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Distillations: The Architecture of Margaret McCurry
The Architecture of Margaret McCurry
Hardcover      ISBN: 1935935062

McCurry describes her design concepts and gives a glimpse into the deeper thought process behind her homes and how they have become distillations of an American architecture as in the following excerpt: 'This new Wisconsin retreat has provided an interesting spatial and organizational challenge given the clients' varied program that includes many guest rooms, bunkrooms, an indoor pool and separate guest house/garage as well as both indoor and outdoor gathering spaces. McCurry sited the elements of the house and guest house to create a "pinwheel" off of an open clearing in the forest whereby the program spaces became the "spokes" of the wheel connected by an interior "rim" of circulation, which also provides entry points into the house and axial views towards the lake. This scale reducing scheme also provides distance between the guest rooms, bunkrooms and the master suite so that privacy is maintained.'

Hardcover      ISBN: 9089440526

In two volumes some of the most beautiful, recently finished, private houses from all five continents have been illustrated, selected on the basis of a single criterion: the close link between architecture and nature.<BR><BR>They are architectural tours de force, located in the most remote and breathtaking sites in the world.<BR><BR>Deux volumes sont consacres a certaines des plus belles habitations privees recemment construites aux quatre coins du monde, et selectionnees selon un meme mot d'ordre: un lien etroit entre nature et architecture.<BR><BR>Ce sont des perles architecturales, situees dans les plus beaux endroits du monde.<BR><BR>In twee boekdelen worden enkele van de mooiste, recent afgewerkte privewoningen gepresenteerd, afkornstig uit de vijf continenten, en geselecteerd met een leidraad: de nauwe band tussen architectuur en natuur.<BR><BR>Het zijn architecturale hoogstandjes, gelegen op de meest afgelegen en adembenemende plekken ter wereld.<BR><BR>Nature is in essence beautiful. It is the fruit of wonderful associations between the elements of our world.<BR><BR>Architecture is also beautiful in essence, because it is the result of reflection followed by a construction which transforms or completes the environment to offer men an appropriate habitat: it procures him shade when the sun shines, shelters him from the rain, protects him from wind and cold, frames the views.<BR><BR>Nature can be sublimated by architecture and architecture can be glorified by nature. So nature and architecture appear to be insolubly linked, the structure is enmeshed with its environment.<BR><BR>This is where Jean-Luc Laloux comes in: a photographer impassioned by architecture who takes us with him on a voyage without frontiers. If the association is there and it exists you have to share it. He teaches us to look through his lens to wake our senses. To satisfy our thirst for beauty...for poetry in visions.<BR><BR>Par essence, la nature est belle, elle est le fruit d'assemblages merveilleux entre les composa nts de notre monde.<BR><BR>Par essence, l'architecture est belle, elle est le resultat d'une reflexion suivie d'une construction qui transforme ou complete l'environnement pour offrir a l'homme un environnement adequat: elle lui procure ombrage lorsque le soleil luit, l'abrite de la pluie, le protege du vent et du froid, lui cadre la vue...<BR><BR>La nature peut etre sublimee par l'architecture, l'architecture peut etre magnifiee par la nature.<BR><BR>Nature et Architecture semblent des lors indissociables ; ainsi, la communication necessaire entre le bati et son environnent devient communion.<BR><BR>C'est ici qu'intervient Jean-Luc Laloux ; photographe passionne d'architecture ; il nous emporte dans son voyage sans frontiere: si la communion existe, et elle existe, il faut la partager. Il nous apprend a regarder a travers son objectif pour eveiller nos sens, pour aiguiser la soif de beaute qui nous porte... de la poesie en image.<BR><BR>De natuur is in haar essentie mooi, ze vormt de vrucht van prachtige verbindingen tussen elementen uit onze wereld.<BR><BR>Architectuur is eveneens mooi in haar essentie, omdat ze het resultaat is van een reflectie gevolgd door een constructie die de omgeving transformeert of completeert om de mens een aangepaste habitat te bezorgen : ze biedt schaduw als de zon schijnt, ze beschut hem voor de regen, beschermt hem tegen wind en koude, ze omkadert het zicht...<BR><BR>De natuur kan door de architectuur verheven worden, de architectuur kan door de natuur verheerlijkt worden.<BR><BR>Natuur en Architectuur lijken dan ook onlosmakelijk verbonden, het bouwwerk is met haar omgeving verstrengeld.<BR><BR>Hier komt Jean-Luc Laloux tussen : een fotograaf die gepassioneerd is door de architectuur en die ons meeneernt op een reis zonder grenzen. Als deze band er is, en hij bestaat, dan moet je deze ook delen. Hij leert ons te kijken doorheen zijn lens om onze zintuigen op te wekken, om onze dorst naar schoonheid te lessen... poezie in beelden.

Downs House II: Ubc Sala - West Coast Modern Series
Downs House II
Ubc Sala - West Coast Modern Series
Hardcover      ISBN: 1935935283

Downs House II presents an original and comprehensive overview of the home that local architect Barry Downs built for himself in West Vancouver. The site overlooks Howe Sound with a panorama formed by the Coastal Mountain Range of British Columbia. This house of modest proportions presents the key and formative qualities that have come to represent a West Coast Modern idiom in architecture.

With past and beam structure clad in cedar shingles, the house characteristically hovers above the rough terrain while remaining intimately engaged with its forest setting. While the dramatic panorama of the living area provides a signature moment in the experience of the house, a variety of more intimate views of the forest and granite outcrop provide a richly textured and ever-changing backdrop to domestic life.

The house continues to be occupied by the architect and his wife Mary, and is maintained in meticulous condition. Delightful in itself, the Downs House II also offers testimony to a time of creative generosity in which the design of even modest houses served as a place of exploration. In our current era in which architectural culture commonly privileges the experience of individuality and distinction, it is refreshing to be reminded of buildings that are decidedly calm and assured. This is certainly the case with this special house--a house that could be fairly said to be at once unprecedented and singular while remaining utterly familiar.
Winsing Ait Residential Towers
Winsing Ait Residential Towers
Hardcover      ISBN: 1864705906

Designed by Moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners, the Win Sing AIT Residential Towers create a new gateway for the prestigious Neihu District of Taipei, directly across from the future American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), also in design by MRY. The book features a revelatory essay by Philip Jodidio, who writes, "This work is at the edge, not the proverbial cutting edge, but at the limit between history and modernity, between the tough city and privileged views toward the green horizon. Where Charles Moore sought to break the taboos that had separated history from Modernism, MRY today integrates culture (and thus history) in a subtle, profound way with a building that is far more solid than any stage set. This link between the origins of MRY and Win Sing AIT is more than a fanciful one, it is the very reason for which this project succeeds in what must be considered a daunting challenge: defining the edge."

The House with Sixteen Handmade Doors: A Tale of Architectural Choice and Craftsmanship
The House with Sixteen Handmade Doors
A Tale of Architectural Choice and Craftsmanship
Hardcover      ISBN: 0393242048

When Henry Petroski and his wife Catherine bought a charming but modest six-decades-old island retreat in coastal Maine, Petroski couldn't help but admire its unusual construction. An eminent expert on engineering, history, and design, he began wondering about the place's origins and evolution: Who built it, and how? What needs, materials, technologies, historical developments, and laws shaped it? How had it fared through the years with its various inhabitants?

Sleuthing around dimly lit closets, knotty-pine wall panels, and even a secret passage--but never removing so much as a nail--Petroski zooms in on the details but also steps back to examine the structure in the context of its time and place.

Catherine Petroski's beautiful photographs capture the clues and the atmosphere. A vibrant cast of neighbors and past residents--most notably the house's masterful creator, an engineer-turned-"folk architect"--become key characters in the story.

As the mystery unfolds, revealing an extraordinary house and its environs, this ode to loving design will leave readers enchanted and inspired.

Country Style & Design
Country Style & Design
Hardcover      ISBN: 1864704489

-An invaluable sourcebook that will inspire those wanting to add a touch of the rural lifestyle to their living space -Beautifully photographed examples of French, British, American and Australian country-style architecture and interiors Country Style and Design beautifully showcases Justin Bishop's intricate knowledge of country style and design. Blending traditional country style with modern influences, this book is a collection of beautiful images, practical tips, useful styling notes and personal sentiment. Regardless of whether you live in a city apartment or suburban home, if you love all things vintage and rustic, then this exquisite book is sure to delight. The interior architecture and landscaping featured in Country Style and Design encompasses a number of looks- from the French country style of Provence to the more floral country designs of England, and from rustic traditional Americana to Australia s distinctive rural style.

Life in an Irish Country House
Life in an Irish Country House
Hardcover      ISBN: 009474680x

Following the publishing success of his book Twilight of the Ascendancy, which describes the lifestyle of the old landowning families of Ireland from about the middle of the nineteenth century to the middle of the twentieth, Mark Bence-Jones now gives a picture of life in the houses of twenty-three of these families at various periods.
Seeing the families in their houses as we do over several generations gives a marvellous insight into their way of life; a way of life in which hunting and shooting, dances and amateur theatricals may have loomed large but in which duty came first. And the houses themselves, their architectural development, their domestic evolution, the changes in interior decoration to suit prevailing tastes, are not forgotten. This book is in effect a history of the twenty-three houses and their families, the houses and the families being intimately tied up; but above all, it illuminates those of us who wonder what the houses were like to live in.

American Homes: The Landmark Illustrated Encyclopedia of Domestic Architecture
American Homes
The Landmark Illustrated Encyclopedia of Domestic Architecture
Paperback      ISBN: 1579129927

American Homes opens the window onto the rich landscape of all the places we call home. Award-winning architect Lester Walker examines hundreds of styles of homes--more than any other survey of American domestic architecture--and helps us understand the history of each style, why it developed as it did, and the practical and historical reasons behind its shape, size, material, ornament, and plan. Hundreds of sequenced drawings illustrate the evolution of our most beloved housing styles, like the colonial English Cottage, which grows before our eyes from a simple square of posts and beams to a fully constructed home with hand-split cedar clapboards and an intricately thatched roof. There's also the Italianate, whose roof displays its intricate carved brackets and is topped with a cupola that serves to filter light to the interior of the home. Annotated floor plans offer insight into the structure of these homes, and with it, a good measure of inspiration. No wrought-iron railing, white stucco wall, or gingerbread gable goes neglected. Every idiosyncratic detail and decoration of each of these uniquely American designs is delicately drawn.

American Homes is the perfect reference for enthusiasts of architecture, history, and American studies. It is also the ideal inspiration for anyone who lives in or dreams of living in a classic American home.

Robert A.M. Stern: Houses
Robert A.M. Stern
Hardcover      ISBN: 1885254687

In over thirty years of practice, Robert A. M. Stern has developed a distinctive architecture committed to the synthesis of tradition and innovation and, above all, to the creation and enhancement of a meaningful sense of place. Inspired by the great legacy of American architecture, the firm of Robert A. M. Stern Architects has produced a variety of building types in a range of stylistic vocabularies. The design of houses, for which the firm initially gained notice, remains a cornerstone of the practice. Beautifully illustrated in color, this major monograph -- a companion volume to the best-selling "Robert A. M. Stern: Buildings" -- thoroughly documents more than forty-five houses built over the course of thirty years.
These distinguished houses are located in diverse settings across the United States, from San Francisco's Russian Hill to the Rocky Mountains to the Long Island and New England coasts. In every case, Stern has emphasized the importance of context by exploring the nature of place through houses that embody the region's vernacular architectural heritage, as well as gracefully reflect each site's unique natural setting. Whether considering classical New York town houses, Shingle Style "cottages" by the sea, or Scandinavian log houses as reinterpreted on the American frontier, Stern has fostered a strong sense of architectural continuity and connection to the past by participating in the dialogue across time that he believes lies at the heart of architecture.

Treehouses of the World
Treehouses of the World
Hardcover      ISBN: 0810949520

A leading authority on treehouse design takes readers on an around-the-world journey of treehouses, discussing how they are designed, built, and enjoyed in numerous cultures, in a volume that showcases thirty-five treehouses and discusses their role in environmentalism. 20,000 first printing.