Canoeing and Kayaking
Canoe Paddles: A Complete Guide to Making Your Own
Canoe Paddles
A Complete Guide to Making Your Own
Paperback      ISBN: 1552095258
Canoeists are increasingly discovering the deep satisfaction in creating their own equipment rather than adapting to the generic standards of boats and paddles available through retailers. Indeed, interest in making paddles and canoes is at an all-time high with recreational boaters. For the how-to beginner, a paddle represents the perfect challenge, both finite and functional. For the skilled woodworker, the opportunity to experiment with design and technique and thereby create a tailor-made product that perfectly suits a paddler's needs is a dream come true. In Canoe Paddles: A Complete Guide to Making Your Own, longtime canoeist and woodworker Graham Warren presents detailed blueprints for making paddles that you will cherish and use with confidence. From his insightful look at the way a paddle works when it meets the water through the selection of the best woods, adhesives and tools, Warren takes the reader on a veritable paddlemaking odyssey. You will learn how to make a paddle with a single blade, a bent shaft or double blades; how best to protect a paddle with oil or varnish; what to look for when test-driving your paddle; how to decorate it; and how to care for and repair it. Warren also includes an appreciation of the evolution of the paddle, and a special chapter by renowned canoe-building teacher David Gidmark celebrates paddlemaking in the native tradition. Canoe Paddles is thoroughly illustrated with photographs and drawings.
Canoe Rig: The Essence and the Art : Sailpower for Antique and Traditional Canoes
Canoe Rig
The Essence and the Art : Sailpower for Antique and Traditional Canoes
Hardcover      ISBN: 0937822574

Canoeing: Outdoor Adventures
Outdoor Adventures
Paperback      ISBN: 0736067159
Presents a general guide to canoeing, including information on preparing for canoeing, selecting equipment, safety, and fitness suggestions, as well as instruction on proper paddling technique and canoe etiquette.
Canoeing & Kayaking Kentucky
Canoeing & Kayaking Kentucky
Paperback      ISBN: 1634040503
Bob Sehlinger and Johnny Molloy’s classic Canoeing & Kayaking Kentucky has been updated yet again. Covering the Bluegrass State from the Appalachians in the east of the Mississippi River in the west, paddling has never been better in Kentucky. Combining the latest technology with good old-fashioned paddling trips, the updated 6th edition Canoeing and Kayaking Guide to Kentucky makes your paddling adventures even easier to execute with completely revised and improved maps, access points, river gauges and mileages. Sehlinger and Molloy have combined thousands of miles of paddling throughout North America in addition to Kentucky. They have also penned additional paddling guides to several other Southern states. This combined experience has been used to make Canoeing & Kayaking Kentucky its finest and most useful for paddlers of all types. GPS coordinates have been added to every put-in and takeout in the book, making reaching your favorite waterway a snap.
Canoeing And Kayaking Utah: A Complete Guide to Paddling Utah's Lakes, Reservoirs and Rivers
Canoeing And Kayaking Utah
A Complete Guide to Paddling Utah's Lakes, Reservoirs and Rivers
Paperback      ISBN: 0881507032
A visitor's guide for flatwater enthusiasts shares a wealth of tips, gear lists, and historical information for Utah's most popular and lesser-known destinations, providing coverage of a range of ventures from easy day trips to more challenging expeditions. Original.

Canoeing and Kayaking Wisconsin: The Rivers, the Towns, the Taverns
Canoeing and Kayaking Wisconsin
The Rivers, the Towns, the Taverns
Paperback      ISBN: 1933926287
Detailed information about twenty rivers throughout Wisconsin to canoe and kayak. Lists of canoe liveries, camp grounds, river maps are included as well as a glimpse of town histories, and local pubs.
Canoeing Maine's Legendary Allagash: Thoreau, Romance and Survival of the Wild
Canoeing Maine's Legendary Allagash
Thoreau, Romance and Survival of the Wild
Paperback      ISBN: 1938846338
Meet Henry David Thoreau, U.S. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, and other intrepid explorers as you travel northern Maine’s rugged woods and waters. In a wild country of ledge and trees that stubbornly resists encroaching civilization, find a young couple padding through the trials, triumphs, and sheer mental and physical exhaustion of wilderness travel severely testing their ability to get along and even complete the trip. Fill your ears with roaring rapids and yodeling loons. Smell pungent spruce and dank swamps. Encounter moose and majestic sunrises cloaked in morning mist. A few pages, and you will find yourself deep in the evergreen forest.
Canoeing Michigan Rivers: A Comprehensive Guide to 45 Rivers
Canoeing Michigan Rivers
A Comprehensive Guide to 45 Rivers
Paperback      ISBN: 1933272333
Offers detailed descriptions of fifteen hundred miles of canoeing water on forty-five rivers in Michigan, including maps showing access sites, campgrounds, put ins and take outs, roads, and bridges.
Canoeing Wild Rivers: The 30th Anniversary Guide to Expedition Canoeing in North America
Canoeing Wild Rivers
The 30th Anniversary Guide to Expedition Canoeing in North America
Paperback      ISBN: 1493008250
The 30th Anniversary Edition of the classic Expedition Canoeinghas long been considered the premier guide to canoeing and exploring North America's waterways. This thirtieth-anniversary edition expertly details everything you need to know about paddling the continent's wild rivers.
Canoes: A Natural History in North America
A Natural History in North America
Hardcover      ISBN: 0816681171
Ancient records of canoes are found from the Pacific Northwest to the coast of Maine, in Minnesota and Mexico, in the Southeast and across the Caribbean. And if a native of those distant times might encounter a canoe of our day—whether birch bark or dugout or a modern marvel made of carbon fiber—its silhouette would be instantly recognizable. This is the story of that singular American artifact, so little changed over time—of canoes, old and new, the people who made them, and the labors and adventures they shared. With features of technology, industry, art, and survival, the story of the canoe carries us deep into the natural and cultural history of North America. In a foreword by Pulitzer Prize winner John McPhee, we dip into the experience of canoeing, from the thrilling challenges of boyhood to the moving reflections of old age. In the pages that follow, filled with historical photographs and artwork as well as modern color illustrations, authors Neuzil and Sims follow the dugout and birch bark craft from their first known appearance through the exploration of Canada by fur traders, to the recreational and romantic movements that promoted all-wood and wood-and-canvas canoes. Modern materials such as aluminum, fiberglass, and plastic expanded participation and connected canoeists with emerging environmental movements. Finally, Canoes lets us hear the voices of past paddlers like Alexander Mackenzie, the first European to cross North America, using birch bark and dugout canoes a decade before Lewis and Clark went overland; as well as Henry Thoreau, Eric Sevareid, Edwin Tappan Adney, and others. Their stories are a tribute to the First Peoples who, 500 or 1000 or even 5000 years ago, built a craft designed to such perfection that it has plied the waters unchanged from their day to our own.