Asian-American Studies
Nisei Daughter
Nisei Daughter
Paperback      ISBN: 0295956887
Tells the story of a Japanese-American woman growing up in Seattle in the 1930s who was subjected to relocation during World War II
Nisei Daughter
Nisei Daughter
Paperback      ISBN: 0295993553
"With charm, humor, and deep understanding, Monica Sone tells what it was like to grow up Japanese American on Seattle's waterfront in the 1930s and to be subjected to "relocation" during World War II. Along with over one hundred thousand other persons of Japanese ancestry--most of whom were U.S. citizens--Sone and her family were uprooted from their home and imprisoned in a camp. Her unique and personal account is a true classic of Asian American literature; "Monica Sone's account of life in the relocation camps is both fair and unsparing. It is also deeply touching, and occasionally hilarious"--New York Herald Tribune; "The deepest impression that this unaffected, honest little story made on me was of smiling courage"--San Francisco Chronicle "--
Nisei Naysayer: The Memoir of Militant Japanese American Journalist Jimmie Omura
Nisei Naysayer
The Memoir of Militant Japanese American Journalist Jimmie Omura
Paperback      ISBN: 1503606112
Among the fiercest opponents of the mass incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II was journalist James "Jimmie" Matsumoto Omura. In his sharp-penned columns, Omura fearlessly called out leaders in the Nikkei community for what he saw as their complicity with the U.S. government's unjust and unconstitutional policies
Nisei Soldiers Break Their Silence: Coming Home to Hood River
Nisei Soldiers Break Their Silence
Coming Home to Hood River
Paperback      ISBN: 0295992093
Nisei Soldiers Break Their Silence is a compelling story of courage, community, endurance, and reparation. It shares the experiences of Japanese Americans (Nisei) who served in the U.S. Army during World War II, fighting on the front lines in Italy and France, serving as linguists in the South Pacific, and working as cooks and medics. The soldiers were from Hood River, Oregon, where their families were landowners and fruit growers. Town leaders, including veterans' groups, attempted to prevent their return after the war and stripped their names from the local war memorial. All of the soldiers were American citizens, but their parents were Japanese immigrants and had been imprisoned in camps as a consequence of Executive Order 9066. The racist homecoming that the Hood River Japanese American soldiers received was decried across the nation. Linda Tamura, who grew up in Hood River and whose father was a veteran of the war, conducted extensive oral histories with the veterans, their families, and members of the community. She had access to hundreds of recently uncovered letters and documents from private files of a local veterans' group that led the campaign against the Japanese American soldiers. This book also includes the little known story of local Nisei veterans who spent 40 years appealing their convictions for insubordination. Linda Tamura is professor of education at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. She is the author of The Hood River Issei: An Oral History of Japanese Settlers in Oregon's Hood River Valley. "An important book about significant wartime events, a group of heroic World War II veterans, and the anguished experience of a community coming to grips with its own social sins. It is a superb oral history, a compelling community history, and a cautionary story about what happens when a democracy goes to war." -William L. Lang, Portland State University "Nisei Soldiers Break Their Silence speaks to contemporary concerns about multiculturalism and diversity with an absorbing and powerful story that encompasses both U.S. military and civilian life and strategically links the past with the present in a manner that vivifies what William Faulkner meant when he said that 'the past is not dead, it is not even past.'" -Arthur A. Hansen, Professor Emeritus of History and Asian American Studies, California State University, Fullerton
Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea
Nothing to Envy
Ordinary Lives in North Korea
Hardcover      ISBN: 0385523904
An analysis of North Korea throughout the past 15 years as reflected by the lives of six everyday citizens traces their struggles for survival under totalitarian governance, including coverage of the death of Kim Il Sung, the rise of Kim Jong Il and the famine that has killed countless people.
On Gold Mountain: The One-hundred Year Odyssey of My Chinese-american Family
On Gold Mountain
The One-hundred Year Odyssey of My Chinese-american Family
Paperback      ISBN: 0307950395
In 1867, Lisa See's great-great-grandfather arrived in America, where he prescribed herbal remedies to immigrant laborers who were treated little better than slaves. His son Fong See later built a mercantile empire and married a Caucasian woman, in spite of laws prohibiting interracial marriage. Lisa herself grew up playing in her family's antiques store in Los Angeles's Chinatown, listening to stories of missionaries and prostitutes, movie stars and Chinese baseball teams. With these stories and her own years of research, Lisa See chronicles the one-hundred-year-odyssey of her Chinese-American family, a history that encompasses racism, romance, secret marriages, entrepreneurial genius, and much more, as two distinctly different cultures meet in a new world.
On Gold Mountain: The One-Hundred-Year Odyssey of My Chinese-American Family
On Gold Mountain
The One-Hundred-Year Odyssey of My Chinese-American Family
Paperback      ISBN: 0679768521
Documenting the history of her own Chinese-American family, a journalist shares the results of five years of research, including interviews with nearly one hundred Chinese and Caucasian relatives. Reprint. 35,000 first printing. Tour. NYT.
On Not Speaking Chinese: Living Between Asia and the West
On Not Speaking Chinese
Living Between Asia and the West
Paperback      ISBN: 0415259134
Focusing on tensions between 'Asia' and 'the West' at global and national levels, Ien Ang reflects on the disparate meanings of 'Chineseness' in the contemporary world.
Only What We Could Carry: The Japanese American Internment Experience
Only What We Could Carry
The Japanese American Internment Experience
Paperback      ISBN: 1890771309
Personal documents, art, propoganda, and stories express the Japanese American experience in internment camps after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
Paper Daughter: A Memoir
Paper Daughter
A Memoir
Paperback      ISBN: 0060930527
A Chinese-American Harvard graduate presents her life story from her childhood inside an ethnic enclave, during which she struggled with racial harassment, and identifies the barriers to success in every American ghetto. Reprint.