British and Irish Cooking
Afternoon Tea: Delicious Cakes, Pastries, Biscuits and Savouries for Every Day and Special Occasions
Afternoon Tea
Delicious Cakes, Pastries, Biscuits and Savouries for Every Day and Special Occasions
Paperback      ISBN: 0716023709
Contains a collection of delicious recipes for every kind of tea you could imagine, whether it is simple tea and biscuits, traditional afternoon tea, or a more substantial high tea for the children. This book features lots of ideas for special occasion teas such as children's parties and christenings.
Andy Bates: Modern Twists on Classic Dishes: Star of Street Feasts
Andy Bates
Modern Twists on Classic Dishes: Star of Street Feasts
Paperback      ISBN: 1908917709
The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy: The Revolutionary 1805 Classic
The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy
The Revolutionary 1805 Classic
Paperback      ISBN: 0486795764
Revised and republished many times since its 1747 debut, this was a bestselling cookbook in England and the United States for more than 100 years. Contains traditional recipes with straightforward directions.

At Elizabeth David's Table: Classic Recipes and Timeless Kitchen Wisdom
At Elizabeth David's Table
Classic Recipes and Timeless Kitchen Wisdom
Hardcover      ISBN: 0062049720
Published to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the publication of the author's first book, a new collection brings together the legendary cook's most inspiring recipes for soups and starters, meat, fish and desserts, as well as full-color photos, essays and advice and tips for successful bread making and creating more elaborate dishes. 25,000 first printing.

The British Table: A New Look at the Traditional Cooking of England, Scotland, and Wales
The British Table
A New Look at the Traditional Cooking of England, Scotland, and Wales
Hardcover      ISBN: 1419722239
The British Table: A New Look at the Traditional Cooking of England, Scotland, and Wales celebrates the best of British cuisine old and new. Drawing on a vast number of sources, both historical and modern, the book includes more than 150 recipes, from traditional regional specialties to modern gastropub reinventions of rustic fare. Dishes like fish pie, braised brisket with pickled walnuts, and a pastry shop full of simple, irresistible desserts have found their way onto modern British menus—delicious reminders of the depth and breadth of Britain’s culinary heritage. The book blends these tradition-based reinventions by some of the finest chefs in England, Scotland, and Wales with forgotten dishes of the past worthy of rediscovery.
Celtic Folklore Cooking
Celtic Folklore Cooking
Paperback      ISBN: 1567180442
Presents recipes for beverages, eggs, cheese, soups, vegetables, seafood, meats, and desserts, listing traditional holidays associated with the foods, and other folk beliefs and correspondences

The Cheese Cookbook
The Cheese Cookbook
Hardcover      ISBN: 1912050269
Gilli Davies utilizes the finest local Welsh cheeses to create a range of stunningly presented, fresh and traditional recipes, and provides a guide to the wide variety of specialist cheese makers currently operating in Wales. Beginning with a breakdown of more than 20 cheese producers, he then goes on to provide recipes for Caerphilly and Leek Pancake Dome; Olympic Welsh Cheddar Cheese Scones; Ewe's Cheese, Beetroot, Apple and Hazelnut Salad; and more. Includes metric measures with a conversion chart.
Chiltern Firehouse: The Cookbook
Chiltern Firehouse
The Cookbook
Hardcover      ISBN: 1607749920
Recipes from London’s popular New York-style brasserie restaurant in a former fire station in Marylebone include chef Nuno Mendes’ amazing creations, including crab doughnuts, monkfish cooked over pine and wood-grilled Iberico pork.
Cliff House Hotel: The Cookbook
Cliff House Hotel
The Cookbook
Hardcover      ISBN: 0547338279
The Cliff House Hotel in Ardmore, County Waterford, is one of Ireland's most renowned places for hospitality. Located overlooking the panorama of Ardmore Bay, The Cliff House is a place of pilgrimage for people from all over the world. They come for the superb views, the exceptional modern design of the building, the warmth of the welcome, and for the outstanding food. The Cliff House Hotel has rapidly established itself as one of the most exciting places to eat in Ireland. Chef Martijn Kajuiter draws on traditional skills, the finest local produce, and some high technology in order to produce menus of unique character. This book is a celebration of that.
The Complete Nose to Tail: A Kind of British Cooking
The Complete Nose to Tail
A Kind of British Cooking
Hardcover      ISBN: 0062282611
Celebrating the fusion of high sophistication with a strong tradition of rustic thriftiness, this adventurous cookbook, which advocates using everything that is possibly edible of fowl, beast and fish, presents a vast array of recipes that offer a unique and delicious eating experience.15,000 first printing.