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Beg the Question
Beg the Question
Hardcover      ISBN: 1560975024
Rob Hoffman and Sylvia Fanucci, lovers living in New York City, lead somewhat complicated lives as they deal with the perils of apartment hunting, accidental pregnancy, the talk of marriage, and dead-end jobs.

Understanding Comics
Understanding Comics
Paperback      ISBN: 006097625x
Traces the 3,000 year history of storytelling through pictures, discussing the language and images used
Strangehaven: Brotherhood
Paperback      ISBN: 0946790051
Alex Hunter tries to make sense of being trapped in England's weirdest village, the ghost of the beautiful woman who haunts his dreams, and why the villagers celebrate Christmas in mid-summer. The Amazonian Shaman, Megaron, reveals his tribe's deadly cycle of vengeance; and the village's resident extraterrestrial, Adam, explains away the UFO phenomenon, while behind the scenes a clandestine brotherhood pulls the strings. A complex and intriguing journey through romance, mystery, and the supernatural with a twist of bizarre humor, beautifully illustrated with pencil, pen & ink, painted watercolor, and manipulated photographs. Introduction by Heart of Empire creator Bryan Talbot. New, full-color painted cover by Millidge.
Berlin: City of Stones - Book 1
City of Stones - Book 1
Paperback      ISBN: 1896597297
Set in the twilight years of Germany's Weimar Republic, this graphic novel embodies the hopes and struggles of journalist Kurt Severing, art student Marthe Mèuller, and other inhabitants of Berlin as their future is darkened by a growing shadow.
Wonder Woman Archives 1
Wonder Woman Archives 1
Hardcover      ISBN: 1563894025
Collects comic books following the development of Wonder Woman's powers and philosophy as she battles villains including Dr. Psycho and the Cheetah.
Preacher 8: All Hell's A-Coming
Preacher 8
All Hell's A-Coming
Paperback      ISBN: 1563896176
Jesse Custer is on the trail of his gun-toting girlfriend, Tulip, who believes that he's dead. And when Jesse finally catches up with Tulip, she tells him the truth about his supposed friend, Cassidy, leading up to a brutal confrontation between Custer and Cassidy.
100 Bullets 1: First Shot, Last Call
100 Bullets 1
First Shot, Last Call
Paperback      ISBN: 1563896451
Presents the stories of several people who were seriously hurt before being approached by Agent Graves, who offered each a gun, one hundred untraceable bullets, and a convincing story about whomever betrayed them.
Red Rackham's Treasure
Red Rackham's Treasure
by Herge
Paperback      ISBN: 0316358347
The fearless boy reporter explores for sunken pirate treasure with his friend Captain Haddock.
The Dark Knight Archives
The Dark Knight Archives
Hardcover      ISBN: 1563891832
Maus a Survivors Tale: And Here My Troubles Begin
Maus a Survivors Tale
And Here My Troubles Begin
Paperback      ISBN: 0679729771
A narrative sequel to Maus captures the experience of the Holocaust as it chronicles the continuing story of Vladek, who survives Auschwitz, is reuited with his beloved Anja, and sires young Art. Reprint. 100,000 first printing. $100,000 ad/promo.