Blues, Soul and Motown
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Holy Blues of Rev. Gary Davis
Holy Blues of Rev. Gary Davis
Paperback      ISBN: 0786659203
Live At The Apollo
Live At The Apollo
Paperback      ISBN: 0826415725
In this remarkable book, Douglas Wolk brings to life an October evening in 1962, at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem: an evening at the height of Cold War tensions. In great detail, Wolk pieces together what took place (and what was recorded) that night, and illustrates beautifully the enduring power of one of James Brown's - and popular music's - defining moments: Live at the Apollo.EXCERPTStanding on the stage of the Apollo at a sold-out show on the night of October 24, 1962, screaming, James Brown would have looked out and seen 1500 people screaming back at him in the audience, split between the floor and the balconies. The walls behind them were a dark crimson; the balconies were decorated with the laurel wreaths that are the emblem of Apollo the god, recalling Daphne, who became a laurel tree to escape his lust. Most of the audience thought there was a good chance they'd be dead within the week.
The Gospel According to Elvis Presley
The Gospel According to Elvis Presley
Paperback      ISBN: 1860746551
Blues Classics Acoustic Guitar
Blues Classics Acoustic Guitar
Paperback      ISBN: 0786602546
Woman With Guitar: Memphis Minnie's Blues
Woman With Guitar
Memphis Minnie's Blues
Paperback      ISBN: 0306804603
"Universally recognized as one of the greatest blues artists, Memphis Minnie (1897–1973) wrote and recorded hundreds of songs, among them the famous ""Bumble Bee Blues,"" ""I'm Talking About You,"" and ""Wh"
The Supremes: A Saga of Motown Dreams, Success, and Betrayal
The Supremes
A Saga of Motown Dreams, Success, and Betrayal
Hardcover      ISBN: 0306815869
Explores the rise and fall of this popular trio based on recollections from friends, family, and Motown contemporaries who were there when their songs were made, their hits climbed the charts, and their group faded away into history due to personal issues and professional strife.
Producing and Mixing Hip-hop/Randb
Producing and Mixing Hip-hop/Randb
Paperback      ISBN: 0876390858
Capture the authentic sounds of contemporary hip-hop/RandB with this step-by-step guide. Follow the process as a professional, self-producing artist tracks and mixes two hip-hop/RandB songs. Learn the effects, settings, and techniques used by the industry's top hip-hop/RandB producers and engineers. The DVD-ROM includes multitrack audio files for you to practice these techniques on any audio editing platform, with "mix in progress" tracks that let you check your work against that of the recording. You'll learn essential tools and techniques, sound processing recommendations and tips, and how to reproduce the sounds of professional hip-hop/RandB recordings.
Blues People: Negro Music in White America
Blues People
Negro Music in White America
Paperback      ISBN: 068818474x
An examination of the evolution and philosophy of African American music
Paperback      ISBN: 0879306297
Celebrates funk music using biographies of such musicians as James Brown and George Clinton, and provides descriptions of the genre, historical perspectives, and the story behind the "death of funk" following the introduction of disco.
Those Twentieth Century Blues: An Autobiography
Those Twentieth Century Blues
An Autobiography
Hardcover      ISBN: 0091753074