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Engines of Change: A History of the American Dream in Fifteen Cars
Engines of Change
A History of the American Dream in Fifteen Cars
Hardcover      ISBN: 1451640633
"Chronicles the history reflected by 15 iconic car models including the VW Beetle, the Mustang and Honda Accord to discuss how automobiles reflect key cultural shifts as well as developments in such areas as manufacturing, women's rights and environmental awareness. 50,000 first printing."
Building Guide for Basic Hot Rods: Affordable And Affunable
Building Guide for Basic Hot Rods
Affordable And Affunable
Paperback      ISBN: 1878772201
Le Roi Tex Smith. This book is a guide, intended solely to give you ideas for your own basic hot rod design, including a few interesting building scenarios. Recently rediscovered by rodders intent on regaining the roots of the hobby, these cars are known as retro-rods, rat rods, nostalgia rods . . . The description that has come to the fore within the ranks of experienced rodders today is to call these cars "Scrappers". As in cars that are made up of scrap parts from various vehicles. Contains photographs featuring hot rods from the annual Bonneville Salt Flats Speedweek event.
Autopsy Of An Engine: And Other Stories From The Cadillac Plant
Autopsy Of An Engine
And Other Stories From The Cadillac Plant
Paperback      ISBN: 1566891612
“Autopsy of an Engine is the most surprising love story I’ve read all year. The workers in the Cadillac factory who populate this book may not be related, but in the hands of the amazing Lolita Hernandez they become one moving multicultural family. Writing with tenderness and humor she gives voice to the piston crew and the timing chain women, the foremen and the chassis line. Some of these stories just break your heart. I stayed up all night reading and for weeks afterward Abbie, who brought a ghost factory back to life, haunted my dreams. This is a passionate cry from the factory floor, a story you can’t forget from a voice that has not been heard before.
Automobile Quarterly Vol 12 No 1
Automobile Quarterly Vol 12 No 1
by Missing
Hardcover      SKU: 1199085863
The Big Book of Farmall Tractors: The Complete Model-by-Model Encyclopedia...Plus Classic Toys, Brochures, and Collectibles
The Big Book of Farmall Tractors
The Complete Model-by-Model Encyclopedia...Plus Classic Toys, Brochures, and Collectibles
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0760336059
This is the ultimate book on International Harvester Farmall tractors, one of the most popular, revolutionary, and common of all tractors. It is the first book to feature every Farmall model, chronicling the background of McCormick-Deering and International Harvester and outlining the beginnings of IH's production of the treasured Farmall tractor from its inception in 1923 until the last model rolled off the assembly line in the mid-1970s. This comprehensive volume also includes descriptions and hundreds of color photographs of all models, complete with performance comparisons.
Country Driving: A Journey Through China from Farm to Factory
Country Driving
A Journey Through China from Farm to Factory
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0061804096
"Narrative account of how the development and diffusion of cars and roads have changed China"--Provided by publisher.

The Long Haul: A Trucker's Tales of Life on the Road
The Long Haul
A Trucker's Tales of Life on the Road
Paperback      ISBN: 039335587x
“There’s nothing semi about Finn Murphy’s trucking tales of The Long Haul.
Wheel & Deal
Wheel & Deal
Hardcover      ISBN: 1584235934
Come along for the ride as Wheel & Deal Carts on Wheels tours the broad range of mobile establishments roaming the worlds roads, parks, and greenways. Five chapters divide the traveling outfits based on how they are propelled, whether entirely human-powered, bicycle-driven, carried in cars, hauled by trucks, or ferried to and fro by public transportation. Projects featured include solar-powered ice cream carts, easily transportable folding homes for the homeless, the irreverent pedal-powered Popemobile, Chicago CTAs Art on Track public transportation turned art gallery, and San Franciscos much-loved Curry Up Now food truck. Readers will also find pop-up fashion shops, tiny self-contained offices, and an amazing variety of kitchens on wheels.
Tin Can Homestead: The Art of Airstream Living
Tin Can Homestead
The Art of Airstream Living
Hardcover      ISBN: 0762491442
DIY enthusiasts, tiny house-lovers, and van-lifers will find inspiration and step-by-step instructions in Tin Can Homestead, the ultimate resource for living small in your own Airstream paradise. The Airstream trailer is the ultimate symbol of vintage wanderlust-and the classic touring vehicle's resurgent popularity has dovetailed with the tiny house movement, resonating with design-minded individuals looking to live small. Tin Can Homestead, based on the popular Instagram of the same name, is the ultimate resource for these would-be DIY-ers, and the perfect coffee-table addition for anyone looking for streamlined, modern lifestyle inspiration. Part practical how-to, part lushly illustrated design inspiration, Tin Can Homestead follows the story of one couple as they build themselves a new life in an old Airstream. Through personal stories and down-and-dirty checklists, this book guides readers through all stages of creating their own Airstream homes-from buying a trailer to plumbing and electrical work. With a hip, bohemian aesthetic and a fresh authorial voice, the authors pair their DIY knowledge with lifestyle advice-including décor, design, and entertaining-and abundant illustrations, from in-process photographs to hand-drawn illustrations.
Wired for Success: Auto Electrical Made Easy
Wired for Success
Auto Electrical Made Easy
Paperback      ISBN: 0873414020