in 1881, to contemporary condo and townhouse complexes coast to coast. Lasner explains the complicated social, economic, and political factors that have increased demand for this way of living, situating the trend within the larger housing market and broad shifts in residential architecture. He contrasts the prevalence and popularity of condos, townhouses, and other privately governed communities with their ambiguous economic, legal, and social standing, as well as their striking absence from urban and architectural history.

Downs House II: Ubc Sala - West Coast Modern Series
Downs House II
Ubc Sala - West Coast Modern Series
Hardcover      ISBN: 1935935283

Downs House II presents an original and comprehensive overview of the home that local architect Barry Downs built for himself in West Vancouver. The site overlooks Howe Sound with a panorama formed by the Coastal Mountain Range of British Columbia. This house of modest proportions presents the key and formative qualities that have come to represent a West Coast Modern idiom in architecture.

With past and beam structure clad in cedar shingles, the house characteristically hovers above the rough terrain while remaining intimately engaged with its forest setting. While the dramatic panorama of the living area provides a signature moment in the experience of the house, a variety of more intimate views of the forest and granite outcrop provide a richly textured and ever-changing backdrop to domestic life.

The house continues to be occupied by the architect and his wife Mary, and is maintained in meticulous condition. Delightful in itself, the Downs House II also offers testimony to a time of creative generosity in which the design of even modest houses served as a place of exploration. In our current era in which architectural culture commonly privileges the experience of individuality and distinction, it is refreshing to be reminded of buildings that are decidedly calm and assured. This is certainly the case with this special house--a house that could be fairly said to be at once unprecedented and singular while remaining utterly familiar.
Houses Now: Living Style
Houses Now
Living Style
Hardcover      ISBN: 1864706163

Houses Now: Living Style is a chic, modern book that showcases an eclectic range of contemporary homes, designed by an impressive selection of architects. Honing in on the subtleties of interior and exterior design, Houses Now also explores how specific architectural designs reflect living styles - from suburban masterpieces and sprawling country homes, to sleek city residences and breathtaking beach houses. These houses demonstrate that, when it comes to residential design, your style is your signature. Professional full-color photography is complemented by a vibrant book design. Also available: Houses Now: Material Style ISBN: 9781864705898.

Inside the Bungalow: America's Arts & Crafts Interior
Inside the Bungalow
America's Arts & Crafts Interior
Hardcover      ISBN: 067087373x

Shows interior architectural details, furnishings, and built-in features of a variety of Craftsman style houses

Building With Nature: Inspiration For The Arts & Crafts Home
Building With Nature
Inspiration For The Arts & Crafts Home
Hardcover      ISBN: 1586854631

Much has been said about the Arts & Crafts spirit of Californians, their appreciation of the land, their desire to build "simple" yet interesting houses that connect with the outdoors (sleeping porches, gardens, verandas, terraces, and so on), and their love of wilderness areas. This new edition of the classic, Building with Nature: Roots of the San Francisco Bay Region Tradition, focuses on the beginnings (1865 and on) of the Bay Area shingle style and Arts & Crafts collaboration in California, and the origins of the trend toward building simple rustic homes in harmony with nature. Freudenheim explores how and why a small, influential group of Californians (including Joseph Worcester, Bernard Maybeck, Charles Keeler, William Keith, Charles Lummis, A. Page Brown, and others)--all of whom had come from the East or from England--were especially devoted to Ruskin and the Arts & Crafts style and how this combined with their dedication to California's natural beauty to create a unique architectural movement.

Building with Nature: The Development of the California Arts and Crafts Home presents some revolutionary ideas, including exciting new material on the San Francisco Swedenborgian Church, now a National Landmark and considered to be the model for several lines of Mission-Style furniture; new information on the architectural development of Russian Hill; and the similarities and differences of the almost simultaneous development of the Arts & Crafts movements in England and in the Bay Area. Freudenheim examines how Worcester and his circle encouraged less materialism through architecture that complemented a simpler life in tune with nature, and includes letters from Worcester to his cousin, architect Daniel H. Burnham, along with previously unpublished original documents relating to architectural developments in the Bay Area at the turn of the century.

Leslie Freudenheim is the coauthor of Building with Nature: Roots of the San Francisco Bay Region Tradition (Gibbs Smith, Publisher, 1974). Freudenheim has continued to work on architectural history and related areas, and has been published in the Baltimore Sun and the Washington Post. She also served as editor of Federal Design Matters for the Design Department, National Endowment for the Arts. Since 2002 she has returned to studying Arts & Crafts homes and the architectural and social roots of this movement.