The Cunning Little Vixen
The Cunning Little Vixen
Hardcover      ISBN: 0374133468
Juxtaposing a world of not-so-innocent animals and a world of humans, scarcely more intelligent or less brutal, this first translation of the Czech novel recounts the story of the forester Bartos and the vixen Sharp-Ears
Dear Mili: An Old Tale
Dear Mili
An Old Tale
Hardcover      ISBN: 0374317623
Young Mili escapes a horrible war by living for thirty years in the forest with a kindly old man in this long-lost Grimm tale

I Saw Esau: The Schoolchild's Pocket Book
I Saw Esau
The Schoolchild's Pocket Book
School & Library      ISBN: 1564020460
A collection of poems, riddles, chants, jump-rope rhymes, and insults is complemented by full-color illustrations by a Caldecott Medal-winning artist.
Little Bear's Visit
Little Bear's Visit
Paperback      ISBN: 0064440230
Little Bear spends a day with Grandmother and Grandfather Bear and has so much fun he falls fast asleep
Swine Lake
Swine Lake
Hardcover      ISBN: 0062051717
A hungry wolf attends a performance of Swine Lake, performed by the Boarshoi Ballet, intending to eat the performers, but he is so entranced by the story unfolding on the stage that he forgets about his meal.
Where the Wild Things Are
Where the Wild Things Are
Paperback      ISBN: 0064431789
A naughty little boy, sent to bed without his supper, sails to the land of the wild things where he becomes their king