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Architecture And Polyphony: Building In The Islamic World Today
Architecture And Polyphony
Building In The Islamic World Today
Paperback      ISBN: 0500285330
Valuable insights into a wide array of architectural practices, methods, and design solutions from the Muslim world. The Aga Khan Award for Architecture was established in 1977 to enhance the understanding and appreciation of Islamic culture as expressed though architecture. Previous winners of this prestigious award, which is given every three years, include such architects as Geoffrey Bawa, Balkrishna Doshi, Ken Yeang, Jean Nouvel, Charles Correa, Frei Otto, and Hassan Fathy. For this current cycle, the Award has paid special attention to identifying examples of the new types of architecture that are emerging throughout the Muslim world. The documented projects represent efforts in the categories of infrastructure, landscaping, community development, public urban spaces, and responses to the growing housing crisis in many Muslim societies. For the 2004 award, the steering committee included Billie Tsien, Jacques Herzog, Glenn Lowry, and Mohsen Mostafavi. Each of the winning projects is profiled and illustrated in depth, and critical essays consider the challenges and rewards confronting architects working in Muslim lands. 270 illustrations, 100 in color.
Architecture in Asmara: Colonial Origin and Postcolonial Experiences
Architecture in Asmara
Colonial Origin and Postcolonial Experiences
Paperback      ISBN: 3869224878
Scholars of architecture, urban planning, human geography, and sociology team up with photographers to explore the architecture of Asmara, the capital of Eritrea. They cover colonialism and modernity, the construction of the colonial sphere, Asmara's colonial architecture and urbanism, Asmara's cultural heritage, tracing postcolonialism, a geography of memories, city and migration, and Asmara's new images. Among their topics are colonial preliminaries: the genesis of Italian imperialism in the experience of the governance of Asmara, Asmara and Rome: architecture and urbanism of the Fascist Italian Empire and their reception, mapping the past for the sake of the future: the Cultural Assets Rehabilitation Project, postcolonial utopia in Ermina Dell'Oro and Elise Kidan visions of an ideal society in Asmara and beyond, and a city goes abroad: remembrance and hope in migration from Asmara. Annotation ©2018 Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR (protoview.com)
Architecture of the Panama Canal Zone: Civic and Residential Structures & Townsites
Architecture of the Panama Canal Zone
Civic and Residential Structures & Townsites
Hardcover      ISBN: 0764346113
Although the canal and the associated locks are the dominate feature in the Panama Canal Zone, the architecture of the surrounding buildings is equally telling of America’s presence in Panama from the 1900s to 1960s. In this book, Edith Read Barkowitz Crouch, who grew up in the Panama Canal Zone, uses over 1000 pictures to explore the area. She considers both civic architectural achievements, including the Beaux Arts-style Administration Building and Prado, Gorgas Hospital, Balboa School, the YMCA, Union Church, and the Panama Railway Stations, and residential structures. American architects that play a particularly big role include James Renwick, Jr., Austin W. Lord, Bertram Goodhue, Edwards Durell Stone and many others. This book will be equally appealing to architecture and history lovers. Annotation ©2015 Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR (protoview.com)

Art and Architecture in Mexico
Art and Architecture in Mexico
Paperback      ISBN: 0500204063
“A lucid—at times, even poetic—summary of five hundred years of Mexican art. The illustrated works of art are well-chosen and beautifully integrated into Oles’s text. Indeed, it feels as if his words emanate from the art itself.

Building Saigon South: Sustainable Lessons for a Livable Future
Building Saigon South
Sustainable Lessons for a Livable Future
Hardcover      ISBN: 194353201x
In the Saigon South district of Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City, globally renowned architecture firm Skidmore Owings & Merrill designed a livable, human-scale urban environment in partnership with the Phu My Hung development group. SOM created the master plan that still guides growth and change in this part of the city, which has been accepted as an example of sustainable development to be imitated across Asia and throughout the rest of the world. Saigon South’s neighborhoods accommodate residents of varying income levels and provide green public space for all. Verdant parks are placed alongside the area’s natural water features. The master plan’s emphasis on multi-use design allows for traditional shophouses as well as larger businesses, integrating all parts of life into a pedestrian-friendly district. Saigon South is an economically and civically vibrant district that showcases the city’s cultural richness rather than the egos of the architects and developers.
Building The Japanese House Today
Building The Japanese House Today
Hardcover      ISBN: 0810959313
Describes in detail the design and construction of a traditional Japanese house in California, revealing how the aesthetic principles of Japanese architecture--including clean lines, intricate joinery, and expert woodworking--can be adapted to such Western needs as central heating, computerized lighting systems, furnishings, insulation, and electronics. Architects & Designers Book Club.
Burmese: Design & Architecture
Design & Architecture
Paperback      ISBN: 0794604633
Burmese design, heavily influenced by its proximity to China and India, is a many-layered thing, interwoven with spiritual, religious and political messages. Burmese Design & Architecture takes an in-depth look at the entire span of Burmese design, from arts and crafts to both religious and secular architecture. With over 500 full-color photographs and expert insights provided by leading archaeological authorities, this is a must-have for serious connoisseurs of architecture, design or Burma itself.

Chinese Bridges: Living Architecture from China's Past
Chinese Bridges
Living Architecture from China's Past
Hardcover      ISBN: 0804838844
Bridges, the least known and understood of China's many wonders, are one of its most striking and resilient feats of architectural prowess. Chinese Bridges brings together a thorough look at these marvels from one of the world's leading experts on Chinese culture and historical geography, Ronald G. Knapp. While many consider bridges to be merely utilitarian, the bridges of China move beyond that stereotype, as many are undeniably dramatic, even majestic and daring. Chinese Bridges illustrates in detail 20 well-preserved ancient bridges, along with descriptions and essays on the distinctive architectural elements shared by the various designs. For the first time in an English-language book, Chinese Bridges records scores of newly discovered bridges across China's vast landscape, illustrated with over 400 color photographs, as well as woodblock prints, historic images, paintings and line drawings.
Chinese Houses of Southeast Asia: The Eclectic Architecture of Sojourners and Settlers
Chinese Houses of Southeast Asia
The Eclectic Architecture of Sojourners and Settlers
Paperback      ISBN: 0804844798
This is an authoritative book on the subject of hybrid architecture built by successful Chinese immigrants and their descendents in Southeast Asia. It includes hundreds of photographs and information on the historical contexts of the buildings.
Contemporary Architecture in China: Towards a Critical Pragmatism
Contemporary Architecture in China
Towards a Critical Pragmatism
Hardcover      ISBN: 1864707798