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The American Album For United States Stamps
The American Album For United States Stamps
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Red cloth boards. Corners and edges rubbed. Some glue marks and faint pencil markings throughout, else clean. Previous owner's name on FFEP.

The Complete Guide to Stamps & Stamp Collecting: The Ultimate Illustrated Reference to over 3000 of the World's Best Stamps, and a Professional Guide to Starting and Perfecting a Spectactular Collect
The Complete Guide to Stamps & Stamp Collecting
The Ultimate Illustrated Reference to over 3000 of the World's Best Stamps, and a Professional Guide to Starting and Perfecting a Spectactular Collect
Paperback      ISBN: 1844777251
A directory of the world's greatest stamps, a history of philately, and guide to collecting.

A History in Postage Stamps: Great Britain
A History in Postage Stamps
Great Britain
Paperback      ISBN: 1445648709
The arrival of the adhesive postage stamp 175 years ago in May 1840, as part of Britain's wider postal reforms, revolutionized communication and introduced a visual elegance to our post that still endures to this day. Within years, postal authorities around the world were following Britain's example, proudly producing their own stamps. These small rectangular pieces of paper became ubiquitous national symbols, conveying a nation's moods, triumphs and achievements to millions of letter writers. Soon, the study and collecting of stamps, known as 'philately', became hugely popular, as enthusiasts recorded the production techniques, quality and subtle varieties of stamps. Young collectors discovered new countries, currencies and cultures as they added the stamps to their albums, while serious philatelists exchanged increasingly substantial sums of money for scarce examples. Using notable British stamps issued over the past 175 years, this book charts the story of Britain and its stamps, from the industry and innovation of the Victorian era that produced the world famous Penny Black, through the politics and propaganda of two world wars during which stamps played their own role, and into the modern era, when British designers embraced the opportunity to celebrate, commemorate and reflect the country and its people through this unique form of communication.

A History of America in Thirty-Six Postage Stamps
A History of America in Thirty-Six Postage Stamps
Hardcover      ISBN: 1250043689
DISCOVER THE INCREDIBLE STORY OF AMERICA THROUGH ITS BEAUTIFUL AND DIVERSE POSTAGE STAMPS IN THIS EXUBERANT AND ALWAYS CHARMING HISTORY. In A History of America in Thirty-six Postage Stamps, Chris West explores America’s own rich philatelic history. From George Washington’s dour gaze to the charging buffalo of the western frontier and Lindbergh’s soaring biplane, American stamps are a vivid window into our country’s extraordinary and distinctive past. With the always accessible and spirited West as your guide, discover the remarkable breadth of America’s short history through a fresh lens. On their own, stamps can be curiosities, even artistic marvels; in this book, stamps become a window into the larger sweep of history.
Narrow Gauge Railway Stamps
Narrow Gauge Railway Stamps
Hardcover      ISBN: 1473871786
This, the first of four books, looks at the treatment of varying aspects of public transport with the aid of postage stamps, either issued by the postal authorities of most of the worlds nations, or some of the railway companies themselves, especially heritage operators.It has long intrigued the author as to why narrow gauge systems throughout the world have demanded a far greater attention from the public and stamp producers than railway subjects from the standard gauge lines, which make up the vast majority of the western worlds major railway systems. The conclusion he has reached is that in most cases they are considered cute a truly abominable term, which is (thankfully) gradually fading from our vocabulary, but just how the author felt on first seeing engines of the Talyllyn Railway, in mid-Wales, from the top of the station approach at Tywyns Wharf Station: tiny little kettles in sparkling, rich green and lots of brass.The Talyllyn has the double honor of being the worlds first railway to be taken-over and operated by a preservation society in 1951, and also the first railway in the modern era to issue its own Railway Letter Service stamps, a practice that can be traced back to the very earliest of times, which allowed people in outlying areas to send letters by the railways to the nearest post office for onward transport. The Talyllyns first stamps were issued in 1957, and today the lucky collector can demand a substantial premium on the paltry issue value.From whatever origin or country, there is a huge variety of stamps covering narrow gauge railways, and usually they are attractive miniature works of art that make them very collectable. The author has not set out to cover every country or issue in these books, but to present a wide selection of those stamps that are note-worthy.
Nowherelands: An Atlas of Vanished Countries, 1840-1975
An Atlas of Vanished Countries, 1840-1975
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0500519900
These are the stories of fifty countries that once existed but have now have been erased from the map. Varying vastly in size and shape, location and longevity, they are united by one fact: all of them endured long enough to issue their own stamps.Some of their names, such as Biafra or New Brunswick, will be relatively familiar. Others, such as Labuan, Tannu Tuva, and Inini, are far less recognizable. But all of these lost nations have stories to tell, whether they were as short- lived as Eastern Karelia, which lasted only a few weeks during the Soviet– Finnish War of 1922, or as long- lasting as the Orange Free State, a Boer Republic that celebrated fifty years as an independent state in the late 1800s. Their broad spectrum reflects the entire history of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with its ideologies, imperialism, waves of immigration, and conflicts both major and minor.The motifs and symbols chosen for stamps have always served as a form of national self- presentation, an expression of the aims and ambitions of the ruling authorities. Drawing on fiction and eye- witness accounts as well as historical sources, Bjorn Berge’s witty text casts an unconventional eye on these lesser- known nations. Nowherelands is a different kind of history book that will intrigue anyone keen to understand what makes a nation a nation.
The One-cent Magenta: Inside the Quest to Own the Most Valuable Stamp in the World
The One-cent Magenta
Inside the Quest to Own the Most Valuable Stamp in the World
Hardcover      ISBN: 1616205180
An inside look at the obsessive, secretive, and often bizarre world of high-profile stamp collecting, told through the journey of the world’s most sought-after stamp. When it was issued in 1856, it cost a penny. In 2014, this tiny square of faded red paper sold at Sotheby’s for nearly $9.5 million, the largest amount ever paid for a postage stamp at auction. Through the stories of the eccentric characters who have bought, owned, and sold the One-Cent Magenta in the years in between, James Barron delivers a fascinating tale of global history and immense wealth, and of the human desire to collect. One-cent magentas were provisional stamps, printed quickly in what was then British Guiana when a shipment of official stamps from London did not arrive. They were intended for periodicals, and most were thrown out with the newspapers. But one stamp survived. The singular One-Cent Magenta has had only nine owners since a twelve-year-old boy rediscovered it in 1873 as he sorted through papers in his uncle’s house. He soon sold it for what would be $17 today. (That’s been called the worst stamp swap in history.) Among later owners was a fabulously wealthy, eccentric Frenchman who hid the stamp from almost everyone (even King George V of England couldn’t get a peek); a businessman who traveled with the stamp in a briefcase he handcuffed to his wrist; and John E. du Pont, an heir to the chemical fortune, who died while serving a thirty-year sentence for the murder of Olympic wrestler Dave Schultz. Recommended for fans of Nicholas A. Basbanes, Susan Orlean, and Simon Winchester, The One-Cent Magenta explores the intersection of obsessive pursuits and great affluence and asks why we want most what is most rare.

Stamps of the World
Stamps of the World
Hardcover      ISBN: 1844062007