Canoeing and Kayaking
Encounters from a Kayak: Native People, Sacred Places, and Hungry Polar Bears
Encounters from a Kayak
Native People, Sacred Places, and Hungry Polar Bears
Paperback      ISBN: 0762781068
What makes travel special? Perhaps the chill realization that a polar bear's eyes are fixed on you. Maybe it is the chance meeting with a man who buries sharks in a beach, only to dig them up months later, not out of morbid curiosity, but for food. Perhaps it is the undulating wing-beat of a dark shell-less gastropod in the canal of a 17th Century French sea port, or the criminal history of a rusting ship with a tree growing from its hold. Encounters in a Kayak brings the reader along on the magical experiences that surround sea kayaking. It’s about the animals, people, and special places around the globe that have grabbed the attention of renowned kayaker and writer Nigel Foster. His irrepressible curiosity drives him to tease out the unexpected stories hidden behind his subjects. These nuggets from around the world are bound together by water and a centuries-old form of sea travel: kayak. The result is a book of broad appeal for those interested in kayaking, traveling, and adventure.

Expedition Kayaking
Expedition Kayaking
Paperback      ISBN: 0762742828
This guide, written by international expert Derek Hutchinson, is a thorough guide to coastal and open-ocean expeditions by sea kayak.
Falcon Guide Kayaking for Everyone: Selecting Gear, Learning Strokes, and Planning Trips
Falcon Guide Kayaking for Everyone
Selecting Gear, Learning Strokes, and Planning Trips
Paperback      ISBN: 1599215098
Knack Kayaking for Everyone is aimed at both beginners and casual paddlers, covers both sea kayaking and whitewater kayaking. There are no good, public statistics on the crossover among practitioners of sea kayaking and whitewater kayaking. Modern recreational kayaks, however, are useful on still water and in relatively slow streams (Class 2 and maybe low-flow Class 3), they’re relatively inexpensive, and a lot of paddlers these days start in them and use them in a variety of water types. Thus there is a lot of crossover among beginners and casual paddlers.
A Falcon Guide Paddling Minnesota: A Guide to the Area's Greatest Paddling Adventures
A Falcon Guide Paddling Minnesota
A Guide to the Area's Greatest Paddling Adventures
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1493025120
A comprehensive guide to paddling destinations in Minnesota. Features more than 100 river and lake trips, with access points, difficulty ratings, and information on history, the environment, points of special interest, and fishing opportunities.
Falcon Guide Paddling Montana: A Guide to the State's Best Rivers
Falcon Guide Paddling Montana
A Guide to the State's Best Rivers
3rd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1493005995
Fully updated and revised with over thirty rivers, this new full-color edition provides information on access points, distances, river difficulties and hazards, maps with distance mileages, GPS coordinates, and phone numbers for obtaining up-to-the-minute floating conditions. The text contains anecdotes and sidebars about indigenous history, Lewis and Clark routes, avoiding crowds, and rules for traveling waterways.
Falcon Guides Paddling the Ozarks: A Guide to the Area's Greatest Paddling Adventures
Falcon Guides Paddling the Ozarks
A Guide to the Area's Greatest Paddling Adventures
Paperback      ISBN: 1493025422
This guide details 40 of the very best paddles throughout the Ozarks. Spanning Oklahoma, Illinois, Arkansas, and Missouri, the guide provides routes for every type of paddler. - User-friendly format with informative maps throughout - Informative at-a-glance paddle specs for every trail - Authors are seasoned outdoor enthusiasts - GPS coordinates for every put-in/takeout
Field Guide to Oregon Rivers
Field Guide to Oregon Rivers
Paperback      ISBN: 0870716271
Palmer offers a comprehensive and up-to-date guide covering 120 notable rivers and streams of Oregon. The book begins with a river history lesson, educating the reader about the geology, ecology, and flora and fauna of the rivers. The text then offers a comprehensive list of fifty common river and riparian plants and animals. Organization is by area such as coastal, Umpqua, Rogue, and the Columbia and its gorge. Each river entry offers its length, watershed and average flow, and discusses hiking, fishing, and rafting options. Entries also include a lovely photograph of each river. An appendix provides fun lists such as, Best River Running, Best Bicycling Along Rivers, and Long Dam-Free Reaches of Rivers. Numerous maps are included. Annotation ©2015 Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR (
Fifty Places to Paddle Before You Die: Kayaking and Rafting Experts Share the World's Greatest Destinations
Fifty Places to Paddle Before You Die
Kayaking and Rafting Experts Share the World's Greatest Destinations
Hardcover      ISBN: 1617691259
In Fifty Places to Paddle Before You Die, the newest addition to the Fifty Places series, Chris Santella explores the best destinations for the diverse sport of paddling. The book features the world’s top spots for kayaking, rafting, canoeing, and stand-up paddleboarding. Destinations include the Grand Canyon, Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, Baja California, Indonesia’s Komodo Islands, and the Antarctic Peninsula, as recommended by paddling experts. Compelling travelogues are complemented by beautiful and vibrant photographs of the locations and travel tips to help readers experience the destinations for themselves.
Flint River User's Guide
Flint River User's Guide
Paperback      ISBN: 0820350524
The Flint River is arguably Georgia’s most beautiful river, and in terms of the terrain through which it flows on its 344-mile journey, there is not another Georgia river that exposes the river traveler to more diverse vistas. From the bottomland swamps in its headwaters, through soaring views of Pine Mountain and rapids in the Piedmont, to breathtakingly clear springs in the Coastal Plain, the Flint is filled with surprises at virtually every bend. The Flint River User’s Guide, the fourth in a series of Georgia River Network recreational guidebooks, is a portal to adventure on this spectacular river. The book brings to life the river’s cultural and natural heritage while providing all the details needed to get out on the river and enjoy it via canoe, kayak, paddleboard, or motorized vessel. Whether in your canoe, on the river, or on your couch at home, the Flint River User’s Guide will immerse you in the story of the river, which also happens to be the story of those communities along its course—from the headwaters in the suburbs of metro Atlanta to the backwaters of Lake Seminole near the Florida state line. Features: An introduction and overview of the river Chapters describing each river section with detailed maps and notes on river access and points of interest A compact natural history guide featuring species of interest found along Georgia’s rivers Notes on safety and boating etiquette A fishing primer Notes on organizations working to protect the river Printed on waterproof paper
The Hockey Coaching Bible
The Hockey Coaching Bible
Paperback      ISBN: 0736062017
The Hockey Coaching Bible presents drills for developing players at each position and strategies for in-game situations, including offensive, defensive, and neutral zone play and power plays and penalty kills. Other topics include building a program from the ground up and furthering your professional development as a coach.