Casino Craps for the Winner
Casino Craps for the Winner
Paperback      ISBN: 1580423531

The essential guide for beginning and intermediate craps players has been reduced to under $10. More than 575,000 copies of this classic easy-to-read guide have been sold

This best-selling classic has sold over 575,000 copies and is now reduced to under $10 Players no longer need to be intimidated by the confusing game of craps. Cardoza offers a comprehensive and easy-to-understand book for both beginning players new to the game and experienced players looking for the maximum edge possible. Careful explanations and loads of examples show players the basics of playing craps, the various bets, their odds and payouts, money management and bankrolling. More than half the book is dedicated to winning strategies for every type of player--conservative, aggressive and super-aggressive--as well as how to bet with and against the dice and for games offering 1x, 2x, 3x and even 100x odds Packed with tables, charts, examples, and insider tips for players looking to crush the casino at craps.
Casino Gambling for Dummies
Casino Gambling for Dummies
Paperback      ISBN: 047175286x
Earn comps and avoid big losses

Bet wisely, beat the house, and bring home the bucks

Crazy about casinos, but worried about losing your shirt? Relax This hands-on guide is filled with insider secrets and tips for maximizing winnings and minimizing losses in the most popular casino games --blackjack, poker, craps, roulette, slots, and more. You get the scoop on everything from game rules and jargon to making the best bets (and knowing when to quit).

Discover how to
* Understand the odds
* Develop winning strategies
* Avoid gimmicks and bad bets
* Manage your money effectively
* Gamble on the Internet
* Deal with the IRS
The Complete Book of Mah Jongg: An Illustrated Guide to the Asian, American and International Styles of Play
The Complete Book of Mah Jongg
An Illustrated Guide to the Asian, American and International Styles of Play
by Lo, Amy
Paperback      ISBN: 0804845301
Master the exhilarating game of Mahjong with this introductory guide.

This complete, easy-to-follow instructional Mahjong handbook includes over 150 full-color photographs and illustrations to introduce players to this captivating game. This is the first Mahjong book to cover the Cantonese or old rules game fully. It also includes all of the most popular variations, such as the Shanghai game, the 16-tile or Taiwanese game, and the 12-tile game. Included are the rules, tactics, techniques, strategy and the rituals only the most experienced players know.

This Mahjong book includes:
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Full-color illustrations and photographs
  • Instruction on:
    1. Authentic Chinese Mahjong play
    2. Cantonese Mahjong play
    3. Shanghai Mahjong play
    4. American Mahjong play
    5. The 12-tile versions of the game
The Complete Book of Mah Jong is the perfect guide for all skill levels to learn the different styles of Mahjong--from Mahjong beginners to pros.
Complete Guide to Winning Poker
Complete Guide to Winning Poker
Paperback      ISBN: 0671216465

In this one comprehensive volume, by America's leading authority in the field, is everything anyone, from novice to expert, needs to know to play poker to win.

This is the biggest, most complete, and most authoritative book ever written on poker—everything there is to know about the Great American Game from the rules of each variation to the most expert instruction on playing the odds. Albert Morehead, author of more than 70 books on the rules and procedures of card games, has taken most of the mystery and even more of the luck out of winning—“Poker is a game of skill. If you aren’t beating the game, you’re being outplayed.

Cooke's Rules of Real Poker
Cooke's Rules of Real Poker
Paperback      ISBN: 1886070229

A big part of poker's appeal is that, at its essence, the rules are same everywhere. For the most part, you play with a deck of fifty-two cards, four suits, and thirteen ranks. The best five card hand takes the money. There are (some wild home game variations notwithstanding) only five combinations of actions: check, bet, call, raise, and fold. The purpose of this book is to provide a uniform set of rules for the most popular poker games spread in public cardrooms. Some rules apply to all games. Some apply to particular games. In deciding upon which rules to use, the rulebooks of nearly every major cardroom in the country have been consulted. Where rules differ, the authors have given preference to the rule that best serves the interest of fairness in the game. Indeed that is one of the first rules of the game: that all rules should be interpreted with the spirit of the game in mind. Beyond the issue of fairness, which is paramount, the next greatest weight has been given to the efficiency of the game--getting more hands out per hour benefits everyone: players get more hands, the house gets more rake, dealers get more tips.

After fairness and efficiency, the next most important factor is simplicity. All other things being equal, where there is a simple and a complicated way to do things, the simpler rule has been chosen. Lastly, tradition has been considered. The game has a great history, and the aforementioned variables being equal, the traditional rule has been given preference. Fairness, Efficiency, Simplicity and Tradition: the foundations of the Rules of Poker. An additional factor in establishing rules is inducing action. Although it is not as important as the other influences, action is important to the game. Rules can be constructed and interpreted to encourage action, or to inhibit it. All other things being equal, when one rule would limit action and another would induce it, the authors have given preference to the rule that will encourage players to get involved and play the hand. That said, there are other reasons for preferring one rule to another. When several different rules applying to a certain situation meet the tests of fairness, efficiency, simplicity and tradition, the preferred rule is listed first, and an alternate rule--or rules, if there are several--are listed afterward as Alternate Rules. At times, explanatory notes and/or examples are added after a rule. When interpreting a rule, the explanatory notes and examples should be taken into consideration. These notes and examples, together with the Definitions and Appendices for suggested procedures at the end of the Rules, are the components of Cooke's Rules of Real Poker. While some players and cardroom managers may not agree with all the rules included, it is hoped that the comprehensiveness of Cooke's Rules of Real Poker will result in it being used as a standard in cardrooms across the country. The inclusion of alternate rules that may be used in lieu of the preferred rule at the discretion of cardroom management is an attempt to address the legitimate differences of opinion regarding exactly what rule should be in force at a given establishment. Cardrooms will have the choice of adopting Cooke's Rules exactly as they stand, or Cooke's Rules as modified by house policy.

Cowboys Full: The Story of Poker
Cowboys Full
The Story of Poker
Paperback      ISBN: 0312430086


Cowboys Full traces the story of poker from its roots in China, the Middle East, and Europe, through the back rooms of saloons and the parlors of U.S. presidents to its evolution as a global phenomenon. It describes how early Americans took a French parlor game and turned it into a national craze by the time of the Civil War. It explains how poker, once dominated by cardsharps, is now the most popular card game in Europe, East Asia, Australia, South America, and cyberspace, as well as on television. Along the way, James McManus examines the game's remarkable hold on American culture, seen in everything from Frederic Remington's paintings to countless poker novels, movies, and plays. Cowboys Full is raucous and fascinating, a lively, definitive history of the game that, more than any other, explains who we are and how we operate.

Cutting Edge Craps
Cutting Edge Craps
Paperback      ISBN: 1600783341

Two of the best dice rollers in the nation share their secrets and tips for craps players looking to get an edge on the game in this exciting guide. Thoroughly explaining their proven techniques with photos and detailed descriptions, the authors make the system easy for anyone to learn--whether a veteran or not. Components of the strategy provided include how to set the dice to improve the odds of hitting different sets of numbers, how to throw the dice in a controlled manner, why using the 5-Count will reduce the house's edge, and how to push the casino to offer a better game than the standard. Without removing any of the excitement of gambling, this guide teaches how to approach the table with improved odds that could lead to bigger winnings.

Digital Gambling: Theorizing Gamble-Play Media
Digital Gambling
Theorizing Gamble-Play Media
Hardcover      ISBN: 1138303852

This book develops the concept of "gamble-play media", describing how some gambling and gambling-like practices are increasingly mediated by digital technologies. Digital gambling brings gambling closer to the practices and features of videogames, as audio-visual simulations structure users' experiences. By studying digital gambling from media studies, videogame and cultural studies approaches, this book offers a new critical perspective on the issues raised by computer-mediated gambling, while expanding our perspective on what media and gambling are. In particular, it critically analyses terrestrial, mobile and online slot machines, online poker and stock trading apps through a selection of case studies.

Double Down: Reflections on Gambling and Loss
Double Down
Reflections on Gambling and Loss
Paperback      ISBN: 0156010704
Double Down is a true story, a terrifying roller-coaster ride deep into the heart of two men, and into the world of floating Gulf Coast casinos. When both of their parents died within a short time of each other, the writers Frederick and Steven Barthelme, both professors of English in Mississippi, inherited a goodly sum of money. What followed was a binge during which they gambled away their entire fortune-and more. And then, in a cruel twist of fate, they were charged with cheating at the tables.

Told with a mixture of sadness and wry humor, and with a compelling look at the physical aura of gambling-the feel of the cards, the smell of the crowd, the sounds of the tables-Double Down is a reflection on the lure of challenging the odds, the attraction of stepping into the void. A cautionary tale (the brothers were eventually exonerated), it is a book that, once read, will never be forgotten.

Doyle Brunson's Super System
Doyle Brunson's Super System
3rd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1580420818

A course in power poker from one of the greatest players ever.