Dolls and Dollhouses
Anatomy of a Doll: The Fabric Sculptor's Handbook
Anatomy of a Doll
The Fabric Sculptor's Handbook
Paperback      ISBN: 157120024x
Master dollmaker Susanna Oroyan gives you the definitive book on fabric sculpting. Anatomy of a Doll is packed with an abundance of exquisite photographs that capture the best work from dollmakers today. Detailed step-by-step illustrations for an incredible variety of cloth dolls are included for you to create any type of cloth doll imaginable. Many methods of doll construction are covered so that beginning and professional dollmakers have a handy answer book. Beginners will find the book a practical guide that examines techniques for making all kinds of dolls. The more experienced dollmaker will discover an abundance of new ideas and techniques never before found in one book. Anatomy of a Doll shows you everything from bending wire to cutting cloth, which will allow you to create your own original dolls!
Art History Paper Dolls
Art History Paper Dolls
Paperback      ISBN: 145212924x
Get a hands-on art history lesson with these giants of the art world, shrunk down to paper-doll form. Illustrator Kyle Hilton expertly captures the essence of such masters as Leonardo da Vinci, Henri Matisse, Jackson Pollock, and more. Educational trivia and unique accoutrements accompany each artist. Art history has never been so fun!
Assembled: Transform Everyday Objects into Robots
Transform Everyday Objects into Robots
Hardcover      ISBN: 1910254541
Assembled features 25 contemporary assemblage art projects by international artists through “before and after
The Big Book of the Dolls' House
The Big Book of the Dolls' House
Paperback      ISBN: 1861084854
Veteran dolls’ house maker, expert on all things miniature, and prolific author Jean Nisbett presents a comprehensive volume that brings all the elements of her previous work together. The result: a complete guide to the making and furnishing of all kinds of dolls’ houses, large and small, from the leading writer in the field. Incorporating practical advice, expert tips, and inspiring profiles of top artisans, it covers both the standard 1/12th scale and the increasingly popular 1/24th. And there’s an incredible range of styles, from fabulous palaces and elegant mansions to country cottages and Shaker homes. Breathtaking photos display imaginative decorations, period rooms and room boxes, holiday settings, outdoor scenes, and charming collections of diminutive china and other trinkets.
Creepy-Ass Dolls
Creepy-Ass Dolls
Paperback      ISBN: 1440215693
Terror in Toyland Dolls are sweet little toys and loyal tea party companions. Dolls creep us out, and if you believe they're just innocent playthings, your soul will be the first to get ripped out while you sleep. Creepy-Ass Dolls is full of twisted little porcelain and plastic playmates with chilling thoughts, sinister plans, and disturbing enjoyments, whether it?s becoming future fashion designers of clothes that eat skin or giving murder hugs. Remember, there's a reason dolls are kept in a toy box and if they get out, pray your soul is yours to keep.
D.I.Y. Dollhouse: Build and Decorate a Toy House Using Everyday Materials
D.I.Y. Dollhouse
Build and Decorate a Toy House Using Everyday Materials
Paperback      ISBN: 1616896078
D.I.Y. Dollhouse is a lavishly illustrated guide for budding architects, builders, and designers, showing then how to build and furnish their own eco-friendly dollhouse, with an incredible eye for detail. The simple instructions cover everything children (and parents) need to get started, from making rooms out of crate boxes and pieces of scrap fabric to crafting countless furniture and household items using recycled materials, such as empty plastic containers and bottles, bottle caps, cardboard boxes, plastic trays, drinking straws, and more. Learn how to transform these easy-to find household items into a sofa, bunk bed, desk chair, fridge, stove, bucket and mop, or even a hot tub for the rooftop garden, and come up with ideas of your own. The photographs of the finished interiors provide plenty of inspiration, and the project is sure to keep crafty children busy for days on end.
Designing the Doll: From Concept to Construction
Designing the Doll
From Concept to Construction
Paperback      ISBN: 1571200606
Explains the elements of design, such as scale, harmony, style, and the use of color, texture, and pattern; covers a variety of construction methods; and explains the concepts of mold making, sculpture mechanics, and doll assembly
Dolls' Clothes Pattern Book
Dolls' Clothes Pattern Book
Paperback      ISBN: 0806964383
Supplies instructions for making dresses, pants, bonnets, jackets, bathing suits, shirts, and wedding gowns for dolls
Fantastic Fairies And Their Friends
Fantastic Fairies And Their Friends
Paperback      ISBN: 1861084625
The Fairy Empress has lovely wings, is soft, flexible, and easily costumed. Her companion, the Grass Sprite, has a curly tail, and a comfy pumpkin to hide in. They’re just two of the toy fairy characters and magical accessories Julie Sharp shows how to make, with her own original method of joining and wrapping pompoms and pipe cleaners. All the projects in this entire fairy world are sturdy enough to play with and beautiful enough to display on a bedroom dresser or hall table. The materials are inexpensive, the directions are easy to follow, and the results are enchanting.
Fantastic Figures: Ideas & Techniques Using the New Clays
Fantastic Figures
Ideas & Techniques Using the New Clays
Paperback      ISBN: 0914881000