Skiing and Winter Sports
Old Time Hockey: Memories & Musings of a Lifetime on Ice
Old Time Hockey
Memories & Musings of a Lifetime on Ice
Paperback      ISBN: 0978780914
Read this hilarious and touching biography about legendary coach and announcer Glen Sonmor. He dishes about everything from his playing days to coaching. Sonmor talks candidly about his career-ending eye injury, how he overcame alcoholism and more.
Ollie's Ski Trip
Ollie's Ski Trip
Hardcover      ISBN: 0863150918
Ollie was delighted to get skis for his birthday but had to wait for Mrs. Thaw to leave before he could enjoy winter fun
A Passion to Win
A Passion to Win
Hardcover      ISBN: 1600783686
The most recognized name in Minnesota hockey discusses his 635-game professional career, shares amusing anecdotes about his 45-year role as the announcer at the Minnesota State High School League's tournament and details his relationships with hockey greats Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr and Wayne Gretzsky.
Play Better Hockey: 50 Essential Skills for Player Development
Play Better Hockey
50 Essential Skills for Player Development
Paperback      ISBN: 1554076382
Ron Davidson's 50 fundamental hockey skills and tactics will empower players to excel individually at this team game. At last! A book that focuses on the development of individual hockey skills and promotes a mastery of body positioning, skating and stick work. Learning these skills gives players a strong fundamental understanding of how to move effectively on the ice in any gameplay situation. The skills are organized in four sections: Fundamentals, Skating Techniques, Stick Work, and Dekeing and Deception. As the reader progresses through a chapter, the level of difficulty of each skill increases, ultimately covering every fundamental move and technique needed for an outstanding and total comprehension of the play. Davidson's progressive-learning approach teaches beginners the proper techniques, hones the skills of intermediate-level players and challenges elite players with the additional skills they need. Among the 50 critical skills presented in this eye-opening collection are: - Forward stride - Backward crossunder - Drive and delay - Heel-to-heel turns - Tight turns - Extending your reach - Receiving off-target shooting - The Forsberg deke - The Datsyuk deke
Powder: The Top 50 Ski Runs on the Planet
The Top 50 Ski Runs on the Planet
Hardcover      ISBN: 1623658381
Powder is the definitive guide to the world's top ski and snowboard locations. This comprehensive and visually stunning feast of snow-bound derring-do showcases the very best and most feared descents in the world. Along with classics like Chamonix, Whistler, and Jackson Hole, this book also covers more off-the-beaten-path and exotic locations like the Himalayas, the Atlas Mountains, and the Olympic destination of Socchi in Russia; places that not only stand out for the fantastic skiing, but for the extraordinary scenery found in such uniquely beautiful destinations. Whether you're a serious skier or a novice who's never put on skis in your life, this book will thrill and inspire. With stunning photography and all the information you could need to plan the perfect trip, Powder is the ultimate bucket list for any snow sports enthusiast, challenging beginners and experts alike to take on the most breathtaking runs the world has to offer. North America McConkey's (Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe, California) Gunbarrel (Heavenly, Lake Tahoe, California) Walsh's (Aspen, Colorado) Grizzly (Snowbasin, Utah) Goat (Stowe, Vermont) Corbet's Couloir (Jackson Hole, Wyoming) I Gully, Whitehorm III (Lake Louise, Alberta) La Crete (Monte-Saint-Anne, Alberta) Couloir Extreme (Blackcomb Mountain/Whistler, British Columbia) North Bowl (RevelStoke Mountain Resort, British Columbia) Mount St Elis (Yukon & Alaska Border) Europe Edelgriess (Austria) Patscherkofel (Austria) Strief (Austria) Valluga (Austria) Wilde Grub'n (Austria) Aiguille Rouge (France) Bellecote (France) Face de Bellevarde (France) Pic du Midi (France) Sarenne (France) Vallee Blanche (France) Dammkar (Germany) Kandahah (Germany) Revelation (Greenland) Balma (Italy) Mount Etna (Italy) Olympic (Italy) Val Mesdi (Italy) Kanin to Sella Nevea (Italy/Slovenia) Lyngen Peninsula (Norway) World Championship Run (Poland) Olympic Downhill (Russia) Coire Dubh (Scotland) Luis Arias (Spain) Lindsrapped (Sweden) Back Side (Switzerland) Diavolezza Glacier (Switzerland) Inferno (Switzerland) Parsenn to Kublis (Switzerland) The Wall/Paradise (Switzerland) Klein Matterhorn (Switzerland/Italy) Itinerary 19 (Turkey) South America Eduardo's (Argentina) Roca Jack (Chile) Asia & Oceania Mary's Slide (Australia) Drang South-East Shoulder (India) Mizruno no Sawa (Japan) Fishtail Base Camp (Nepal) Montatapu Chutes (New Zealand)
Powder Ghost Towns: Epic Backcountry Runs in Colorado's Lost Ski Resorts
Powder Ghost Towns
Epic Backcountry Runs in Colorado's Lost Ski Resorts
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 089997466x
In its heyday, Colorado had more than 175 ski areas operating on the slopes of the Rocky Mountains, and while many of those resorts have shut down, their runs still shelter secret stashes of snow. Pristine slopes await backcountry powder hounds out to discover these chutes and steeps, bunny hills and bumps. Chronicling the history of more than 35 of these “lost resorts,
Prime Ski Racing: Triumph of the Racer's Mind
Prime Ski Racing
Triumph of the Racer's Mind
Paperback      ISBN: 0595139930
Puck Heaven: Minnesota State Boys' Hockey Tournament Trivia
Puck Heaven
Minnesota State Boys' Hockey Tournament Trivia
Paperback      ISBN: 1935666282
Think youíre a true hockey fan? Prove it! The author explores the world of Minnesota state high school hockey: its rivalries, comebacks, winning streaks and feats of individual athleticism. Get this book and find out how well you know your trivia.
The Rebel League: The Short And Unruly Side Of The World Hockey Association
The Rebel League
The Short And Unruly Side Of The World Hockey Association
Paperback      ISBN: 077108949x
The wildest seven years in the history of hockey The Rebel League celebrates the good, the bad, and the ugly of the fabled WHA. It is filled with hilarious anecdotes, behind the scenes dealing, and simply great hockey. It tells the story of Bobby Hull’s astonishing million-dollar signing, which helped launch the league, and how he lost his toupee in an on-ice scrap.It explains how a team of naked Birmingham Bulls ended up in an arena concourse spoiling for a brawl. How the Oilers had to smuggle fugitive forward Frankie “Seldom” Beaton out of their dressing room in an equipment bag. And how Mark Howe sometimes forgot not to yell “Dad!” when he called for his teammate father, Gordie, to pass. There’s the making of Slap Shot, that classic of modern cinema, and the making of the virtuoso line of Hull, Anders Hedberg, and Ulf Nilsson. It began as the moneymaking scheme of two California lawyers. They didn’t know much about hockey, but they sure knew how to shake things up. The upstart WHA introduced to the world 27 new hockey franchises, a trail of bounced cheques, fractious lawsuits, and folded teams. It introduced the crackpots, goons, and crazies that are so well remembered as the league’s bizarre legacy. But the hit-and-miss league was much more than a travelling circus of the weird and wonderful. It was the vanguard that drove hockey into the modern age. It ended the NHL’s monopoly, freed players from the reserve clause, ushered in the 18-year-old draft, moved the game into the Sun Belt, and put European players on the ice in numbers previously unimagined. The rebel league of the WHA gave shining stars their big-league debut and others their swan song, and provided high-octane fuel for some spectacular flameouts. By the end of its seven years, there were just six teams left standing, four of which – the Winnipeg Jets, Quebec Nordiques, Edmonton Oilers, and Hartford Whalers – would wind up in the expanded NHL. From the Hardcover edition.

The Red Kelly Story
The Red Kelly Story
Hardcover      ISBN: 1770413154
When Boston coach Lynn Patrick was asked who he’d pick between Rocket Richard or Gordie Howe, he answered, ?Neither! I’ll take Red Kelly! He is the best all-around performer in the league.