United States Civil War
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Lincoln's Men: How President Lincoln Became Father to an Army and a Nation
Lincoln's Men
How President Lincoln Became Father to an Army and a Nation
Paperback      ISBN: 0684862948
No American president has enjoyed as intimate a relationship with the soldiers in his army as did the man they called "Father Abraham." In Lincoln's Men, historian William C. Davis draws on thousands of unpublished letters and diaries -- the voices of the volunteers -- to tell the hidden story of how a new and untested president became "Father" throughout both the army and the North as a whole. How did Lincoln inspire the faith and courage of so many shattered men, as they wandered the inferno of Shiloh or were entrenched in the siege of Vicksburg? Why did soldiers visiting Washington feel free to stroll into the White House as if it were their own home? In this through and authoritative work, Davis removes layers of mythmaking to recapture the real moods and feelings of an army facing one of history's bloodiest conflicts. Lincoln's Men casts a new light on our most famous president and on America's revolution -- on our country's father and its rebirth.
Gettysburg-Culp's Hill and Cemetery Hill
Gettysburg-Culp's Hill and Cemetery Hill
Paperback      ISBN: 0807849960
In this companion to his celebrated earlier book, Gettysburg--The Second Day, Harry Pfanz provides the first definitive account of the fighting between the Army of the Potomac and Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia at Cemetery Hill and Culp's Hill--two of the most critical engagements fought at Gettysburg on 2 and 3 July 1863. Pfanz provides detailed tactical accounts of each stage of the contest and explores the interactions between--and decisions made by--generals on both sides. In particular, he illuminates Confederate lieutenant general Richard S. Ewell's controversial decision not to attack Cemetery Hill after the initial southern victory on 1 July. Pfanz also explores other salient features of the fighting, including the Confederate occupation of the town of Gettysburg, the skirmishing in the south end of town and in front of the hills, the use of breastworks on Culp's Hill, and the small but decisive fight between Union cavalry and the Stonewall Brigade.
Life in Mr. Lincoln's Navy
Life in Mr. Lincoln's Navy
Hardcover      ISBN: 1557507368
Examines the common sailor's life in the Union navy. The author looks at sailors' daily lives, including such aspects as recruiting, clothing, training, entertainment, wages, diet, health, and combat experience. He also examines issues such as racial integration in the military and the development of the US Navy as it moved from wood and sail to steam and iron. The focus is on the sailors assigned to the western river vessels and the ships enforcing the blockade, as well as those dispatched to destroy Confederate commerce raiders. Includes 20 pages of b&w photographs. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.
Hallowed Ground: A Walk at Gettysburg
Hallowed Ground
A Walk at Gettysburg
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0609610236
The Pulitzer Prize-winning historian takes an illuminating tour around one of America's most hallowed battlefields, describing the events and personalities of the bloody three-day 1863 conflict at Gettysburg, exploring such key sites as Oak Hill, Seminary Ridge, Little Round Top, and Cemetery Hill and shedding light on the significance of the battle in terms of both Civil War and American history. 30,000 first printing.
Sherman's March
Sherman's March
Hardcover      ISBN: 0690017464
Drawing on primary sources, Wheeler creates a first-person account of Sherman's march, providing a new perspective supporting his contention that Sherman's strategy shortened the war by destroying property rather than soldiers
Forged in Battle: The Civil War Alliance of Black Soldiers and White Officers
Forged in Battle
The Civil War Alliance of Black Soldiers and White Officers
Hardcover      ISBN: 0029118158
A history of the United States Colored Troops during the American Civil War
Paperback      ISBN: 0684849275
Arguing that Grant has been underrated by historians, the author seeks to correct the record with this new assessment of the celebrated Civil War general and Reconstruction-era president.
New York City Draft Riots: Their Significance for American Society and Politics in the Age of the Civil War
New York City Draft Riots
Their Significance for American Society and Politics in the Age of the Civil War
Hardcover      ISBN: 0195050061
Examines the causes, participants, and consequences of the Draft Riot, offers a new perspective on Civil War society, and discusses unions and race relations.
Civil War in the Making, 1815-1860
Civil War in the Making, 1815-1860
Paperback      ISBN: 0807101311
An interpretation of the sectional forces that brought moderate and conservative men to the brink of war
April 1865: The Month That Saved America
April 1865
The Month That Saved America
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0060187239
The author reveals why the last month of the American Civil War was so pivotal in preserving the Union, describing such key events as the fall of Richmond, Lee's retreat, the surrender at Appomattox, and Lincoln's assassination. 30,000 first printing.