Broken Harts: The Life and Death of Owen Hart
Broken Harts
The Life and Death of Owen Hart
Paperback      ISBN: 1590770366
The wife of wrestler Owen Hart recounts their life together, her husband's wrestling career, and his death as he fell from the top of an arena doing a stunt during a televised wrestling match.
Capitol Revolution: The Rise of the McMahon Wrestling Empire
Capitol Revolution
The Rise of the McMahon Wrestling Empire
Paperback      ISBN: 1770411240
The definitive take on the McMahon family’s journey to wrestling domination For decades, the northeastern part of the United States, better known to insiders as the territory of the Capitol Wrestling Corporation, was considered the heart of the professional wrestling world. Capitol territory — from Boston to Washington, D.C. — enjoyed lucrative box office receipts, and New York’s Madison Square Garden was center stage. Three generations of McMahons have controlled wrestling in that storied building and have since created the most powerful wrestling company the world has ever known. Capitol Revolution documents the growth and evolution of pro wrestling under the stewardships of the McMahons, highlighting the many trials and tribulations beginning in the early 20th century: clashes with rival promoters, government inquests, and routine problems with the potent National Wrestling Alliance monopoly. In the ring, superstars such as Buddy Rogers and Bruno Sammartino entertained throngs of fans, and Capitol became internationally known for its stellar pool of vibrant performers. Covering the transition from old-school wrestling, under the WWWF banner, to the pop-cultural juggernaut of the mid- to late-’80s WWF, Tim Hornbaker’sCapitol Revolution is the detailed history of how the McMahons outlasted their opponents and fostered a billion-dollar empire.
Chris & Nancy: The True Story of the Benoit Murder-Suicide & Pro Wrestling's Cocktail of Death
Chris & Nancy
The True Story of the Benoit Murder-Suicide & Pro Wrestling's Cocktail of Death
Paperback      ISBN: 1550229028
Exploring the steroid-fueled world of professional wrestling, this riveting chronicle lays bare the devastating events that led to the 2007 murder-suicide of Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy, and their seven-year-old son, Daniel. Benoit's performance-enhancing drug addiction—massive amounts of doctor-prescribed human growth hormone were found in Benoit’s home—and subsequent suicide proved to be the tipping point for the professional wrestling world, resulting in unprecedented scrutiny of the sport’s subpar health and safety standards. Using public records, dozen of interviews with those inside and outside of wrestling, and investigative results, this authoritative analysis provides an uncompromising look at the price athletes pay in this rough-and-tumble world.

Coaching Wrestling Successfully
Coaching Wrestling Successfully
Paperback      ISBN: 0873224043
Tells how to develop and communicate a coaching philosophy, plan practices, teach wrestling skills, help wrestlers prepare for matches, and evaluate wrestlers' performances
Coaching Youth Wrestling
Coaching Youth Wrestling
3rd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0736067116
Coaching Youth Wrestling, Third Edition, stresses fun, safety, and effective instruction, helping you create an environment that promotes learning, helps your kids enjoy their wrestling experiences, and motivates your wrestlers to come out year after year. Ideal for coaches of wrestlers ages 8 to 14, Coaching Youth Wrestling teaches you how to convey folk-style wrestling skills to your athletes in an engaging and positive manner. Its focus on teaching fundamental wrestling skills and techniques through matchlike activities sets it apart from other wrestling coaching books. And it's the only one written with the expertise of USA Wrestling. Sequenced and specific chapters help you learn, retain, and reference in a flash. And skill-teaching activities and more than 20 age-appropriate coaching tips are sure to bring focus and fun to your practices. You'll get an in-depth look at wrestling fundamentals and the most effective teaching methods with updated and expanded information on coaching top and bottom techniques, coaching attacks and counterattacks, and teaching basic skills. A straightforward discussion of weight classes and safety considerations prepares you to help your wrestlers make weight using safe, age-appropriate methods. The expertise of USA Wrestling, combined with essential coaching skills such as communicating with parents and officials, motivating players, and preparing for matches and practices, make this book a must-read as you prepare to meet the challenges and enjoy the rewards of coaching young wrestlers.
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Ultimate Fighting
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Ultimate Fighting
Paperback      ISBN: 1592576559
Co-author Jon Merz and the current UFC Middleweight Champ and star of Spike TV's reality show, "The Ultimate Fighter," provide an introduction to the world of mixed martial arts, covering history, rules, scoring, training, nutrition, and basic techniques.
Controversy Creates Cash
Controversy Creates Cash
Paperback      ISBN: 1416528547
Eric Bischoff has been called pro wrestling's most hated man. Booed, reviled, and burned in effigy, he's been struck by everything from beer bottles to fists. Though industry critics have scorned his spectacular rise and fall at World Championship Wrestling, Bischoff's influence still resonates. For years, Bischoff kept quiet while industry "pundits" distorted the truth about the infamous Monday Night Wars, basing their accounts on rumors and innuendo. Finally, Bischoff tells what really happened. Beginning with his days as a salesman for the American Wrestling Association, Bischoff exposes the industry's inner workings, from the real numbers behind WCW's red ink to the devastating impact of the corporate mergers. Among his revelations: How WCW became a national brand and revolutionized the industry. How Hulk Hogan, Jesse Ventura, and Steve Austin shaped WCW, and how corporate politics killed it. And how he found his inner heel and learned to love being the guy everyone loves to despise. Reflecting on his childhood, his family, and the pressures of notoriety, Bischoff tells how he found contentment after being unceremoniously "sent home." Love him or hate him, readers will never look at pro wrestling the same way again after reading Eric Bischoff's story in Controversy Creates Cash.
The Cowboy And the Cross: The Bill Watts Story: Rebellion, Wrestling And Redemption
The Cowboy And the Cross
The Bill Watts Story: Rebellion, Wrestling And Redemption
Paperback      ISBN: 1550227084
Not a typical story of redemption, this autobiography is the compelling narrative of the profound change religion can make in even the most hardened heart. Former pro wrestler "Cowboy" Bill Watts documents his entire life story—from youthful altercations with the law to success as a sports star to personal salvation. Though largely about his personal journey, Watts's account also discusses the mechanics and power struggles of pro wrestling and his own role in one of the most savage promotional wars ever to hit the state of Georgia.

Crazy Is My Superpower: How I Triumphed by Breaking Bones, Breaking Hearts, and Breaking the Rules
Crazy Is My Superpower
How I Triumphed by Breaking Bones, Breaking Hearts, and Breaking the Rules
Paperback      ISBN: 0451496671
The retired professional wrestler describes her life, including her difficult childhood, her mental illness, and her career in which she crafted an alter ego that embraced her insecurities and weaknesses.
Cross Rhodes: Goldust, Out of the Darkness
Cross Rhodes
Goldust, Out of the Darkness
Paperback      ISBN: 1439195161
A portrait of the famous WWE family traces Dustin Rhodes's youth in the wake of his absent father's career and a series of abusive stepfathers, his decision to pursue wrestling in spite of his father's disapproval and his struggles to build a loving family. Original.