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Basketball's Greatest Stars
Basketball's Greatest Stars
4th Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0228100682
Profiles of the very best NBA players and a definitive history of the game. The spectacular success of the NBA is based on its stars, their performances and personalities, which excite fans game after game, championship after championship. Michael Grange has profiled 50 of the greatest and most electrifying players in the league's history in this newly updated edition of Basketball's Greatest Stars. They're all here: the score-at-will centers, the quick-dishing guards, the take-it-to-the-hoop power forwards and the three-point shooters. The book also features a chapter on future greats who are starting on the NBA hardwood now. Grange's insightful essays cover the leading men and defining moments that have shaped the sport, the international game, the rise of the three-point shot and the changing nature and importance of statistical analysis. As an added bonus there are profiles of all 30 NBA franchises -- the organizations that have orchestrated the league's rise to greatness. Some of the current NBA stars featured in this fourth edition are: - DeMarcus Cousins - Stephen Curry - Anthony Davis - Kevin Durant - Paul George - James Harden - Kyrie Irving - LeBron James - Kristaps Porzingis - Russell Westbrook Some of the NBA stars of yesteryear are: - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Charles Barkley - Larry Bird - Wilt Chamberlain - Walt Frazier - Magic Johnson - Michael Jordan - Karl Malone - Shaquille O'Neal - Bill Russell. Jam-packed with terrific photographs that celebrate each superstar and capture the excitement on the court, Basketball's Greatest Stars is a superb book for every fan.
When the Game Was Ours
When the Game Was Ours
Paperback      ISBN: 0547394586
Two NBA legends give the definitive account of their decades-long rivalry and friendship, transporting readers to an electric era of basketball and exploring Bird's struggles with chronic pain and Johnson's discovery that he had HIV, in a book that will be in high demand after the 2010 Lakers vs. Celtics NBA championship. Reprint. A best-selling book.
Basketball (and Other Things): A Collection of Questions Asked, Answered, Illustrated
Basketball (and Other Things)
A Collection of Questions Asked, Answered, Illustrated
Paperback      ISBN: 1419726471
The award-winning author of The Rap Year Book shares lighthearted coverage of a wide range of fan debates about basketball history, from Kobe Bryant's actual league dominance to what rules are not permitted in pickup games. Original. 100,000 first printing.
Complete Conditioning for Basketball
Complete Conditioning for Basketball
Paperback      ISBN: 0736057846
Complete Conditioning for Basketball presents the ultimate in training for the sport from the National Basketball Conditioning Coaches Association, the experts who work daily to maximize the performance potential of the game's top stars. Build your strength and power to be a beast on the boards. Improve your quickness and agility to be a defensive stopper. Increase your vertical jump to rise over defenders for uncontested shots. With over 200 exercises, drills, performance tests, and workouts, plus a 60-minute instructional DVD, Complete Conditioning for Basketball is the most comprehensive training resource for men and women at all levels of competition. Get the most out of your workouts and add new dimensions to your game. Complete Conditioning for Basketball will help you to fulfill your potential and make the most of every opportunity on the court.
When March Went Mad: The Game That Transformed Basketball
When March Went Mad
The Game That Transformed Basketball
Paperback      ISBN: 0805091513
Traces the pivotal ways in which the careers of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird positively influenced the NCAA and the NBA, chronicling the dramatic 1979 NCAA finals and the epic rivalry that rendered college basketball a multibillion-dollar event. Reprint. A best-selling book.
Driven from Within
Driven from Within
Hardcover      ISBN: 0743284003
The sports icon pays tribute to the mentors, teachers, and role models who shaped his life and career, sharing the intimate lessons he has learned about the power of collaboration and teamwork. 200,000 first printing.
Sacred Hoops: Spiritual Lessons of a Hardwood Warrior
Sacred Hoops
Spiritual Lessons of a Hardwood Warrior
Paperback      ISBN: 1401308813
L.A. Lakers coach Phil Jackson shares his experience of combining sports and spirituality to lead his team to success, explaining how to nurture a positive group dynamic and detailing the methods he uses to teach his players how to think collectively, overcome anger, and look beyond jealousy. Reissue.
Basketball Now!: The Stars and Stories of the NBA
Basketball Now!
The Stars and Stories of the NBA
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 177085925x
Ideal for every fan of the game. Riding the best-selling success of the first edition, Basketball Now! Second Edition presents the best players in the NBA today -- complete with a fresh crop of young stars whose swagger and game has seen them launch to league-wide stardom. From hyped rookies to bona fide superstars, this second edition is packed with 50 profiles and more than 130 action images. From Stephen Curry and LeBron James to Klay Thompson and DeMar DeRozan, here are just some of the stars lining the pages of this book: - LeBron James - Blake Griffin - Chris Paul - James Harden - Kyrie Irving - Anthony Davis - LaMarcus Aldridge - Russell Westbrook - Kristaps Porzingis - Paul George - Kyle Lowry - Kevin Love - Stephen Curry - And many more. Adam Elliott Segal also gives readers a tour of the NBA universe, including chapters on the NBA Draft, the Dunk Contest, and the best clutch performances and playoff performances in NBA history. This second edition of Basketball Now! is the only book in the market that focuses on the best NBA stars playing the game today.
Survival Guide for Coaching Youth Basketball
Survival Guide for Coaching Youth Basketball
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0736073833
The Last Shot: City Streets, Basketball Dreams
The Last Shot
City Streets, Basketball Dreams
Hardcover      ISBN: 0395597706
Dreaming of a college scholarship and escape from the neighborhood, the talented Abraham Lincoln High School Railsplitters see basketball as their only hope--but the realities of SATS, the NCAA, and college recruitment are tough to overcome