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Contemporary Architecture and Interiors Yearbook 2013
Contemporary Architecture and Interiors Yearbook 2013
Hardcover      ISBN: 9089441352
The fifth edition of the bestselling reference work.
The Great Houses of Cayetana, Duchess of Alba
The Great Houses of Cayetana, Duchess of Alba
Hardcover      ISBN: 8494032569
This publication offers us a visual tour of the houses that belong to the Duchess of Alba in Madrid (The Liria Palace), Seville (The Palace of Las Dueñas), Salamanca (The Palace of Monterrey), Ibiza and San Sebastián.
High Life: Condo Living in the Suburban Century
High Life
Condo Living in the Suburban Century
Hardcover      ISBN: 0300164084
Today, one in five homeowners in American cities and suburbs lives in a multifamily home rather than a single-family dwelling. As the American dream evolves, precipitated by declining real estate prices and a renewed interest in city living, many predict that condos will become the predominant form of housing in the 21st century. In this unprecedented study Matthew Gordon Lasner explores the history of co-owned multifamily housing in the United States, from New York City's first co-op, in 1881, to contemporary condo and townhouse complexes coast to coast. Lasner explains the complicated social, economic, and political factors that have increased demand for this way of living, situating the trend within the larger housing market and broad shifts in residential architecture. He contrasts the prevalence and popularity of condos, townhouses, and other privately governed communities with their ambiguous economic, legal, and social standing, as well as their striking absence from urban and architectural history.
European Style Villa Design
European Style Villa Design
Hardcover      ISBN: 9881574307
Presents a collection of villas designed using the theme of European style as inspiration.
Houses Now: Living Style
Houses Now
Living Style
Hardcover      ISBN: 1864706163
Handmade Houses: A Century of Earth-Friendly Home Design
Handmade Houses
A Century of Earth-Friendly Home Design
Hardcover      ISBN: 0847838455
Showcasing one hundred years of innovation and environmental sensitivity, Handmade Houses celebrates some of the world’s most idiosyncratic homes from Big Sur to Sardinia. Author Richard Olsen unveils the components used for their construction, including driftwood, boulders, and even old wine vats. The first study of the handmade-homes phenomenon since its inception in the late 1960s, Handmade Houses revisits the subject’s roots and history, exploring how these homes and their owners paved the way for the architectural-salvage business and the reclaimed, industrial look ever-popular today. As fascinating as the structures are themselves, their owners—professionals and amateurs who personally designed and built each residence—offer their inspirations and stories behind the convention-defying homes. Design lessons are gleaned from each home—some examples of environmentally aware construction with applicable tips for use in more mainstream scenarios. Handmade Houses is an important and relevant volume to be appreciated by anyone interested in environmentally friendly design, craft, and the expression of personal style in the home.
The New Ecological Home: A Complete Guide to Green Building Options
The New Ecological Home
A Complete Guide to Green Building Options
Paperback      ISBN: 1931498164
An overview of green home-building techniques, materials, products, and technologies, written for home buyers, builders, architects, and contractors and intended to help avoid common problems when building green. It discusses the principles of green building and why they are desirable; covers logistical aspects of building such as site selection, i
New Residential Landscape
New Residential Landscape
Hardcover      ISBN: 9881261600
Architecture that connects indoor and outdoor space through the use of natural resources and the environment; creating sensory landscapes that soothe the soul and allow you to breathe.
Distillations: The Architecture of Margaret McCurry
The Architecture of Margaret McCurry
Hardcover      ISBN: 1935935062
Margaret McCurry is one the the most published female architects of American residential design. She synthesizes elements of both traditional and modern architecture in this extraordinary series of private residences. Her book Distillations of the American Vernacular presents her work through beautiful photography and drawings with a thematic concept which ties together her projects through the search for a new American architecture. Through this careful selection of private residences, Margaret McCurry's architecture conveys its warmth through sensitivity to light and landscape resulting in homes that are truly timeless.
Neo-Classical Villa Design
Neo-Classical Villa Design
Hardcover      ISBN: 9881668883
Neo-classical style is beautiful and luxurious, romantic and elegant, splendid and imposing.