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Everything Scrabble
Everything Scrabble
Paperback      ISBN: 0671866869
A guide for improving Scrabble skills discusses how to maximize scores with bonus squares, make more seven-letter plays, and increase scoring average using two-letter words, and includes a step-by-step guide to board strategy
Is That a Word?: From AA to ZZZ, the Weird and Wonderful Language of Scrabble
Is That a Word?
From AA to ZZZ, the Weird and Wonderful Language of Scrabble
Hardcover      ISBN: 1452108242
"Scrabbleª aficionados may know that both "Brr" and "Brrr" are legitimate plays, but what about everyday names like Peter, Carl, and Marge? They're not listed as proper nouns, but they are certainly playable. For lovers of Scrabbleª, Bananagramsª, and Words with Friendsª, this lively guide helps readers make the most out of word games, packed with new ways to remember the best words alongside tips for improving game play and much more. Part strategy guide and part celebration of all things wordy, this collection of facts, tips, and surprising lists of playable words will instruct and delight the letterati"--
Spock's Logic Puzzles: More Than 100 Riddles, Conundrums and Observations from Across the Galaxy
Spock's Logic Puzzles
More Than 100 Riddles, Conundrums and Observations from Across the Galaxy
Hardcover      ISBN: 1780975740
Spock is famed throughout the universe for his mental prowess and emotionally removed ability to think clearly and logically. This book gives you a chance to gather greater insight into his thought process.
Pocket Posh Easy Sudoku 5: 100 Puzzles
Pocket Posh Easy Sudoku 5
100 Puzzles
Paperback      ISBN: 1449450865
Offering 100 Sudoku puzzles specifically created to be simple and quick to solve, Pocket Posh Easy Sudoku 5 is perfect for puzzlers of all skill levels. This collection of 100 Sudoku puzzles created for fast and easy solving is perfect for the advanced puzzler wanting a swift puzzle to solve or a beginner looking to tackle a realistic challenge. With more than 5 million copies in print, the Pocket Posh puzzle series is a great way to exercise your mind--and look great while doing it! A free trial subscription to The Puzzle Society adds extra value.
Go Games! Trickledowns and Sticklinks
Go Games! Trickledowns and Sticklinks
Paperback      ISBN: 193614011x
Brain-busting, mind-bending, hair-tearing fun from one of America's top puzzle makers! Get two for one! With this combination of Trickledowns and StickLinks, puzzle fans will enjoy a double dose of entertainment. The rules for Trickledowns--the blockbuster puzzles that regularly appear in USA Weekend magazine--are simple. Each puzzle offers two words of the same length; the aim is to change one letter at a time until you've finally transformed the first into the last. StickLinks are word searches, with a big PLUS: they all include a famous quote within the grid. The goal is to draw straight lines from one letter to another until the quote is revealed--but each letter can be used only once. One try, and you'll see why these are the hottest puzzles with millions of solvers!
Food for Thought Crosswords
Food for Thought Crosswords
Paperback      ISBN: 1454916311
Hungry for great crosswords? Then feed your brain with these 72 tasty puzzles that feature food-related puns and themes. The menu offers options ranging from easy to more difficult, so there’s something for every solver to enjoy. Bon appétit!
Easy ESL Crossword Puzzles
Easy ESL Crossword Puzzles
Paperback      ISBN: 0071821341
Clue: The fun solution to building English Vocabulary Answer: Crossword puzzles! Studying English as a second language does not have to be boring! Easy ESL Crossword Puzzles gives you a deserved break from drill books and grammar primers. Offering plenty of ways to learn more than 3,000 English words, author Chris Gunn, founder of Lanternfish ESL, has created 110 themed crossword puzzles that will challenge and entertain you. Easy ESL Crossword Puzzles helps you - Use context to learn word meanings - Become familiar with collocations—two words that areoften used together—and standard English phrases and sayings - Understand word play such as rhyme, alliteration, and simile If you are a teacher looking to add some spark to your lessons or a student needing more practice, Easy ESL Crossword Puzzles is the perfect answer to making learning English an engaging experience!
Game On! 75 Crosswords
Game On! 75 Crosswords
Paperback      ISBN: 1441308075
Bananagrams: The Official Book
The Official Book
Paperback      ISBN: 0761156356
Game of the Year winner at the 2009 International Toy Fair, Bananagrams is the international phenomenon that started with a simple idea: "An anagram game that is so fast it will drive you bananas!" Doing for letters what Sudoku did for numbers, it's the obsessive new puzzle craze that starts with 144 letter tiles in a banana-shaped bag and captures all the fun of crosswords and word games like Scrabble and Boggle. Now comes Bananagrams! The Official Book, which translates the brain-twisting word fun of the game onto the page, and adds much, much more. Even if you've never dipped your hand into the Bananagrams pouch, the book stands on its own with hours of challenging play. Written by the only three-time National Scrabble Champion, Joe Edley, Bananagrams! offers sixteen clever puzzle types, including Banana Trees, where the object is to build word grids based on a theme; Banana Splits, a collection of four quick anagram puzzles to be solved in rapid-fire style; Banana Leaves, with its four-, five-, six- and seven-letter words; Banana Filling—what happens when you add a "K"?; and more. The puzzles have four levels of difficulty, from one banana to four bananas. Plus, there are glossaries; special strategies for Bananagrams: The Game; a list of "Weords"—weird words that are cool to play; two- and three-letter words to take your game to the next level; fun banana facts; and, of course, an answer key.
The New York Times Breakfast in Bed Crosswords: 75 Easy Puzzles
The New York Times Breakfast in Bed Crosswords
75 Easy Puzzles
Paperback      ISBN: 1250118999
Easy puzzles are the best! They offer the intellectual challenge, the vocabulary building, and the sheer fun of solving, but won