Religious Art
100 Illustrated Bible Verses: Inspiring Words. Beautiful Art.
100 Illustrated Bible Verses
Inspiring Words. Beautiful Art.
Paperback      ISBN: 0761185666
A book for every believer. A book of comfort. A book of wisdom. A book to lift the spirits. A book to put on a night table or to keep always in that special place where one sits, reads, meditates, prays. A book to give to loved ones for any occasion. Bible verses, a timeless source of guidance, peace, and rejuvenation, are given a very special treatment here: illustrated in colorful letterpress styles that bring each phrase and expression to life in a fresh and meaningful way.100 Illustrated Bible Verses sings with the pleasure and surprise of art, helping the reader experience the living word in a new and vibrant way. Plus, with its flaps and ribbon marker, the book itself is an elegant gift. Drawn from various translations and arranged in order from Genesis 1:1—In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth—through Revelation,100 Illustrated Bible Verses is a selection of the most distinctly meaningful passages from the Old and New Testaments, made even more powerful through the transformative lens of art.
Accounts and Images of Six Kannon in Japan
Accounts and Images of Six Kannon in Japan
Hardcover      ISBN: 0824856228
Buddhists around the world celebrate the benefits of worshipping Kannon (Avalokitesvara), a compassionate savior who is one of the most beloved in the Buddhist pantheon. When Kannon appears in multiple manifestations, the deity’s powers are believed to increase to even greater heights. This concept generated several cults throughout history: among the most significant is the cult of the Six Kannon, which began in Japan in the tenth century and remained prominent through the sixteenth century. In this ambitious work, Sherry Fowler examines the development of the Japanese Six Kannon cult, its sculptures and paintings, and its transition to the Thirty-three Kannon cult, which remains active to this day. An exemplar of Six Kannon imagery is the complete set of life-size wooden sculptures made in 1224 and housed at the Kyoto temple Daihoonji. This set, along with others, is analyzed to demonstrate how Six Kannon worship impacted Buddhist practice. Employing a diachronic approach, Fowler presents case studies beginning in the eleventh century to reinstate a context for sets of Six Kannon, the majority of which have been lost or scattered, and thus illuminates the vibrancy, magnitude, and distribution of the cult and enhances our knowledge of religious image-making in Japan. Kannon’s role in assisting beings trapped in the six paths of transmigration is a well-documented catalyst for the selection of the number six, but there are other significant themes at work. Six Kannon worship includes significant foci on worldly concerns such as childbirth and animal husbandry, ties between text and image, and numerous correlations with Shinto kami groups of six. While making groups of Kannon visible, Fowler explores the fluidity of numerical deity categorizations and the attempts to quantify the invisible. Moreover, her investigation reveals Kyushu as an especially active site in the history of the Six Kannon cult. Much as Kannon images once functioned to attract worshippers, their presentation in this book will entice contemporary readers to revisit their assumptions about East Asia’s most popular Buddhist deity.

The Angel Tree: Celebrating Christmas at the Metropolitan Museum of Art: The Loretta Hines Howard Collection of Eighteenth-Century Neapolitan Creche Figures
The Angel Tree
Celebrating Christmas at the Metropolitan Museum of Art: The Loretta Hines Howard Collection of Eighteenth-Century Neapolitan Creche Figures
Hardcover      ISBN: 0810996928
The Angel Tree: Celebrating Christmas at The Metropolitan Museum of Art showcases the magnificent collection of Neapolitan Baroque angels and crèche figures that has thrilled visitors from across the country each Christmas season for more than 50 years. New fiber-optic lighting and a new tree now enhance its beauty. More than 50 angels and 100 crèche figures, many sculpted by major artists of the period, represent all who came to worship the Babe. This is a true family book, starting with the story of the Nativity and then focusing on the scene in large, gloriously reproduced pictures of the angels and of townspeople and animals, shepherds and their flocks, kings and grand ladies.
Hardcover      ISBN: 0810994364
Features more than three hundred images of angels, ranging from the sculpted panels of Ghiberti to the paintings of Marc Chagall, accompanied by biblical passages and brief explanations of symbolism and meaning.
Angelus & Diabolus: Angels and Devils. The History of Good and Evil in Christian Art
Angelus & Diabolus
Angels and Devils. The History of Good and Evil in Christian Art
Hardcover      ISBN: 3848007509
Angels, devils and demons have played a significant role ever since the emergence of religious beliefs. As messengers from other worlds, be they harbringers of good news or tempters, they touch the fundamental hopes and fears of every human being, while at the same time depicting the eternal battle of good and evil. In Christian art, angels and devils, with their human-like aspects allied with their angelic or devilish nature, were a favourite theme of painters and sculptors, as their imagination was set free to create artworks that fascinate in every respect, including masterpieces like "the Last Judgement" by Giotto di Bondone (1304-6), "The Annunciation" by Leonardo da Vinci (1472-75), "the Temptation of St. Anthony" by Hieronymus Bosch (1505/1506) or "The Gates of Hell" by Auguste Rodin Auguste Rodin (1880-1917) to name but a few. Angelus & Diabolus is the first publication of its kind to offer a visually stunning collection of the most beautiful and breath-taking pieces of art reflecting this exciting contrast between Heaven and Hell. Substantial texts by art historian Maria-Christina Boerner are accompanied by striking pictures by photographer Achim Bednorz, some of which show rarely seen details and make otherwise hidden elements accessible to the beholder. This tome comprises an unprecedented compilation of this timeless subject.

Paperback      ISBN: 0714844470
A beautiful and evocative collection of over 100 representations of the Annunciation, presented in chronological order, each on a single page with a caption opposite. 'In the sixth month the Angel Gabriel was sent by God to a town in Galilee called Nazareth, to a virgin engaged to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David.

Another Brush With God: Further Conversations About Icons
Another Brush With God
Further Conversations About Icons
Paperback      ISBN: 0819222984
- Introduces readers to a more advanced level in icon development, exploring more complex imagery and skills - Step-by-step instructions for painting icons, from original drawings through finished product - Includes eight full-color plates of the author's original icons This is the sequel to the authors previous work, A Brush with God, for advanced beginners, intermediate, and advanced iconographers. It presents greater detail and instructions for creating entirely new icons. One major feature of the new book is the full-page sketches that artists can photocopy and use as the basis of their own icons, providing a unique and much-requested resource. Chapters and topics include: - Introduction and contemporary reflections on iconography, spirituality, and technique. - Highlighting folds on full-length figures, including black and white renderings of draped legs, arms, and torsos. - Architectural and landscape renderings in Byzantine iconography, including background shadow and highlighting techniques, plus inverse perspective. - Festal icons, involving multiple figures, landscapes, architecture, furniture, vegetation, and animals. - Construction of heads, figures, and analysis of whole compositions, sacred geometry and proportion.
Art & Prayer: The Beauty of Turning to God
Art & Prayer
The Beauty of Turning to God
Hardcover      ISBN: 1612615724
"Prayer is natural for human beings, a spontaneous impulse common in all people. Yet, beyond instinct, there is a kind of prayer that's conscious and articulate, that we have to be taught. There is an "art of prayer," when faith and prayer become creative responses by which creatures made in the image and likeness of the Creator relate to him with help of the imagination. Timothy Verdon explores these essential interactions in this magnificent book. Richly illustrated, Monsignor Verdon explains that images work in believers as tools that teach them how to turn to God. Art and Prayer explores these interactions in detail, demonstrating that prayer can become a fruit of the sanctified imagination - a way of beauty and turning to God. "--

Art + Religion in the 21st Century
Art + Religion in the 21st Century
Hardcover      ISBN: 0500239312
A fresh approach to the connection between art and religion that seeks to redefine their relationship in the contemporary age
The Art of Hanukkah
The Art of Hanukkah
Hardcover      ISBN: 0789332515
A rich celebration of Hanukkah, featuring centuries of extraordinary art and artifacts. One of the most joyous weeks in the Jewish year is when families gather for eight evenings to celebrate the festival of Hanukkah. Jews the world over mark this holiday of freedom with the lighting of the Hanukkah menorah, while children spin a dreidel and eat sufganiyot and potato latkes. Presents are exchanged, and the story of Hanukkah is retold through songs and prayers.The Art of Hanukkah, through its selection of forty-eight masterpieces of holiday ceremonial and fine art, tells the story of the desecration of the holy Temple, its subsequent reclaiming and rededication, and the miracle of the single, tiny cruse of oil that continued to provide light for eight days. From individual oil lamps to medieval creations, through the sumptuous flourishes of Baroque decorations to contemporary times, these Hanukkah menorahs reflect the adaptability of Jewish culture throughout the Diaspora. Menorahs, paintings, dreidels—all the wonderful elements of the celebration of Hanukkah from around the world and throughout the centuries have been brought together in this one marvelous book. Clear, insightful, and thought-provoking commentaries make this book a perfect complement to the holiday. "