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Genesis As It Is Written: Contemporary Writers on Our First Stories
Genesis As It Is Written
Contemporary Writers on Our First Stories
Hardcover      ISBN: 0060667060

Perfectly timed to coincide with the upcoming Bill Moyers Public Television special on Genesis, which begins airing October 16th, this book features original, evocative essays inspired by the stories of Genesis--including contributions from Arthur Miller, David Mamet, Grace Schulman, Michael Dorris, and Francine Prose.

Exploring Exodus: The Origins of Biblical Israel
Exploring Exodus
The Origins of Biblical Israel
Paperback      ISBN: 0805210636

The book of Exodus records the pivotal events in the formation of biblical Israel--the deliverance from slavery, the leadership of Moses, the wilderness wanderings, and the giving of the Law at Mount Sinai. Bible scholar Nahum Sarna, whose widely praised Understanding Genesis has become a standard text, examines and illuminates the distinctiveness of the Exodus narrative in light of ancient Near Eastern history and contemporaneous cultures--Egyptian, Assyrian, Canaanite, and Babylonian. In a new foreword to this edition, Sarna takes up the debate over whether the exodus from Egypt really happened, clarifying the arguments on both sides and drawing us back to the uniqueness and enduring significance of biblical text.

Reading the Old Testament: An Introduction
Reading the Old Testament
An Introduction
Paperback      ISBN: 0809126311

Reading the Old Testament is a clear and carefully organized introduction for contemporary readers. It is designed to guide the student of the Bible through the text and its problems, enrich their understanding of the individual biblical books, and explore the way the Bible came to be written. Reading the Old Testament combines the latest scholarship with sensitivity to religious issues and Israel's ever deepening understanding of God's ways. The author gives special attention to recent archeological discoveries in the Middle East and how these affect our understanding of the Old Testament. The book contains numerous maps, charts, and drawings. Reading the Old Testament is particularly illuminating about the way Israel's religious experience was translated into written records. No other introduction offers the same thorough treatment of the Exile and the post-exilic periods as crucial times in the formation of the Old Testament.

The Brick Bible: A New Spin on the Old Testament
The Brick Bible
A New Spin on the Old Testament
Paperback      ISBN: 1616084219
"What Brendan Powell Smith has done with LEGOs goes beyond remarkable; it borders on genius."--The Chicago Tribune

What could be more fun for children than reading Bible stories and seeing the tales illustrated with LEGO bricks? Here are the stories of Creation, Adam and Eve, Noah's Ark, Daniel and the Lion's Den, The Tower of Babel, and so much more in glorious full color

Brendan Powell Smith has spent years creating nearly 5,000 scenes from the bible--with LEGOs. His wonderfully original creations offer the Old Testament from creation to the Books of Kings,

The Holy Bible is complex; sometimes dark, and other times joyous, and Smith's masterful work makes it accessible to young boys and girls by using toys to tell our most important stories in a brand-new way.

The beauty of The Brick Bible is that everyone, from the most devout Christians and Jews to nonbelievers, will find something revealing fascinating, or entertaining within this collection. Smith's subtle touch brings out the nuances of each scene and makes you reconsider the way you look at LEGOs and The Bible.
Old Testament Pseudopigrapha Vol 1 Only
Old Testament Pseudopigrapha Vol 1 Only
Hardcover      SKU: 1199624225
Reading the Old Testament: An Introduction
Reading the Old Testament
An Introduction
Paperback      ISBN: 0809147807

Lawrence Boadt's Reading the Old Testament was recognized as a classic almost from its date of publication in 1984. Without in any way diminishing its famed clarity, judiciousness, and theological depth, two prominent scholars, Richard Clifford and Daniel Harrington, have brought the book into the twenty-first century. In this new revised and updated edition, they have: -Updated the archaeological reports -Incorporated the research of the last three decades of biblical scholarship -Supplied new or redrawn illustrations and maps -Increased attention to Jewish-Christian biblical interpretations -Continued the Christian-Jewish dialogue that was a feature of the original "Larry Boadt was a long-time generative force in Old Testament study. This book, as a part of his legacy, assures that his influence will continue to be generative and rewarding for those who seriously engage his work....This is, in sum, a major offer for serious, faithful reading, and we may be grateful that it is now issued in a new, welcome edition." --Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur, Georgia "We owe a great debt of gratitude to Richard Clifford and Daniel Harrington for bringing this classic introduction to new life. It still speaks with the clarity of Larry Boadt, but with new energy." --Irene Nowell, St. John's University "Richard Clifford and Daniel Harrington were the right persons to revise this book. Like Larry Boadt, they are most accomplished scholars and teachers with a keen pastoral sense. Leading people to appreciate the Bible was Larry Boadt's mission in life. This book is a fitting tribute to his fidelity to this mission." --Leslie J. Hoppe, OFM Catholic Theological Union "When Larry Boadt was asked why his book was so popular, he replied simply: 'I knew what students needed; I provided it.' The needs are still there and the book still provides for them. Since the book was written, much has changed in some areas of Old Testament study. Dick Clifford and Dan Harrington are well qualified to bring it up-to-date--and they have done a measured job." --Antony F. Campbell, SJ Jesuit Theological College, Parkville, Australia

On the Way to the Future: Daniel's Visions and the Believer's Hope
On the Way to the Future
Daniel's Visions and the Believer's Hope
Paperback      ISBN: 1572937963

It's more than just a statement. It's a fact The world as we know it will eventually end. In On the Way to the Future, trusted Bible teacher Ray C. Stedman examines the prophecy of Daniel, not to stir readers to build a bomb shelter, but to increase their awareness of God's plan for their lives now, what He has in store for the future, and how they can be prepared to experience it. This resource is perfect for laypeople, pastors, and ministry leaders.

Relevance of the Prophets
Relevance of the Prophets
Paperback      SKU: 1199538264
The Fall of Satan: Rebels in the Garden
The Fall of Satan
Rebels in the Garden
Paperback      ISBN: 0890516065

The ruler of darkness, the Tempter, the Great Red Dragon, Apollyon, the Destroyer. One being is revealed to have all these titles and more; names that reveal his horrific nature. All names given to Satan, your adversary who comes like a lion "seeking whom he may devour." (1 Peter 5:8). Today, many question and even mock the very existence of Satan, as well as the reality of evil. Even in the Church, by and large, there are few biblical resources on the subject to counter the destructive claims raised in today's humanistic culture. In The Fall of Satan: Rebels in the Garden you will discover the answers to 35 captivating questions, such as: *How could one created good become so absorbed by evil? * Why would God, who is not evil, allow evil to continue to exist? *Did sin begin with Adam or was its origin found in Satan? *When did Satan rebel against God's authority? Where can the answers be found to such provocative, spiritual questions that have been asked so many times over? Carefully consider the biblical response, since it is the only completely reliable foundation for information about Satan. As our absolute authority, we must reject unqualified conclusions drawn from sources outside the Bible, such as the current ideas and traditions of the culture. No believer should be unaware of these sound answers found in the Bible.