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The New York Times Sunday Funday Crosswords: 75 Sunday Crossword Puzzles
The New York Times Sunday Funday Crosswords
75 Sunday Crossword Puzzles
Paperback      ISBN: 1250160987
75 New York Times Sunday crossword puzzles: everyone’s favorite! The New York Times Sunday crossword is the undisputed king of crossword puzzles. This collection features 75 of them, all edited by Puzzlemaster Will Shortz and sure to put the “fun
The United States of Puzzles: Word Games, Brainteasers, Trivia, and More!
The United States of Puzzles
Word Games, Brainteasers, Trivia, and More!
Paperback      ISBN: 1454933372
This collection of brainteasers is as big and diverse as the US itself! Inside, you’ll find all your favorites: word games (like a crisscross including all 50 states), logic puzzles, trivia, visual conundrums, state-flag connect-the-dots, a giant maze, and more! With something for everyone, this book makes a great gift for any patriotic puzzle lover, or the perfect entertainment for a coast-to-coast trip.
The New York Times Hardest Crosswords: 50 Friday and Saturday Puzzles to Challenge Your Brain
The New York Times Hardest Crosswords
50 Friday and Saturday Puzzles to Challenge Your Brain
Paperback      ISBN: 1250198232
The third in a new series featuring only the toughest crossword puzzles from The New York Times Are you up for the challenge? Many puzzle fans love the deviously difficult New York Times Friday and Saturday crosswords: They
Bananagrams: The Official Book
The Official Book
Paperback      ISBN: 0761156356
Game of the Year winner at the 2009 International Toy Fair, Bananagrams is the international phenomenon that started with a simple idea: "An anagram game that is so fast it will drive you bananas!" Doing for letters what Sudoku did for numbers, it's the obsessive new puzzle craze that starts with 144 letter tiles in a banana-shaped bag and captures all the fun of crosswords and word games like Scrabble and Boggle. Now comes Bananagrams! The Official Book, which translates the brain-twisting word fun of the game onto the page, and adds much, much more. Even if you've never dipped your hand into the Bananagrams pouch, the book stands on its own with hours of challenging play. Written by the only three-time National Scrabble Champion, Joe Edley, Bananagrams! offers sixteen clever puzzle types, including Banana Trees, where the object is to build word grids based on a theme; Banana Splits, a collection of four quick anagram puzzles to be solved in rapid-fire style; Banana Leaves, with its four-, five-, six- and seven-letter words; Banana Filling—what happens when you add a "K"?; and more. The puzzles have four levels of difficulty, from one banana to four bananas. Plus, there are glossaries; special strategies for Bananagrams: The Game; a list of "Weords"—weird words that are cool to play; two- and three-letter words to take your game to the next level; fun banana facts; and, of course, an answer key.
The Escape Book: Can You Escape This Book?
The Escape Book
Can You Escape This Book?
Paperback      ISBN: 1781317437
Candela Fuertes is 28 years old and works as an investigative journalist specializing in economic and financial crime. She is trapped in a labyrinth and has just 60 minutes to escape and reveal the secret plans of the businessman Castian Warnes and the Wanstein Club. Joins Candela in her trap where you must draw on all your ingenuity to solve puzzles, optical illusions, conundrums and anagrams to make progress, and finally escape both the labyrinth and the book. Do you have what it takes to solves the challenges, solve mysteries and clues to finish and escape from the book?
Geek Crosswords: From Aragorn to Zoidberg, More Than 50 Puzzles for Hours of Geeky Fun
Geek Crosswords
From Aragorn to Zoidberg, More Than 50 Puzzles for Hours of Geeky Fun
Paperback      ISBN: 144056079x
Put your brains to the test with these crossword puzzles! If you're a crossword enthusiast and think you know all there is to know about Star Wars, iPhones, and William Shatner, think again. Geek Crosswords features more than fifty challenging puzzles that focus on the biggest movies, celebrities, games, and technology in the geek community. Each crossword will keep you busy for hours as you test your knowledge on everything from Spielberg's films and web feed formats to famous astronauts and Google platforms. With more than fifty fun crosswords that are sure to try your skills, this puzzle collection will separate the n00bs from the real deal!
The World's Most Difficult Quiz: The King William's College General Knowledge Papers From 1981 to 2010
The World's Most Difficult Quiz
The King William's College General Knowledge Papers From 1981 to 2010
Paperback      ISBN: 1846316952
Which US president did Washington Irving once unflatteringly refer to as a “withered little apple-john?” What reduplicative word refers to a Siamese three-wheeled taxi? In which city is Charlemagne’s octagon? These and other fiendishly difficult questions have stumped pupils at King William’s College as part of its annual General Knowledge Papers for more than a century—along with Guardian readers, for whom the test has been reprinted in its entirety since 1951. Here, for the first time, is a compendium of the wonderfully obscure questions—and their often unexpected answers—that have appeared on the test over the past thirty years. Guaranteed to challenge even the most ardent trivia enthusiast, this exhaustive compilation is organized thematically and chronologically and includes a set of previously unpublished questions by current quizmaster Pat Cullen. For history hotshots, fountains of fact, and perennial powerhouses of pub trivia, The World’s Most Difficult Quiz lives every bit up to its superlative name, offering an addictive assortment of intriguing questions.
Webster's New World Crossword Puzzle Dictionary
Webster's New World Crossword Puzzle Dictionary
Paperback      ISBN: 1328710319
With over 300,000 clue and answer words, this comprehensive reference is a favorite of crossword puzzle solvers. A brand new jacket brings this title into our new Webster’s New World® line look.
Rest Easy Crosswords: 72 Relaxing Puzzles
Rest Easy Crosswords
72 Relaxing Puzzles
Paperback      ISBN: 1454919809
Rest easy—these puzzles won’t hurt your brain! When you want a gentle challenge to wind down after a hard day, this collection does the trick. Each of the 72 crosswords features a theme and is filled with common words, phrases, and names that even beginners can successfully figure out. With clues on the simple side, too, you can solve with confidence.
Random House Casual Crosswords
Random House Casual Crosswords
Paperback      ISBN: 0375723315
This brand-new collection of 50 easy-to-solve puzzles is seventh in the series. If you’re a puzzle novice or just looking for solver-friendly crosswords, these breezy puzzles are perfect. They feature: •Subtitles to help solvers figure out puzzles themes more easily •Helpful hints within the clues like 2 words, hyphenated, and abbr., and solve tips included with every puzzle •Optional “giveaway” answers are printed upside-down on a different page (to remove the temptation to peek)