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The Mascot: Unraveling the Mystery of My Jewish Father's Nazi Boyhood
The Mascot
Unraveling the Mystery of My Jewish Father's Nazi Boyhood
Paperback      ISBN: 0452289947
The "spellbinding" (The New York Times) true story of a Jewish boy who became the darling of the Nazis

When a Nazi death squad massacred his mother and fellow villagers, five-year-old Alex Kurzem escaped, hiding in the freezing Russian forest until he was picked up by a group of Latvian SS soldiers. Alex was able to hide his Jewish identity and win over the soldiers, becoming their mascot and an honorary "corporal" in the SS with his own uniform. But what began as a desperate bid for survival became a performance that delighted the highest ranks of the Nazi elite. And so a young Jewish boy ended up starring in a Nazi propaganda film.

After sixty-three years of silence, Alex revealed his terrible secret to his son Mark. With his son's help, Alex retraced his past in search of answers and vindication. His story is at once a terrifying account of survival and its psychological cost as well as a brutally honest examination of identity, complicity, and memory.
The Nazi Hunters
The Nazi Hunters
Paperback      ISBN: 0446358312

From Nuremberg to now, The Nazi Hunters unwinds the search for our world's most heinous criminals . . . filled with first-hand accounts that bring new light into this dark past.--Jack Anderson.

Sea of Thunder: Four Commanders and the Last Great Naval Campaign, 1941-1945
Sea of Thunder
Four Commanders and the Last Great Naval Campaign, 1941-1945
Paperback      ISBN: 0743252225
Sea of Thunder is a taut, fast-paced, suspenseful narrative of the Pacific War that culminates in the battle of Leyte Gulf, the greatest naval battle ever fought.

Told from both the American and Japanese sides, through the eyes of commanders and sailors of both navies, Thomas's history adds an important new dimension to our understanding of World War II.

Drawing on oral histories, diaries, correspondence, postwar testimony from both American and Japanese participants, and interviews with survivors, Thomas provides an account not only of the great sea battle and Pacific naval war, but of the contrasting cultures pitted against each other.
Rescue as Resistance: How Jewish Organizations Fought the Holocaust in France
Rescue as Resistance
How Jewish Organizations Fought the Holocaust in France
Hardcover      ISBN: 0231101244

A survivor of the Holocaust and a distinguished scholar of Jewish history, Lucien Lazare presents a compelling defense of the Jewish resistance movement in France during World War II, arguing that rescue was a genuine and significant way of fighting back.

The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial 1945-46: A Documentary History
The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial 1945-46
A Documentary History
Paperback      ISBN: 0312136919

Between November 1945 and October 1946, 22 high-ranking Nazi officials defended themselves before the International Military Tribunal. Reproducing significant sections of the trial record, this volume also outlines the background to the trial, traces the preparations made by the principle actors in the courtroom, and considers how the prosecution, defense, and tribunal dealt with the counts against the accused.

The Social History of the Third Reich, 1933-1945
The Social History of the Third Reich, 1933-1945
Paperback      ISBN: 1565846354

In this highly praised study hailed by Booklist as "disturbing, brutally honest, and scrupulously fair," Pierre Aycoberry, the celebrated author of The Nazi Question, combines extraordinary mastery of German history with original research for an unparalleled account of life under Hitler's Third Reich.

Aycoberry uncovers the struggles of individuals and social and professional groups who stood up to the pressures of the Nazi Party and often paid a high price, while he also sheds light on the attempts of others--mainly upper- and middle-class professionals--to salvage or improve their positions by casting their lot with the Fuhrer. In this complex answer to the easy judgments passed by many, Pierre Aycoberry writes what the Washington Post Book World has called "a subtle book that eschews facile generalizations and sensational accusations, and is full of prudent qualifications and warnings that what was true in one place and one time was not necessarily true twenty miles away or one year later."

U.S. Marine Corps Aviation Since 1912: 4th Edition
U.S. Marine Corps Aviation Since 1912
4th Edition
4th Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 1591145163

This heavily illustrated work is the only book to describe the entire history of the U.S. Marine Corps' air arm. With hundreds of rare photographs, this fourth edition represents a major redesign and update of the last edition, published more than a decade ago. Chapters include descriptions of early development and training, as well as combat deployments during World War I and in Central America. World War II and Korea, Vietnam, the Balkans, and Southwest Asia campaigns are also well covered. The book's emphasis is on the Marines who made up the air squadrons, developed the aircraft and tactics, and fought the battles as the main support of troops on the ground. The text includes first-person accounts and comments from many participants--aviators and crewmen alike.

The Shetland Bus: A WWII Epic of Escape, Survival, and Adventure
The Shetland Bus
A WWII Epic of Escape, Survival, and Adventure
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1599213214

The Shetland Bus recounts the hundreds of crossings of small boats from the Shetland Islands to German-occupied Norway to supply arms to the Resistors and to rescue refugees all under constant threat by German U-boats and winter storms."

In Harm's Way: The Sinking of the Uss Indianapolis and the Extraordinary Story of Its Survivors
In Harm's Way
The Sinking of the Uss Indianapolis and the Extraordinary Story of Its Survivors
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0805066322

A harrowing, adrenaline-charged account of America's worst naval disaster -- and of the heroism of the men who, against all odds, survived.
On July 30, 1945, the USS Indianapolis was torpedoed in the South Pacific by a Japanese submarine. An estimated 300 men were killed upon impact; close to 900 sailors were cast into the Pacific Ocean, where they remained undetected by the navy for nearly four days and nights. Battered by a savage sea, they struggled to stay alive, fighting off sharks, hypothermia, and dementia. By the time rescue arrived, all but 317 men had died. The captain's subsequent court-martial left many questions unanswered: How did the navy fail to realize the Indianapolis was missing? Why was the cruiser traveling unescorted in enemy waters? And perhaps most amazing of all, how did these 317 men manage to survive?Interweaving the stories of three survivors -- the captain, the ship's doctor, and a young marine -- journalist Doug Stanton has brought this astonishing human drama to life in a narrative that is at once immediate and timeless. The definitive account of a little-known chapter in World War II history, In Harm's Way is destined to become a classic tale of war, survival, and extraordinary courage.

First to Fight: An Inside View of the U.S. Marine Corps
First to Fight
An Inside View of the U.S. Marine Corps
Paperback      ISBN: 1557504644
"Required Reading" Marine Corps Professional Reading Program

Bluejacket Paperback Book Series

In this riveting insider's chronicle, legendary Marine General "Brute" Krulak submits an unprecedented examination of U.S. Marines--their fights on the battlefield and off, their extraordinary esprit de corps. Deftly blending history with autobiography, action with analysis, and separating fact from fable, General Krulak touches the very essence of the Corps: what it means to be a Marine and the reason behind its consistently outstanding performance and reputation.

Krulak also addresses the most basic but challenging question of all about the Corps: how does it manage to survive--even to flourish--despite overwhelming political odds and, as the general writes, "an extraordinary propensity for shooting itself in the foot?" To answer this question Krulak examines the foundation on which the Corps is built, a system of intense loyalty to God, to country, and to other Marines. He also takes a close look at Marines in war, offering challenging accounts of their experiences in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. In addition, he describes the Corps's relationship to other services, especially during the unification battles following World War II, and offers new insights into the decision-making process in times of crisis. First published in hardcover in 1984, this book has remained popular ever since with Marines of every rank.