1000 Best Tips for ADHD: Expert Answers and Bright Advice to Help You and Your Child
1000 Best Tips for ADHD
Expert Answers and Bright Advice to Help You and Your Child
Paperback      ISBN: 1402271395
YOUR COMPLETE REFERENCE FOR PARENTING A CHILD WITH ADHD How can I help my child do his homework? How can I get him to brush his teeth without arguing with me every night? What can I do when he lies about the same thing over and over? Why doesn't punishment seem to make any difference? When you're struggling to help your child with homework, chores, or behavior, what you need are quick, easy, and effective tips you can use right away. Even getting through seemingly easy tasks can be a relentless challenge that never seems to get easier. As a child psychologist specializing in ADHD for more than twenty years, Dr. Ashley knows exactly what parents face every day. 1000 Best Tips for ADHD gives parents quick tips and easy-to-implement solutions that make even the toughest days go smoother. FIND TIPS AND SUGGESTIONS ON: ? Improving behavior ? Increasing school success ? Helping out at home ? Interacting with others ? And more!
101 Games and Activities for Children With Autism Spectrum and Sensory Disorders
101 Games and Activities for Children With Autism Spectrum and Sensory Disorders
Paperback      ISBN: 0071623361
Appropriate for children of any age or placement on the autism spectrum, a guide for families shares a range of indoor and outdoor activities as well as numerous therapeutic group and one-on-one suggestions designed to improve motor functions, social skills, and cognitive development. Original.
101 School Success Tools for Students With ADHD
101 School Success Tools for Students With ADHD
Paperback      ISBN: 159363403x
101 School Success Tools for Students with ADHD provides materials and the guidance necessary to assist teachers and parents as they empower students with ADHD to become successful learners. Based on field-tested strategies for use with learners with ADHD, the book provides a brief overview of the specific learning needs of these students before including a wide variety of tools teachers can immediately pull out and use in the classroom and parents can use in the home setting. Each tool is explained in a brief how-to section that includes specific information on adapting the tool based on the individual student's needs. The book covers topics like observing and collecting data on students, creating schedules, assessing a child's strengths, refocusing a child's attention, managing difficult behaviors, implementing calming techniques, providing motivation, and improving study and homework skills. A collection of worksheets, forms, checklists, charts, Web site listings, and other tools are included as reproducible pages.
70 Play Activities for Better Thinking, Self-Regulation, Learning and Behavior
70 Play Activities for Better Thinking, Self-Regulation, Learning and Behavior
Paperback      ISBN: 1683730194
Packed with worksheets, handouts, and guided scripts with step-by-step directions, this definitive resource will put you to the top of your play game. With over 70 activities designed to improve thinking, self-regulation, learning and behavior, your tool kit will be full and your creative brain will be inspired to craft your own meaningful exercises. Play now, Play later... with 70 Play Activities for better brain function and learning.Based on years of clinical experience and educational work, Harvard-trained psychologist, Lynne Kenney, PsyD, and school psychologist, Rebecca Comizio MA, MA-Ed, NCSP have created fun, imaginative, and brain-based exercises for children and adolescents to develop attention, planning, executive function and mood management skills. Featuring: * Musical Thinking * Physical Activities * Social Interaction Games * Art making * Perfect for the classroom, clinic or home
The A-Z of Therapeutic Parenting: Strategies and Solutions
The A-Z of Therapeutic Parenting
Strategies and Solutions
Paperback      ISBN: 1785923765
Parents of children with attachment difficulties, or who have experienced childhood trauma, need to parent differently to meet their child's specific needs and help them start to make sense of the world. This book is everything you need in order to therapeutically parent, with an easy to apply model of intervention, and an A-Z of practical advice.
The ABCs of Autism in the Classroom: Setting the Stage for Success
The ABCs of Autism in the Classroom
Setting the Stage for Success
Paperback      ISBN: 1941765688
What’s the biggest challenge facing teachers today? Behavior. And which students present the most baffling and unique behavior problems? Our awesome kids on the autism spectrum. We love them, but it can be difficult to understand and deal with their challenging behaviors. Behavior analysts understand autistic behaviors and the science behind behavior change. There is an overwhelming amount of research supporting strategies which have been proven to be effective in improving classroom behavior. We know what techniques will work successfully in the classroom, because the evidence supports it. But behavior analysts aren’t in the classroom. Teachers are. And most teachers can’t call a behavior analyst every time a behavior problem crops up. Even when they do call in a behavior analyst, they might not understand all that talk about the “discriminative stimulus
Act Early Against Autism: Give Our Child a Fighting Chance from the Start
Act Early Against Autism
Give Our Child a Fighting Chance from the Start
Paperback      ISBN: 039953394x
A empowering handbook for parents of special needs children reveals how early intervention can transform the future of a child diagnosed with autism, furnishing useful information on how to recognize early symptoms of the ailment, deal with the financial challenges, find the right treatment plan and therapists, negotiate the system, and more. Original.
Activities for Adults With Learning Disabilities: Having Fun, Meeting Needs
Activities for Adults With Learning Disabilities
Having Fun, Meeting Needs
Paperback      ISBN: 1843109751
Veteran teachers Sonnet and Taylor describe some of the activities they have developed and used at their local Gateway Club, a social club connected to MENCAP. Cooking includes pizza and vegetable soup; among arts and crafts are Christmas name plaques and door-handle hangers; a balloon race and Granny's shopping case are among the party games. Other games include netball and hoopla as well as computer games. Other categories are special occasions, drama and dance, and outside events. In each case, they warn organizers about potential problems and risks to watch out for. There is no index or bibliography. Annotation ©2009 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)
The Activity Kit for Babies and Toddlers at Risk: How to Use Everyday Routines to Build Social and Communication Skills
The Activity Kit for Babies and Toddlers at Risk
How to Use Everyday Routines to Build Social and Communication Skills
Paperback      ISBN: 146252091x
Parents have the power to help babies and toddlers at risk for developmental delays make important strides--but many are confused and intimidated as to how. In this easy-to-navigate guide, leading experts present more than 100 games and activities designed to strengthen vital communication and social skills in children from birth to age 3. Everyday chores and routines--like waking up and going to sleep, getting dressed, and mealtimes--are transformed into learning opportunities that promote crucial abilities, such as how to imitate others or use simple hand gestures to convey wants and needs. Parents are the most important people in their kids' lives. Now they can be the best teachers, too.
Activity Schedules for Children With Autism: Teaching Independent Behavior
Activity Schedules for Children With Autism
Teaching Independent Behavior
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 160613003x
The bestselling guide to creating and using activity schedules – a set of pictures or words that cues a child or adult to engage in a sequence of activities – is newly revised and updated. The benefits of using activity schedules as a teaching tool with people with autism of all ages include getting them to be more self-directed and encouraging them to initiate tasks without supervision, whether during leisure time, in the classroom, or during daily routines at home. This new edition includes more information about how to use these schedules with adults in residential settings and in the workplace, as well as how to make the transition from a photographic or written schedule to a digital device such as an iPod or Blackberry.The second edition also points to new research that shows additional ways this simple but revolutionary tool can help: Activity schedules can decrease problem behaviors during less structured times, increases interactions with peers, and their use helps people with autism to apply what they learned in one situation to another task in a different setting. Schedules also foster the ability to seek attention, leading to more meaningful social connections. Kids with autism learn to ask their parent to look at a picture they've drawn, watch them in an activity, or show a favorite toy to a peer. The authors also describe the advantage of using schedules across all daily activities, not just for isolated tasks, because their use increases the level and length of engagement, the ability to make appropriate choices, to complete tasks, and to go through the day with less supervision. Dozens of real-life anecdotes, photos and charts help to explain techniques, ways to monitor progress, and how to teach different types of skills. This guide will continue to guide thousands of parents and teachers in using this invaluable tool, which brings greater independence to people with autism.