Skiing and Winter Sports
Classic Colorado Ski Descents
Classic Colorado Ski Descents
Paperback      ISBN: 1937052389
The Code: The Unwritten Rules Of Fighting And Retaliation In The Nhl
The Code
The Unwritten Rules Of Fighting And Retaliation In The Nhl
Hardcover      ISBN: 1572437561
For decades, hockey crowds have been brought to their feet for one of the most exciting aspects of NHL games—the fights. The Code: The Unwritten Rules of Fighting and Retaliation in the NHL by Ross Bernsteintakes you in-depth and behind the scenes to explore the history of fighting during hockey games and the honor system behind it. More than 50 NHL players, coaches, and media personalities were interviewed to examine how players go about their business during a fight on the ice. They explain why fighting is allowed and what tactics are used before, during, and after the melees. The Code: The Unwritten Rules of Fighting and Retaliation in the NHL discusses the top reasons why the gloves come off during hockey games.

Complete Conditioning for Hockey
Complete Conditioning for Hockey
Paperback      ISBN: 0736060340
Increase strength to carry the puck through traffic. Pack more power when checking an opponent. Improve quickness and agility and create angles for higher-percentage shots. Complete Conditioning for Hockey shows you how to achieve all of these performance goals and more! Hockey players are bigger, faster, and stronger than ever before. This special book and DVD package features a comprehensive training approach that will build players' physical abilities as well as the hockey-specific skills required for skating, puck handling, passing, shooting, and body checking. The book contains assessment tests for determining a player's fitness status along with specific programs designed to improve balance, quickness, agility, speed, and strength. The DVD puts the training into action, demonstrating key tests, exercises, and drills from the book. With specific guidelines for seasonal workouts, Complete Conditioning for Hockey provides a multidimensional training approach that will show you how to get the most from your time in the gym and on the ice.
The Complete Guide to Cross-Country Ski Preparation
The Complete Guide to Cross-Country Ski Preparation
Paperback      ISBN: 0898866006
Tells how to select the right skis and discusses the basic mechanics of skis and wax and the factors that can affect a ski's speed
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Skiing
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Skiing
Paperback      ISBN: 002861965x
Provides an introduction to skiing with information on equipment, clothing, ski vacations, special events, safety, and injuries
Conditioning for Figure Skating: Off-Ice Techniques for On-Ice Performance
Conditioning for Figure Skating
Off-Ice Techniques for On-Ice Performance
Paperback      ISBN: 157028220x
To be the best on the rink, skaters must spend endless hours strengthening and conditioning their bodies off the ice to build strength for the rigors of their performances. Illustrative and technical, yet user-friendly, Conditioning for Figure Skating provides detailed coverage of the physical preparation necessary for Preliminary through Senior-Elite skaters while concentrating on all disciplines of figure skating, including singles, pairs, and ice dance. More than 300 photos illustrate proper warm-up drills, flexibility stretches, cooldown routines, strength training exercises, jump and plyometric training programs, and endurance conditioning exercises for on-ice injury prevention. A periodization plan also helps skaters maximize their training potential.
Cross-Country Skiing: Building Skills for Fun and Fitness
Cross-Country Skiing
Building Skills for Fun and Fitness
Paperback      ISBN: 0898868629
Curl to Win: Expert Advice to Improve Your Game
Curl to Win
Expert Advice to Improve Your Game
Hardcover      ISBN: 006202664x
The essential guide for all curlers - from novice to elite. Whether you’re stepping into the hack for the first time, looking to improve your delivery or better understand strategy, Curl to Win will help take your game to the next level. Renowned for his ability to blend the mental and physical aspects of curling as well as his innovative and effective strategies, Russ Howard has written a practical handbook that no curler should be without. Olympic gold-medallist and Russ Howard has won a record 107 Brier wins, multiple World Championships, and helped invent the Free Guard Zone that has been adopted worldwide Canada’s “curler of century”, Russ coaches curling teams around the world.
Curling: Steps to Success
Steps to Success
Paperback      ISBN: 1492515779
Build a rock-solid set of foundational skills and knowledge and improve performance with Curling: Steps to Success. Internationally renowned coach Sean Turriff brings his extensive experience and expertise to Curling: Steps to Success, providing players and coaches with a practical, step-by-step format that develops and improves curlers
Dogs of the Iditarod
Dogs of the Iditarod
Paperback      ISBN: 1570612927
Dogs of the Iditarod showcases the athleticism of Alaska’s sled dogs, animals capable of maintaining speeds of 12 miles per hour over the 1,100-mile Iditarod trail. The 75 memorable images from renowned photographer Jeff Schultz highlight a number of champion lead dogs and capture the beloved creatures at work, at rest, and at play.