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Benidorm: West Beach Promenade / Paseo maritimo playa de poniente
West Beach Promenade / Paseo maritimo playa de poniente
Hardcover      ISBN: 8492861770
For years, the Benidorm urban development model has been criticized for encouraging high-rise buildings, overcrowding and land speculation. Yet, in contrast with different tourist resorts, where the coastline is systematically being destroyed by invasive residential complexes, and where immense ghost towns are empty most of the year, fifty years after its inception, the Benidorm model might in fact turn out to be the most sustainable one on the Spanish coast. It occupies very little land and there is virtually no use of private transport as every point in town is only a 10-minute walk away from the beach.
Grand Hotels: Reality & Illusion
Grand Hotels
Reality & Illusion
Hardcover      ISBN: 1861890109
Grand Hotels is the fruit of the many years Elaine Denby has devoted to travels and visits throughout Europe, North America, the Near East and the Orient; it is a fascinating architectural and social history that covers the globe from the 1830s to the 1930s, but which also takes note of the most recent refurbishments. The styles of architecture and decor have varied enormously for grand hotels: a French Renaissance château manner for the Canadian Pacific Railroad in the 1880s; a fantastic Moorish-style confection for the Tampa Bay on Florida's Gulf Coast (1891); Art Deco for Oliver Hill's seaside Midland Grand at Morecombe in England (1933). And the services available were equally stunning: Turkish baths, rifle-ranges, even a fleet of vintage Rolls-Royces at Hong-Kong's Peninsula. To keep this illusory world glittering, the reality had to run like clockwork, with managers like César Ritz, king of hoteliers, monitoring every detail from ballrooms to basement boilers. Grand Hotels explores every aspect of this all-but-vanished world of opulence, from the entrepreneurs, architects and designers who made it possible to the ambitious individuals and dynasties that kept it going.
High Life: Condo Living in the Suburban Century
High Life
Condo Living in the Suburban Century
Hardcover      ISBN: 0300164084
Today, one in five homeowners in American cities and suburbs lives in a multifamily home rather than a single-family dwelling. As the American dream evolves, precipitated by declining real estate prices and a renewed interest in city living, many predict that condos will become the predominant form of housing in the 21st century. In this unprecedented study Matthew Gordon Lasner explores the history of co-owned multifamily housing in the United States, from New York City's first co-op, in 1881, to contemporary condo and townhouse complexes coast to coast. Lasner explains the complicated social, economic, and political factors that have increased demand for this way of living, situating the trend within the larger housing market and broad shifts in residential architecture. He contrasts the prevalence and popularity of condos, townhouses, and other privately governed communities with their ambiguous economic, legal, and social standing, as well as their striking absence from urban and architectural history.
A Place at the Lake
A Place at the Lake
Hardcover      ISBN: 1890434051
Educational Facilities
Educational Facilities
Hardcover      ISBN: 8489861692
Holdouts!: The Buildings That Got in the Way
The Buildings That Got in the Way
Hardcover      ISBN: 1567924433
Museums for a New Millennium: Concepts  Projects  Buildings
Museums for a New Millennium
Concepts Projects Buildings
Hardcover      ISBN: 3791322192
Best Designed Ecological Hotels
Best Designed Ecological Hotels
German    Hardcover      ISBN: 3899860713
Roma Meno e piu: The New Sequence of Architectural and Urban Transformations
Roma Meno e piu
The New Sequence of Architectural and Urban Transformations
Paperback      ISBN: 8895623134
Cosmocaixa: The Total Museum Through Conversation Between Architects and Museologists
The Total Museum Through Conversation Between Architects and Museologists
Hardcover      ISBN: 8461126246