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Jestico + Whiles: Plus
Jestico + Whiles
Paperback      ISBN: 1908967129

Jestico + Whiles: Plus charts the happenstance of events that has guided the practice's award winning design approach against the changing political and economic events of the last 30 years. Their portfolio of work ranges from mainstream, residential, education, hotel and transport developments to more unusual cultural and social projects around the world.

With offices in London and Prague and projects completed in 20 countries worldwide, the book relates how Jestico + Whiles became the first practice to transfer their ownership into a trust run by and for the benefit of their staff, leading to creative working relationships with clients and unusual designs of great quality.
Urban Design in Western Europe: Regime and Architecture, 900-1900
Urban Design in Western Europe
Regime and Architecture, 900-1900
Paperback      ISBN: 0226071790

What makes a city endure and prosper? In this masterful survey of a thousand years of urban architecture, Wolfgang Braunfels identified certain themes common to cities as different as Siena and London, Munich and Venice. Most important is an architecture that expresses the city's personality and most particularly its political personality. Braunfels describes and classifies scores of cities cathedral cities, city-state, maritime cities, imperial cities and examines the links between their political and architectural histories. Lavishly illustrated with city plans, bird's-eye views, early renderings, and modern photographs, this book will delight and instruct architects, urban planners, historians, and travelers."

The Charming Night
The Charming Night
Hardcover      ISBN: 9881668875
The various nightclub designs in this book.
Benidorm: West Beach Promenade / Paseo maritimo playa de poniente
West Beach Promenade / Paseo maritimo playa de poniente
Hardcover      ISBN: 8492861770

For years, the Benidorm urban development model has been criticized for encouraging high-rise buildings, overcrowding and land speculation. Yet, in contrast with different tourist resorts, where the coastline is systematically being destroyed by invasive residential complexes, and where immense ghost towns are empty most of the year, fifty years after its inception, the Benidorm model might in fact turn out to be the most sustainable one on the Spanish coast. It occupies very little land and there is virtually no use of private transport as every point in town is only a 10-minute walk away from the beach.

Thirteen Months to Go: The Creation of the Empire State Building
Thirteen Months to Go
The Creation of the Empire State Building
Hardcover      ISBN: 1592231055

The Empire State Building, a construction fear that to this day invokes awe and wonder, began as a contest between two industrial moguls who croved the status of constructing the tallest building in the world. The building was the center of a "race to the skies" competition between Walter Chrysler, of the Chrysler Corporation, and John Jakob Raskob, creator of General Motors, and coincided with the onset of one of the worst economic downturns in American history -- the Great Depression. Thirteen Months to Go encompasses the optimism and potential of 1920s New York. It is a wonderful tribute to the perseverance of New Yorkers and on amazing story of fortitude and ambition.

The Art Museum from Boullée to Bilbao
The Art Museum from Boullée to Bilbao
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0520251261

Art museums have emerged in recent decades as the most vibrant and popular of all cultural institutions. Though art museums have never been more popular, their direction and values are now being contested as never before--both in the media and in the art world itself. This engaging thematic history of the art museum from its inception in the eighteenth century to the present offers an essential framework for understanding contemporary debates as they have evolved in Europe and the United States. From the visionary museums of Boull e in the eighteenth century to the new Guggenheim in Bilbao and beyond, it explores key aspects of museum theory and practice: ideals and mission; architecture; collecting, classification, and display; the public; commercialism; and restitution and repatriation. The only single volume to give a comprehensive account of the issues critical to museums, the book also highlights the challenges they will face in the future.

Office Architecture + Design
Office Architecture + Design
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 3037680075

Constant technological advances and the current focus on ecological considerations have had a strong impact on the construction of office buildings as well as the interior design of work spaces. Further decisive aspects beyond purely functional considerations of work organization are corporate identity, the creation of a positive and motivating working environment and very often also representative functions. Masterpieces: Office Architecture + Design, another volume of the new series Masterpieces presents 60 outstanding projects from all over the world. The reader will find carefully selected works from international established architectural firms as well as promising newcomers, documenting today?s different developments regarding the construction and design of offices.

Louis Kahn: House of the Nation
Louis Kahn
House of the Nation
Hardcover      ISBN: 194180635x

Louis Kahn' National Assembly building in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, is regarded by many as his greatest masterpiece and one of the wonders of modern architecture.The octagonal main Parliament building is framed by eight hostel blocks--all built in local red brick, lawns and an artificial lake symbolizing the significance of water in Bangladesh.The striking simplicity of the exterior, consisting of only concrete and bands of inlaid marble, is broken up by a variety of recessed geometric shapes which create hollow spaces to allow for sunlight and air to circulate the entire building complex. Grischa R schendorf's stunning architectural photos, some depicting so far unseen areas, invite you to explore the rarely visited building, and how this timeless masterpiece has stood the test of time.

Global Hotel Design
Global Hotel Design
Hardcover      ISBN: 9881973503

What makes a hotel one of the best in the world? The answers might include exquisite linens, museum-quality furniture, stunning surroundings and, of course, impeccable standards and exacting attention to detail. This collection of the world's very best lodgings profiles the ultimate in hotels across the globe.

The Magic Box: Dominique Perrault Architecture
The Magic Box
Dominique Perrault Architecture
Spanish    Paperback      ISBN: 8461506413

The Magic Box, carried out by Dominique Perrault Architecture, is more than a public sports facility. It is a whole conceptual, urbanistic and constructive manifesto through the insertion of a radically contemporary building in a sensitive environment, which has helped to regenerate the southern edge of the city of Madrid and to round off the urban banks of the Manzanares River. The book includes unpublished texts by Andreas Ruby (a didactic essay) and Hans Ulrich Ibrist (an exclusive interview). It also includes a technical dossier dedicated to the construction of the building highly illustrated with plans (mostly unpublished) and a graphic documentation that breaks down the details of the construction, difficulties, successes and context of the assignment. In addition, this monograph also provides information on the competitive submissions, and further texts that explain the concept behind the Magic Box and the reason for its success.