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House Thinking: A Room-by-Room Look at How We Live
House Thinking
A Room-by-Room Look at How We Live
Hardcover      ISBN: 0060538694

IKEA, Ethan Allen, and HGTV may have plenty to say about making a home look right, but what makes a home feel right? Is it the objects you've collected from your travels, or that armchair by the window that reminds you of your grandmother? Is it the "friendly" feeling of a classic American farmhouse, or the "prestige" of a formal Tudor mansion? These kinds of questions, which have more to do with environmental psychology than mere decorating, can give us a new way to think about the diverse spaces Americans call home.

In House Thinking, noted journalist and cultural critic Winifred Gallagher takes the reader on a psychological tour of the American home. In each room, Gallagher explores many of our deep but often unarticulated intuitions about the power of place. Drawing on the latest research in behavioral science, an overview of cultural history, and interviews with leading architects and designers, she shows us how our homes not only reflect who we are, but also influence our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Using a variety of examples -- from famous historical homes to experimental rustic pods -- Gallagher examines why traditional dining rooms and living rooms have given way to "great rooms," how the oversize suburban garage threatens civility, how kids' rooms can affect their development, and why Americans increasingly think of their homes as "sanctuaries" and "refuges."

House Thinking's unique perspective raises provocative questions: How does your entryway prime you for experiencing your home? Do you really need a mega-kitchen, or just a microwave? What makes a bedroom a sensual oasis? How can your bathroom exacerbate your worst fears?

It's simply not enough to think of our domestic spaces as design statements or as dumping grounds for our stuff. We need to approach our homes in a new way: as environments that actively affect us and our quality of life. Stressing the home's substance over its style, House Thinking is a surprising look at how we live -- and how we could.

Legendary Homes of the Minneapolis Lakes
Legendary Homes of the Minneapolis Lakes
Hardcover      ISBN: 0873518632

For tens of thousands of Minnesotans who walk and bike and paddle around Minneapolis's beautiful Chain of Lakes every year, the lovely homes that surround these fine city parks are as intriguing as the exquisite views of open space and sparkling water. Legendary Homes of the Minneapolis Lakes invites readers inside twenty-eight of the most architecturally significant dwellings.

In these pages, photographer Karen Melvin and architectural writer Bette Hammel turn their attention to the finest homes around Lake of the Isles, Cedar Lake, Lake Calhoun, and Lake Harriet. Generous homeowners have opened their doors and shared the stories of construction, renovation, and interior design. Featured architects include Harry Wild Jones, Purcell and Elmslie, Edwin Lundie, Close and Associates, Vincent James, and David Salmela.

From the Italianate entryway of the Martin House to the whimsical living room of the Kaufman/Lacey House; from the Arts and Crafts kitchen of the Smith/Liepke House to the Rand/McGlynn Phelps House's stunning formal dining room, Legendary Homes of the Minneapolis Lakes offers views of interest to all. This lavishly illustrated and informative book answers the lake walker's burning question: I wonder what it's like in there.

Karen Melvin is an interiors and architectural photographer whose work has appeared in Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, and Woman's Day. Bette Hammel is an architectural journalist who has written for Architecture Minnesota, Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, Midwest Home, and Architectural Record.
Merrick House: Ubc Sala West Coast Modern Series
Merrick House
Ubc Sala West Coast Modern Series
Hardcover      ISBN: 1939621763

'Merrick House' is an exhaustive documentation of one of Western Architectural period jewels, a home Merrick as a young architect built by hand on the steep wooded slopes of West Vancouver, BC in the early seventies. The photographs by Michael Perlmutter bring out the wonders of architectural space and materiality, and Robins' text explores in great detail the influences that Merrick drew from, the way it was constructed, the many spatial moves he employed, and how it changed over time with successive renovations. The 17 level edifice is both contextual and truly eccentric, with spatial majesty. Its Japanese wood detailing brings a period charm. The essence and stunning beauty of the house is found in the multitude of flying structural wooden columns and beams, angling out like trees to hold up the oversized wooden roof, all seemingly out there alone amidst the massive cedars and West Coast greenery. Their substantial size and rootedness provide that distinct calmness experienced within a still forest. A remarkable thing about the visible structure of the house is that it is almost entirely composed of simple and inexpensive dimensional lumber. Merrick chose common 2x4s, 2x10s, and so on as his palette. Whilst at once showing he was comfortable with regular planks from the lumberyard, in many places Merrick meticulously carved the ends into fanciful shapes. It is a move that reveals again the shadow of his mentors, Ron Thom and, before him, Frank Lloyd Wright. Robins delves into the quirks and risks Merrick embarked upon, the madness of huge panes of glass, for instance, in delicate harmony with nature. Sometimes, such as in his retention of large rocks flowing into the interior space, he defied building codes and common sense, but it all works. It is a house full of wonder.

Hardcover      ISBN: 9089440526

In two volumes some of the most beautiful, recently finished, private houses from all five continents have been illustrated, selected on the basis of a single criterion: the close link between architecture and nature.<BR><BR>They are architectural tours de force, located in the most remote and breathtaking sites in the world.<BR><BR>Deux volumes sont consacres a certaines des plus belles habitations privees recemment construites aux quatre coins du monde, et selectionnees selon un meme mot d'ordre: un lien etroit entre nature et architecture.<BR><BR>Ce sont des perles architecturales, situees dans les plus beaux endroits du monde.<BR><BR>In twee boekdelen worden enkele van de mooiste, recent afgewerkte privewoningen gepresenteerd, afkornstig uit de vijf continenten, en geselecteerd met een leidraad: de nauwe band tussen architectuur en natuur.<BR><BR>Het zijn architecturale hoogstandjes, gelegen op de meest afgelegen en adembenemende plekken ter wereld.<BR><BR>Nature is in essence beautiful. It is the fruit of wonderful associations between the elements of our world.<BR><BR>Architecture is also beautiful in essence, because it is the result of reflection followed by a construction which transforms or completes the environment to offer men an appropriate habitat: it procures him shade when the sun shines, shelters him from the rain, protects him from wind and cold, frames the views.<BR><BR>Nature can be sublimated by architecture and architecture can be glorified by nature. So nature and architecture appear to be insolubly linked, the structure is enmeshed with its environment.<BR><BR>This is where Jean-Luc Laloux comes in: a photographer impassioned by architecture who takes us with him on a voyage without frontiers. If the association is there and it exists you have to share it. He teaches us to look through his lens to wake our senses. To satisfy our thirst for beauty...for poetry in visions.<BR><BR>Par essence, la nature est belle, elle est le fruit d'assemblages merveilleux entre les composa nts de notre monde.<BR><BR>Par essence, l'architecture est belle, elle est le resultat d'une reflexion suivie d'une construction qui transforme ou complete l'environnement pour offrir a l'homme un environnement adequat: elle lui procure ombrage lorsque le soleil luit, l'abrite de la pluie, le protege du vent et du froid, lui cadre la vue...<BR><BR>La nature peut etre sublimee par l'architecture, l'architecture peut etre magnifiee par la nature.<BR><BR>Nature et Architecture semblent des lors indissociables ; ainsi, la communication necessaire entre le bati et son environnent devient communion.<BR><BR>C'est ici qu'intervient Jean-Luc Laloux ; photographe passionne d'architecture ; il nous emporte dans son voyage sans frontiere: si la communion existe, et elle existe, il faut la partager. Il nous apprend a regarder a travers son objectif pour eveiller nos sens, pour aiguiser la soif de beaute qui nous porte... de la poesie en image.<BR><BR>De natuur is in haar essentie mooi, ze vormt de vrucht van prachtige verbindingen tussen elementen uit onze wereld.<BR><BR>Architectuur is eveneens mooi in haar essentie, omdat ze het resultaat is van een reflectie gevolgd door een constructie die de omgeving transformeert of completeert om de mens een aangepaste habitat te bezorgen : ze biedt schaduw als de zon schijnt, ze beschut hem voor de regen, beschermt hem tegen wind en koude, ze omkadert het zicht...<BR><BR>De natuur kan door de architectuur verheven worden, de architectuur kan door de natuur verheerlijkt worden.<BR><BR>Natuur en Architectuur lijken dan ook onlosmakelijk verbonden, het bouwwerk is met haar omgeving verstrengeld.<BR><BR>Hier komt Jean-Luc Laloux tussen : een fotograaf die gepassioneerd is door de architectuur en die ons meeneernt op een reis zonder grenzen. Als deze band er is, en hij bestaat, dan moet je deze ook delen. Hij leert ons te kijken doorheen zijn lens om onze zintuigen op te wekken, om onze dorst naar schoonheid te lessen... poezie in beelden.

Thinking and Living Like an Architect
Thinking and Living Like an Architect
Hardcover      ISBN: 1908337036

This is a book about contemporary architecture like no other. The authors have worked on many high profile projects all over the world and their lively and informal text both entertains and informs the reader. The photography throughout is stunning and this is both an inspirational and practical book about architecture.

Luxury Living by B+ Villas
Luxury Living by B+ Villas
Hardcover      ISBN: 287550004x

This title presents the work of B+ Villas, a firm of architects which strives to provide high quality architecture without compromising economic aspects.

Minnesota's Own: Preserving Our Grand Homes
Minnesota's Own
Preserving Our Grand Homes
Hardcover      ISBN: 0873519299

Stripped of its original Tiffany light fixtures, lamps, and stained-glass panels, a Lowry Hill mansion was returned to its original grandeur after an owner bought back many of these furnishings. A family in Winona has spent three decades slowly uncovering a landmark Victorian's hidden beauty. Minneapolis graphic designers have meticulously restored a Frank Lloyd Wright gem, even fabricating never-before-built cabinets, furniture, and rugs Wright originally designed for the home. In Lost Twin Cities and Once There Were Castles, Larry Millett retrieved Twin Cities architecture vanished in time, giving us a view into buildings and homes lost to demolition, accident, and neglect. In Minnesota's Own, he and photographer Matt Schmitt invite us into homes from across the state that have been lovingly preserved, saved so that they can remain jewels among the state's living architecture. From Duluth to Bemidji, Red Wing to the Twin Cities, Millett and Schmitt travel throughout Minnesota, highlighting homes designed by architects such as Edwin Lundie, Frank Lloyd Wright, and William Purcell and Geroge Elmslie and with sumptuous ornamentation by local craftspeople including interior decorator John Bradstreet and woodcarver Johannes Kirchmayer. Homes originally owned by Daytons, Hills, and Ramseys find themselves in new hands that have taken great care in their upkeep and preservation. Minnesota's Own welcomes readers into twenty-two of these homes through over two hundred color photographs and Millett's captivating stories of their construction, original owners, and restorations.
Larry Millett is an architectural historian and award-winning writer whose books include Lost Twin Cities, AIA Guide to the Twin Cities, and Twin Cities Then and Now. St. Paul native Matt Schmitt has enjoyed a three-decade career in advertising, commercial, and architectural photography.

Publication of this book was made possible by a generous grant from the Jeffris Family Foundation in Janesville, Wisconsin, which is dedicated to the preservation of the Midwest's architectural heritage for future generations.
Victorian Houses: A Treasury of Lesser Known Examples
Victorian Houses
A Treasury of Lesser Known Examples
Paperback      ISBN: 0486229661

Edmund Gillon has photographed and Clay Lancaster commented on 116 remarkable but lesser-known Victorian American homes. From Nova Scotia to Geneva, New York to Cape May, these rarely appreciated dwellings offer some of the best 19th-century architecture. Includes row houses, cottages, farms, summer homes.

Contemporary Southern Homes
Contemporary Southern Homes
Hardcover      ISBN: 0764346822

The South is known for its preserved mansions but many more beautiful twenty-first century houses preserve that same sense of ambiance. In over 400 full-color images, twenty Southern design professionals with varying architectural styles exhibit their award-winning work, ranging from classical Georgian symmetry to modernist traditions infused with fascinating flair. From Virginia to Arkansas, their work features expansive, open floor plans, walls of glass, and the use of indigenous materials. You can still see those Greek revival columns and the walls of hinged shutters, but you can also observe a remarkable range of homes that skillfully reflect their physical and cultural milieus within the contemporary era. Glass walls and open floor plans notwithstanding, these residences offer charm and authenticity. The architects' diverse backgrounds and design philosophies are shaping the South in the twenty-first century.

Ellen Kooi Above Rotterdam: One Glass Tower by Wiel Arets & Nine Situations by Katrien Van Den Brande
Ellen Kooi Above Rotterdam
One Glass Tower by Wiel Arets & Nine Situations by Katrien Van Den Brande
Hardcover      ISBN: 194515022x

High above the streets of Rotterdam, on cold winter nights, during early spring evenings, and dusky autumn days; five situations were staged and captured by artist Ellen Kooi, inside the B' Tower in Rotterdam, by architect Wiel Arets. Nearly each apartment is identical, which lends a receded repetition to the 'stage sets' Kooi created, in the tradition of her renowned landscape photography. In Kooi's 'sets', a sleeping young girl cuddles with whimsical Weimaraners; a lonely business man digitally pines for his distant love; a young couple saunters and seduces one another, inside and out; an informal dinner gathering morphs into an impromptu musical; a mother creates a dream world for her and her children, high above Rotterdam's streets. Interspersed throughout Kooi's sets of imagery are separately created scenes of poetry and prose, by artist Katrien Van den Brande, which alternate with Kooi's narratives-all graphically woven together by a design from Mainstudio. This publication is a two-dimensional immersion into a parallel urban reality, that's at once fantasy and fiction-yet remarkably familiar.