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Hok Tall Buildings
Hok Tall Buildings
by Hok
Paperback      ISBN: 1941806228
HOK Tall Buildings is a visually engaging, accessible reference guide highlighting some of the world's most innovative tall buildings. Written by global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm HOK, the book features creative conceptual designs, projects under construction and built high-rises worldwide. Throughout the book, central themes guiding the design of these tall buildings begin to emerge. These include a focus on creating high-performance, sustainable, iconic, efficient and mixed-use structures that increase the density of urban environments. The global teams at HOK excel at designing intelligent, high-performance tall buildings that become symbols of their time and place. HOK Tall Buildings chronicles the firm's best recent designs for high-rises around the world, including: - In Saudi Arabia, an iconic centerpiece that anchors a new office district. - In Azerbaijan, a flame-inspired trio of towers that transforms Baku's skyline. - In South Korea, an iconic residential gateway to the neighborhoods of Incheon's dynamic northern district. Each high-rise profiled in the book is designed to blend human need with environmental stewardship, value creation, sense of place, and science and art. Gain insight into the minds and approaches of HOK's global design teams as you peruse floor plans, sketches, renderings and photographs of dozens of dynamic tall buildings. Learn how an integrated design process enables teams to solve profound functional and technical challenges while igniting the imagination. Discover how designers of tall buildings can balance internal functions with the external demands of site, climate, and culture to create memorable, sustainable structures that enrich people's lives.
Benidorm: West Beach Promenade / Paseo maritimo playa de poniente
West Beach Promenade / Paseo maritimo playa de poniente
Hardcover      ISBN: 8492861770
For years, the Benidorm urban development model has been criticized for encouraging high-rise buildings, overcrowding and land speculation. Yet, in contrast with different tourist resorts, where the coastline is systematically being destroyed by invasive residential complexes, and where immense ghost towns are empty most of the year, fifty years after its inception, the Benidorm model might in fact turn out to be the most sustainable one on the Spanish coast. It occupies very little land and there is virtually no use of private transport as every point in town is only a 10-minute walk away from the beach.
World Unfurled
World Unfurled
Hardcover      ISBN: 0811866114
The renowed architect's unique, inspiring, breathtaking portrait of more than four hundred famous buildings from seventy different countries is published here in fold-out format, revealing a panoramic view of a seamless skyline that includes the Eiffel Tower, the Brooklyn Bridge, and many other landmark structures. 15,000 first printing.
Learning from Las Vegas: The Forgotten Symbolism of Architectural Form
Learning from Las Vegas
The Forgotten Symbolism of Architectural Form
Paperback      ISBN: 026272006x
Surveys the architecture of the Las Vegas Strip and examines the role of urban sprawl, advertising, and commercial iconography in contemporary building design
After Metropolis: The Architecture & Design of Powell Tuck Associates
After Metropolis
The Architecture & Design of Powell Tuck Associates
Paperback      ISBN: 1908967498
After Metropolis features a selection of Powell Tuck Associates´ key projects, from their first ground breaking work--the Metropolis Recording Studios in London, which they won in 1989--to their most recent alterations and new buildings, including Bloomberg, Riverside One, Deepwater and Stamford Brook. Through the evaluation of these projects, the book will demonstrate the practice´s approach to architecture and design, setting out their guiding principals, influences and attitudes, therefore emphasising their engagement with existing buildings, att ention to the interconnection of spaces and to circulation, to refined material, light and colour palettes, as well as their contemporary approach to housing and working environments. Written by julian Powell Tuck, founder of the practice, the book also features contributions from the writer and critic Fred Scott, the architect David Connor and the investor/businessman Carey Taylor who will offer their comment on the work of Powell Tuck Associates respectively from the point of view of the academic, the colleague and the client.
Traces: LAN (Local Architecture Network)
LAN (Local Architecture Network)
Hardcover      ISBN: 194029102x
The city is the point of departure and arrival for the "architectural experience." It is, therefore, a palpable, external fact as well as a product of the mind, an abstraction. This book attempts to recreate this trajectory and to describe this exchange between the mind and the world through the traces it has produced. Two separate moments lie at the heart of this book's very structure and shape: one when the city is the site of an experience and of reflection and the other, when architects modify this site through a new project. The white notebooks contain writings, reflections, and observations collected over a ten-year period about our urban experiences. In fact, they hold the names of the cities that gave rise to them. These notes were often written during our travels, on the occasion of conferences or projects. Very importantly, though, they do not aspire to certainty; rather, they are a collection of questions and hypotheses. The black notebooks instead seek to delineate the scope of our research and to describe architecture as we practice it, namely as a collaborative effort, where each person's ideas and experiences form part of our shared vision and designs.
Ends Middles Beginnings: Edward Culligan Architects
Ends Middles Beginnings
Edward Culligan Architects
Hardcover      ISBN: 190477217x
From the bright, clean lines of the Uplands Conference Centre, to the sweeping roofs of the Cambridge Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Edward Cullinan Architects' style is fluid and unpredictable, morphing with each project to suit the individual requirements of the people that will inhabit the space. In an attempt to understand present circumstances for the benefit of an unknown future, the practice renounces ego for warmth, and individual glory for an architecture that integrates into the space and context of its environments. It is this singular generosity that unites all their projects to date and that has earned Cullinans the reputation of being one of the most significant British architecture practices of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Edward Cullinan Architects have on occasion been said to represent the 'touchy-feely' side of British architecture. This is an oversimplification, but there is some truth behind this statement. Cullinans stands for unembarrassed humanism. An architecture that serves the real clients of a building - not just the ones footing the bill. Ends Middles Beginnings is a celebration of their work. Salon Space
Salon Space
Hardcover      ISBN: 9881574293
Illustrates a selection of highly designed and unique hair salons and barbershops.
The Most Beautiful Libraries in the World
The Most Beautiful Libraries in the World
Hardcover      ISBN: 0810946343
Even the wonderful photographs of de Laubier couldn't completely capture the magnificence of these 23 libraries on a single 11x11 page; hence, there are a number of 11x33 foldouts. The libraries featured include the National Library of Austria, the Benedictine Abbey Library of Metten (Germany), the Vatican Library, the Mazarine Library in Paris, the Bodleian Library in Oxford, Trinity College Library in Dublin, the National Library in Prague, the National Palace Library in Mafra Portugal, the Library of Congress in Washington DC, and the National Library of Russia in St. Petersburg. The text describes each Library's history as well as it's current holdings and how it is used today. Annotation (c) Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

The Scenes of the Street and Other Essays
The Scenes of the Street and Other Essays
Hardcover      ISBN: 1580932703
Anthony Vidler, an internationally recognized scholar, theorist, and critic of modern and contemporary architecture, is widely known for his essays on the most pressing issues and debates in the field. This volume brings together a collection of such writings—including the iconic, long unavailable “Scenes of the Street”—into one volume. Scenes of the Street and Other Essays showcases Vidler’s engaging and accessible expertise on both contemporary and historic subjects that are relevant to today's concerns. “Scenes of the Street,” a multi-faceted analysis of city planning is one such example; other essays in this volume include “Unknown Lands: Guy Debord and the Cartographies of a Landscape to be Invented,” “Transparency and Utopia: Constructing the Void from Pascal to Foucault,” and “The Modern Acropolis: Tony Garnier from La Cité Antique to the Cité Industrielle.” Vidler writes in his introduction: In the following essays, I have interrogated the struggle for an urban architecture in the modern period, its critiques and aspirations, in the belief that understanding the historical dimensions of the debate will lead to a renewal of interest in an architecture calculated to redeem, if only partially, our “planet of slums” and its deteriorating environment; an interest that will not simply reject “utopia” out of hand or fall back into the complacencies of nostalgia. Written during a period in which the debates themselves were actively engaged by critics and supporters of modernism, they reflect contemporary issues as they search for their prehistory. As historical inquiries, they inevitably also engage the transformations in history writing itself since 1970, intellectual responses to the social and political conditions of postwar modernity. This fascinating series of essays on issues and figures is an invaluable resource for architects and art historians and enthusiasts of structure and substance alike.