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Mastering Dojo: Javascript and Ajax Tools for Great Web Experiences
Mastering Dojo
Javascript and Ajax Tools for Great Web Experiences
Paperback      ISBN: 1934356115
Provides information and code samples to develop Ajax applications using Dojo.
Communicating Design: Developing Web Site Documentation for Design And Planning
Communicating Design
Developing Web Site Documentation for Design And Planning
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0321392353
It's up to the designer to not only do it right but also to let the client see what's being done, and to capture ideas, track progress, and make sure everyone is singing from the same page. Consultant Brown describes the ten basic deliverables as belonging to three basic types, thereby making it much easier to sort out who gets what and when. He works in layers with user needs documents (personas, usability test plans and usability reports), strategy documents (competitive analyses, concept models, and content inventory) and finally with design documents (site maps, flow charts, wire frames and screen designs) on top. The logic of Brown's ideas works well at a practical as well as theoretical basis, because he shows why user needs and strategy documents come first, before planners start playing with all the cool software. Annotation ©2006 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (
Elements of Programming Interviews in Java: The Insiders' Guide
Elements of Programming Interviews in Java
The Insiders' Guide
Paperback      ISBN: 1517671272
This is a larger-format version of Elements of Programming Interviews in Java. Specifically, the font size is larger, and the page size is 7"x10" (the regular format uses 6"x9"). The content is identical. This is the Java version of our book. See our website for links to the C++ version.Have you ever... - Wanted to work at an exciting futuristic company? - Struggled with an interview problem thatcould have been solved in 15 minutes? - Wished you could study real-world computing problems? If so, you need to read Elements of Programming Interviews (EPI). EPI is your comprehensive guide to interviewing for software development roles. The core of EPI is a collection of over 250 problems with detailed solutions. The problems are representative of interview questions asked at leading software companies. The problems are illustrated with 200 figures, 300 tested programs, and 150 additional variants. The book begins with a summary of the nontechnical aspects of interviewing, such as strategies for a great interview, common mistakes, perspectives from the other side of the table, tips on negotiating the best offer, and a guide to the best ways to use EPI. We also provide a summary of data structures, algorithms, and problem solving patterns. Coding problems are presented through a series of chapters on basic and advanced data structures, searching, sorting, algorithm design principles, and concurrency. Each chapter stars with a brief introduction, a case study, top tips, and a review of the most important library methods. This is followed by a broad and thought-provoking set of problems. A practical, fun approach to computer science fundamentals, as seen through the lens of common programming interview questions. Jeff Atwood/Co-founder, Stack Overflow and Discourse
iPhone and iPad App 24-Hour Trainer
iPhone and iPad App 24-Hour Trainer
Paperback      ISBN: 1118130812
An all-in-one tutorial for planning, developing, and launching iPhone and iPad apps The number of applications in the Apple app store is growing at a staggering rate. Want to get in the game, but don't know iOS? This book-and-DVD package will help! With even little or no prior programming experience, you can learn the code necessary to build an app by following the how-to instructions in this book-and-video combo. Comprised of clear, no-nonsense lessons, the book walks you through each tutorial and then encourages you to work through simple exercises so that you can immediately apply what you just learned. These lessons are backed by video demonstrations on the accompanying DVD to further illustrate the instruction and drive home the main points. In addition, the book's appendices contain helpful information such as obtaining a device UDID, testing, and distributing an app and also lists common reasons why applications are rejected, so you can prepare to take precautionary measures to avoid these instances. - Introduces iOS and helps you set up a development environment - Highlights the basics of object-oriented programming principles as well as key objective-C concepts - Examines Cocoa touch and the Cocoa touch framework, including using various classes in the UIKit and Foundation frameworks - Looks at advanced concepts such as tab bars, web views, the Accelerometer, Google maps, Core Location, and more With this book-and-video package, you'll learn how to plan, create, and launch apps for the iPhone and iPad that are ready for submission to the App Store!
Open Source Development With Cvs
Open Source Development With Cvs
Paperback      ISBN: 1932111816
The first edition was one of the first books available on development and implementation of open source software using CVS. The second edition explains how CVS affects the architecture and design of applications and covers strategies, third-party tools, scalability, client access limits, and overall server administration for CVS.
Confident Web Design: Master the Fundamentals of Website Creation and Supercharge Your Career
Confident Web Design
Master the Fundamentals of Website Creation and Supercharge Your Career
Paperback      ISBN: 0749481005
A beginners guide to web design provides essential instructions and information for creating and publishing a basic website from scratch, including helpful examples, technical term glossaries, and tables and images to support learning.
Eloquent Javascript: A Modern Introduction to Programming
Eloquent Javascript
A Modern Introduction to Programming
3rd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1593279507
Provides updated information and examples on writing JavaScript code, covering such topics as class notation, arrow functions, iterators, async functions, template strings, and block scope.
Fundamentals of Python: First Programs
Fundamentals of Python
First Programs
Paperback      ISBN: 1111822700
In FUNDAMENTALS OF PYTHON: FIRST PROGRAMS, respected author Kenneth A. Lambert presents all of the important topics for a CS1 course while preparing the reader to study additional languages. The book uses the Python programming language, which is both easy to learn for beginners and scales well to advanced applications. Lambert's back-to-basics approach will be engaging for the reader bringing relevance of the concepts and applications from the text to the real world.
Eloquent Javascript: A Modern Introduction to Programming
Eloquent Javascript
A Modern Introduction to Programming
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1593275846
Provides information and examples on writing JavaScript code, covering such topics as syntax, control, data, regular expressions, modules, scripting, and object-oriented and functional programming techniques.
iPad Application Development for Dummies
iPad Application Development for Dummies
3rd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1118213920
The fun and easy guide to creating iPad apps, updated for iOS 5 iPad app development is hot, with more than 90,000 apps available specifically for the device. The introduction of iOS 5 and iCloud further revolutionized the iPad and enlarged the app market even more. This fast and friendly guide to iPad app development is fully updated for the most recent upgrades and covers everything you need to know, starting with how to download the SDK and become an Apple developer. Expert developer Neal Goldstein explains nib files, views, view controllers, gesture recognizers, what makes a great iPad app, and more. - iPad development is not the same as developing for the iPhone; this book focuses exclusively on developing apps for the iPad - iOS 5 and iCloud brought many changes to the device, opening more opportunities for app development - The book covers how to become a registered Apple developer, how to download and set up the SDK, and the details of how an iPad app runs - Popular developer Neal Goldstein examines what goes into a great user experience and takes you step by step through the actual development of two apps, illustrating everything you need to know Whether you're looking for a new hobby or you want to build a business in app development, iPad Application Development For Dummies, 3rd Edition will make it easier!