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Mortal Lessons: Notes on the Art of Surgery
Mortal Lessons
Notes on the Art of Surgery
Paperback      ISBN: 0156004003
A surgeon at the Yale Medical Center writes of the craft and practice of the operating room, blending narrative clinical material with dramatic and metaphoric tableaux of the human body
Birthing from Within: An Extra-Ordinary Guide to Childbirth Preparation
Birthing from Within
An Extra-Ordinary Guide to Childbirth Preparation
Paperback      ISBN: 0965987302
"Here is a holistic approach to childbirth that examines this profound rite-of-passage, not as a medical event, but as an act of self-discovery. Exercises and activities such as journal writing, meditation, and painting will help mothers analyze their thoughts and face their fears during pregnancy. For use during birth, the book offers proven techniques for coping with labor pain without drugs, a discussion of the doctor or midwife’s role, and a look at the father’s responsibilities. Childbirth education should also include what do expect after the baby is born. Here are baby basics, such as how to bathe a newborn, how to get the little one to sleep, and tips for getting nursing off to a good start. Pregnancy, birth, and postpartum is a process of continuous learning and adjustment; Birthing From Within provides the necessary support and education to make each phase of birthing a rewarding experience."
Acid and Alkaline
Acid and Alkaline
Paperback      ISBN: 091886044x
The Healing Energies of Music
The Healing Energies of Music
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0835607224
Certain types of music can enhance intellectual and spiritual powers and help overcome insomnia, boredom, anger, and stress. Music therapist and teacher Hal Lingerman presents a wealth of resources for choosing just the right music for physical, emotional and spiritual growth and healing. This updated edition offers comprehensive listings of current recordings, including new and remastered CDs, with selections from the classics, contemporary and ethnic compositions, and music composed by and for women. It includes expanded chapters on Women's Music, World Music, the Music of Nature, and Angelic Music.
The Hot Zone
The Hot Zone
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0385479565
Describes how a strain of lethal virus showed up in 1989 at a Virginia laboratory, and relates the efforts of a military biohazard SWAT team to identify and contain the virus
Why Weight?: A Workbook for Ending Compulsive Eating
Why Weight?
A Workbook for Ending Compulsive Eating
Paperback      ISBN: 0452262542
With the publication of her ground-breaking books, Feeding the Hungry Heart, and Breaking Free From Compulsive Eating, Geneen Roth has helped hundred of thousands of people win their battle against the destructive binge-diet cycle. Now this remarkable companion workbook shows compulsive eaters?in a constructive, non-judgmental way?how to stop using food as a substitute for handling difficult emotions or situations ? and how to enjoy eating and still lose weight naturally. By using the liberating exercises and techniques developed by Geneen Roth in her highly succesful Breaking Free® workshops, dieters, who've tried every conceivable diet?losing weight again and again, only to gain it back?and bingers, who are harming their health, can learn wholesome, beneficial ways to achieve their goals. This proven program offers reassuring guidlines on: - Letting food become a source of pleasure rather than anxiety - Kicking the scale-watching the habit?forever! - Recognizing the difference between physical and emotional hungers - Learning to say no - Listening to, and trusting, your body's hunger and fullness signals - Distinguishing "forbidden foods" from those you truly want - Uncovering the conflicts that stand between your desire to lose weight and your urge to eat compulsively - Discovering other pleasures besides food
The Power Behind Your Eyes: Improving Your Eyesight With Integrated Vision Therapy
The Power Behind Your Eyes
Improving Your Eyesight With Integrated Vision Therapy
Paperback      ISBN: 0892815361
Dr. Kaplan addresses eyesight problems from a holistic and psychospiritual perspective, empowering readers to begin a self-healing journey.
Phantoms in the Brain: Probing the Mysteries of the Human Mind
Phantoms in the Brain
Probing the Mysteries of the Human Mind
Paperback      ISBN: 0688172172
Explores the vast complexities of the human brain and how it works, drawing on real-life case studies of patients suffering from unusual neurological afflictions to explain what occurs in the brain
Healing Mantras: Using Sound Affirmations for Personal Power, Creativity, and Healing
Healing Mantras
Using Sound Affirmations for Personal Power, Creativity, and Healing
Paperback      ISBN: 0345431707
Emphasizes the transformative and healing powers of sound, in a guide that includes a host of mantras designed to help control bad habits, overcome fear, treat and cure specific health ailments, and promote inner peace. Original.
My Own Country: A Doctor's Story
My Own Country
A Doctor's Story
Paperback      ISBN: 0679752927
A young doctor in the Smoky Mountains of eastern Tennessee describes the town's first introduction to the AIDS virus, which preceded a disturbing epidemic and introduced the doctor to many unique people. Reprint. 40,000 first printing. Tour. NYT.