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Chinese Design
Chinese Design
Paperback      ISBN: 3937718346
Bold Expansion: The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Bloch Building
Bold Expansion
The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Bloch Building
Paperback      ISBN: 1857594827

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is the crown jewel of Kansas City and one of the finest museums in the nation. Its encyclopaedic collection offers visitors a look at some of the greatest artistic achievements of mankind, representing cultures from around the world, from ancient to contemporary times. The construction of the Bloch Building represents one part of a total transformation of the Nelson-Atkins. This book is intended to celebrate this moment in the museum's history, with a look at how the institution arrived at this period of change. Sketches, photographs and images of artwork often tell the story better than words, and the museum is indebted to the photographers who spent time capturing the many moods and impressions of the Bloch Building.

Best Designed Ecological Hotel
Best Designed Ecological Hotel
German    Hardcover      ISBN: 3899860713

Hi-tech, environmental compatibility and good design are no longer a contradiction in terms. In fact, they can complement one another splendidly. Business with nature and the number of Eco lodges on offer is huge. Often this type of accommodation is lacking in style. And yet, particularly travel in harmony with nature should be something that appeals to all our senses. The new book best designed ecological hotels shows how elegance, architecture and nature can be perfectly combined. It presents outstanding hotel architecture from its best side in the world's most fascinating locations. From a luxury complex on an isolated island to a clay resort in the desert to a bush lodge with eye contact with wild animals.

Reaching for the Sky: The Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Reaching for the Sky
The Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Hardcover      ISBN: 0981985769

Marina Bay Sands, a $5 billion, high-density, mixed-use integrated resort that brings together a 2560 room hotel, convention center, shopping and dining, theaters, museum, and a casino across the water from Singapore's Central Business District, opened to the public on June 23, 2010.

Designed by Boston-based, internationally renowned architect Moshe Safdie for the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, the 929,000 meter (10 million square-foot) urban district anchors the Singapore waterfront, creates a gateway to Singapore, and provides a dynamic setting for a vibrant public life. This new urban place integrates the waterfront promenade, a 74,000 square meter (800,000 square-foot), multi level arcade, and the iconic Museum of Art Science on the promontory. Located along the network of Public paths are also two theaters with a combined 4000 seats, a casino, a 9000 square meter (96,000 square-foot) convention center, and a hydraulically adjustable public event plaza of 5000 square meters (54,000 square-foot). Combining indoor and outdoor spaces and providing a platform for a wide array of activities, this vibrant, 21rst century cardo maximus, or grand arcade, also connects to the subway and other transportation.
Modern Housing Prototypes
Modern Housing Prototypes
Hardcover      ISBN: 0674579410

be learned from the study of significant buildings of the recent past.

Contemporary Native American Architecture: Cultural Regeneration and Creativity
Contemporary Native American Architecture
Cultural Regeneration and Creativity
Paperback      ISBN: 0195097408

This text covers a new kind of architecture which reflects a culture in formation. Since the mid-1960s, Native Americans have taken part in a widespread movement of cultural regeneration - a term that embraces everything from continuity and reinforcement to invention. As part of this movement, tribal governments and supra-tribal urban groups have commisssioned dozens of buildings that are creating a modern Amerindian architecture. The author focuses on ethnic particularity in contemporary architecture, and on its social consequences.

Ecological Design And Building Schools: Green Guide to Educational Opportunities in the United States And Canada
Ecological Design And Building Schools
Green Guide to Educational Opportunities in the United States And Canada
Paperback      ISBN: 0976605414

This first and only directory of ecological design and building schools in North America features an annotated listing of schools and educational centers offering top programs in green building design and construction. The guide also offers a comprehensive 20-year review of sustainable design education and discussion of current educational offerings, plus extensive tables comparing school programs, listings of curricular resources, related organizations, and individual instructors.

Ecological Design and Building Schools substantially updates and expands the author's 1996 publication, Eco-Building Schools.

Architecture: Interaction with a Complex Content
Interaction with a Complex Content
Hardcover      ISBN: 1864704616

China Construction Design International (CCDI) is one of Asia's premier architectural firms. Among CCDI's completed projects are office towers, sports arenas, residential complexes and cultural centres, as well as many large-scale planning projects.

Traces: LAN (Local Architecture Network)
LAN (Local Architecture Network)
Hardcover      ISBN: 194029102x

The city is the point of departure and arrival for the "architectural experience." It is, therefore, a palpable, external fact as well as a product of the mind, an abstraction. This book attempts to recreate this trajectory and to describe this exchange between the mind and the world through the traces it has produced. Two separate moments lie at the heart of this book's very structure and shape: one when the city is the site of an experience and of reflection and the other, when architects modify this site through a new project. The white notebooks contain writings, reflections, and observations collected over a ten-year period about our urban experiences. In fact, they hold the names of the cities that gave rise to them. These notes were often written during our travels, on the occasion of conferences or projects. Very importantly, though, they do not aspire to certainty; rather, they are a collection of questions and hypotheses. The black notebooks instead seek to delineate the scope of our research and to describe architecture as we practice it, namely as a collaborative effort, where each person's ideas and experiences form part of our shared vision and designs.

Jestico + Whiles: Plus
Jestico + Whiles
Paperback      ISBN: 1908967129

Jestico + Whiles: Plus charts the happenstance of events that has guided the practice's award winning design approach against the changing political and economic events of the last 30 years. Their portfolio of work ranges from mainstream, residential, education, hotel and transport developments to more unusual cultural and social projects around the world.

With offices in London and Prague and projects completed in 20 countries worldwide, the book relates how Jestico + Whiles became the first practice to transfer their ownership into a trust run by and for the benefit of their staff, leading to creative working relationships with clients and unusual designs of great quality.