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100 Sweet Nothings for Baby
100 Sweet Nothings for Baby
Hardcover      ISBN: 1573243639
100 Sweet Nothings for Baby is a feel good book for babies and the big people who birthed them. This lovely little book is the perfect gift for new parents, or for a three -- (or sixmonth) birthday, or for christening or naming ceremonies. As Mina Parker writes in the introduction, "Every moment of your life has led you to this one -- holding a beautiful, sacred, burping little wonder called your baby. Whether this is your first time or your fifth, new parenthood delivers a sweet and exciting jolt of electricity into your life. So welcome to the sweet life of parenthood, and from my family to yours, here is a book to celebrate and support what you do best -- loving your baby in every way, from top to bottom." 100 Sweet Nothings for Baby is an outofthebox, notyourgardenvariety baby present. Wise quotes are sprinkled throughout. Consider Carl Sandberg's "A baby is God's opinion that life should go on." Along with little rhymes to read out loud and comfort both of you, "Trilling r's, rides in cars, every balm to soothe and calm." Along with little comments on the daily wonder of babies, "Cuddling close the one you adore and hearing the music of one baby snore."
20,001 Names for Baby
20,001 Names for Baby
Paperback      ISBN: 038078047x
Lists thousands of girls' and boys' names from Abarrane and Aaron to Zuleika and Zoltan, and describes the source, meanings, and variants of both popular and unusual names
201 Organic Baby Purees: The Freshest, Most Wholesome Food Your Baby Can Eat!
201 Organic Baby Purees
The Freshest, Most Wholesome Food Your Baby Can Eat!
Paperback      ISBN: 1440528993
Baby food should be made of the freshest, healthiest ingredients on the planet! Brimming with the biggest variety of purees sure to expand baby?s palate, 201 Organic Baby Purees teaches readers to blend, well-balanced meals right in their own home. As easy-to-prepare as they are nutritious, these recipes include: - Basic fruit and veggie blends from apricots to zucchini - Classic combinations such as turkey, sweet potato, and corn - Superfoods like avocado, blueberries, and spinach - Puree-based transition recipes including soups, biscuits, frozen deserts, and more! Free of pesticides, hormones, GMOs, and additives, these delicious purees promote strong immune systems and healthy growth?designed to protect tiny tummies!
25,000+ Baby Names
25,000+ Baby Names
Paperback      ISBN: 0684034506
A follow-up to the best-selling 15,000+ Baby Names incorporates ten thousand additional names into an accessible, pocket-sized volume that is complemented by such information as name origins, meanings, and famous namesakes. Original.

365 Days of Creative Play
365 Days of Creative Play
Paperback      ISBN: 1492648884
"Projects that you can do with your kids, and even better, activities they can do by themselves."-Family Circle "Now there is a solution to every day of the year."-Parenting This amazing resource of fun and thoughtful activities for kids ages two years and up will help encourage their creativity and learning through play. Using only safe, simple household supplies, 365 Days of Creative Play is great for parents, grandparents and childcare providers. Illustrated by children.
365 Games Smart Toddlers Play: Creative Time to Imagine, Grow And Learn
365 Games Smart Toddlers Play
Creative Time to Imagine, Grow And Learn
Paperback      ISBN: 1402205864
365 Games Smart Toddlers Play will help you make the best of the time you and your toddler share, every day of the year. Each day with your toddler brings new experiences for them and new opportunities for you to teach, share and grow closer to each other. Bestselling parenting author Sheila Ellison fills each page with fun, practical ways to create and enhance those special everyday moments. Perfect for: Parents Grandparents Child-care providers Baby-sitters Praise for the 365 series: "Parents struggling to discover new playtime ideas can finally relax. Now there is a solution to every day of the year." --Parenting Magazine "Imaginative ways to raise healthy, happy families." --Healthy Kids
7 Secrets of the Newborn: Secrets and (Happy) Surprises of the First Year
7 Secrets of the Newborn
Secrets and (Happy) Surprises of the First Year
Hardcover      ISBN: 125011442x
Babies are simple, keep it basic
The 90-Minute Baby Sleep Program: Follow Your Child's Natural Sleep Rhythms for Better Nights and Naps
The 90-Minute Baby Sleep Program
Follow Your Child's Natural Sleep Rhythms for Better Nights and Naps
Paperback      ISBN: 0761143114
Introduces a scientifically proven, effective approach to getting children the sleep they need, presenting the N.A.P.S. program that uses a child's natural sleep rhythms to enhance the quality of sleep at night and during naps, offering suggestions on how to implement it for babies at various ages, and discussing the health, intellectual, and emotional benefits of sleep.
97 Ways to Make a Baby Laugh
97 Ways to Make a Baby Laugh
Paperback      ISBN: 0761172351
Chortle. Giggle. Titter and guffaw. And smile, smile, smile. The happiest of books is back, in full, glorious, happy color. It's the perfect shower gift. Essential for grandparents. The most cheerful book in the parenting section. These 97 games, sight gags, parlor tricks, and practical jokes require no special talent, use just the simplest household items as props, and actually work. Babies will be entertained—and adult readers will rediscover the joy of surrendering to sheer silliness. Get baby giggling with the Exaggerated Sneeze “ah-ah-ah-ah-CHOO!
A is for Atticus: Baby Names from Great Books
A is for Atticus
Baby Names from Great Books
Paperback      ISBN: 1599950200
"A fresh collection of dynamic, modern, and meaningful literary names selected from great books."--Provided by the publisher