Canoeing and Kayaking
Sea Kayaker's More Deep Trouble: More True Stories and Their Lessons from Sea Kayaker Magazine
Sea Kayaker's More Deep Trouble
More True Stories and Their Lessons from Sea Kayaker Magazine
Paperback      ISBN: 0071770097
A gripping collection of kayaking accident stories that remind us of what can happen when safety is left on shore In Sea Kayaker’s More Deep Trouble, twenty-seven more stories of kayaking accidents are told with compassion and wisdom. Each is accompanied by advice to prevent other kayaking accidents and deaths. This book, a follow-up edition to Sea Kayaker’s Deep Trouble, features stories from the "Safety" section of Sea Kayaker magazine. "Lessons Learned" at the end of each story provides insights and analysis of the accident. Illustrations for the stories include maps and photos. Perfect for sea kayakers of all levels, instructors, and armchair paddlers Reviews “The most interesting and relevant book yet on sea kayaking.
Sea Kayaking: The Classic Manual for Touring, from Day Trips to Major Expeditions
Sea Kayaking
The Classic Manual for Touring, from Day Trips to Major Expeditions
Paperback      ISBN: 1771641436
Still regarded as ?the bible
Sea-Kayaker Magazine's Handbook of Safety and Rescue
Sea-Kayaker Magazine's Handbook of Safety and Rescue
Paperback      ISBN: 0071388907
From two of Canada's premier sea kayaking instructors and the leading magazine of the sport comes the ideal book for any paddler wanting to venture safely beyond sheltered waters. This essential handbook shows how to understand weather, waves, and currents; use emergency communications; analyze risk; and perform a wide variety of kayak rescues.
The Survival of the Bark Canoe
The Survival of the Bark Canoe
Paperback      ISBN: 0374516936
In Greenville, New Hampshire, a small town in the southern part of the state, Henri Vaillancourt makes birch-bark canoes in the same manner and with the same tools that the Indians used. The Survival of the Bark Canoe is the story of this ancient craft and of a 150-mile trip through the Maine woods in those graceful survivors of a prehistoric technology. It is a book squarely in the tradition of one written by the first tourist in these woods, Henry David Thoreau, whose The Maine Woods recounts similar journeys in similar vessel. As McPhee describes the expedition he made with Vaillancourt, he also traces the evolution of the bark canoe, from its beginnings through the development of the huge canoes used by the fur traders of the Canadian North Woods, where the bark canoe played the key role in opening up the wilderness. He discusses as well the differing types of bark canoes, whose construction varied from tribe to tribe, according to custom and available materials. In a style as pure and as effortless as the waters of Maine and the glide of a canoe, John McPhee has written one of his most fascinating books, one in which his talents as a journalist are on brilliant display.
Take a Paddle Western New York: Quiet Water for Canoes and Kayaks
Take a Paddle Western New York
Quiet Water for Canoes and Kayaks
Paperback      ISBN: 1580801854
From Rochester to Hornell, west to Chautauqua and north to the Buffalo region, western New York State is home to a wealth of quiet-water paddling locations for canoers and kayakers at all levels. TAKE A PADDLE—WESETERN NEW YORK is a detailed guide to 45 specific locations, with 20 ponds and small lakes and over 250 miles of quiet streams and rivers.
Travels in Canoe Country
Travels in Canoe Country
Hardcover      ISBN: 082121893x
Captures the experience of exploring by canoe or on foot the magnificent waterways of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in northeastern Minnesota during each season of the year.
Ultimate Canoe & Kayak Adventures: 100 Extraordinary Paddling Experiences
Ultimate Canoe & Kayak Adventures
100 Extraordinary Paddling Experiences
Paperback      ISBN: 1119991242
A stunningly illustrated book detailing the world's most breathtaking on-water adventures Whether it's paddling down mountain chasms or on gentle rivers and lakes, navigating a canoe or kayak counts as one of life's indescribable joys. And in this memorable collection of 100 extraordinary on-water experiences, author Jason Smith gives armchair adventurers and avid water sport enthusiasts a taste of what canoeing and kayaking feel like in every climate, condition, and geographical location. From the frozen wastes of North America, the rivers and seas of Europe and Asia, to the stunning waters of the Far East and Australasia, he brings each paddle stroke to life. With something for everyone—from the white water adrenalin junkie to the extreme kayaker—Ultimate Canoe and Kayak Adventures offers true-life adventurers useful, detailed information telling you exactly how, where, and when to attempt any on-water expedition yourself. - The author is an avid paddler with 20 years of experience, has been recognized as an "Extreme Photographer" by Professional Photographer magazine, and is editor of Canoe & Kayak UK - Striking full-page color photographs are matched with lively text that bring 100 adventures to life Offering a rare, inside look at living the life of adventure in every climate and latitude, this spectacular album of memorable canoeing and kayaking experiences is an ideal gift and a must for those who wish they'd been there—and those who already have.

The Ultimate Guide to Kayak Fishing: A Practical Guide
The Ultimate Guide to Kayak Fishing
A Practical Guide
Paperback      ISBN: 1510711120
A thorough introduction to an increasingly popular fishing sport. Did you know that kayak fishing has shot up in popularity over the past few years? Americans take more than 38 million kayak fishing trips every year. While most outdoors enthusiasts think of kayaks simply as boats, there are many great reasons to take up fishing from a kayak. A kayak is cheaper to maintain than a larger fishing boat; it can be launched from almost anywhere and piloted by almost anyone; and kayakers can access places larger boats can’t, opening up new fishing spots. So join in on the fun with The Ultimate Guide to Kayak Fishing. Joel Spring guides readers through choosing a kayak from the various types, transporting it, and outfitting it with the absolute necessities. He covers vital safety information, from life-preservers and waterproof cell-phone cases to boat traffic and weather concerns. Finally, he offers key insights for a successful kayak fishing experience. Topics covered include: Standing to fish Casting under brush and trees Fishing in the wind Bait, casting, fly, and night fishing tips, tactics, and techniques Landing fish in a kayak And much more! Spring finally offers further advice on kayak maintenance as well as making kayak fishing a friend and family event. Pick up a copy of The Ultimate Guide to Kayak Fishing for a complete introduction to this great, less-known fishing sport.
The Ultimate Guide to Whitewater Rafting and River Camping
The Ultimate Guide to Whitewater Rafting and River Camping
Paperback      ISBN: 149303233x
The Ultimate Guide to Whitewater Rafting and River Camping is a comprehensive reference and tool that rafters can use to cement their knowledge and to guide them in their own trip planning.
Waterwalk: A Passage of Ghosts
A Passage of Ghosts
Paperback      ISBN: 0825308445
Steven Faulkner and his 16-year-old son Justin are paddling and portaging their way along the 1000-mile, 1673, Mississippi discovery route of French explorers Marquette and Joliet. Tired, hungry, lost, lonely, fogbound, canoe-wrecked, unable to make their way in the darkness, they are having an excellent time—paddling 300 miles along Lake Michigan’s shore to Green Bay, Wisconsin, then 300 miles up the storm-flooded Fox River, down the Wisconsin River, then turning south for 400 miles down the mighty Mississippi to St. Louis. Waterwalk is a triple journey: a journey into the heart of this continent 300 years ago—as depicted in Marquette’s own journal (a translation of which Faulkner found in the basement of a University of Kansas library), a modern exploration of the quiet waterways that weave their way through busy, rush-around America, and a voyage through the heart of a father-son relationship. “Something in us,