After Love: Queer Intimacy and Erotic Economies in Post-Soviet Cuba
After Love: Queer Intimacy and Erotic Economies in Post-Soviet Cuba
Paperback      ISBN: 0822356856
Focused on the intimate effects of large-scale economic transformations, After Love illuminates how everyday efforts to imagine, resist, and enact market reforms shape sexual desires and subjectivities. Anthropologist Noelle Stout arrived in Havana in 2002 to study the widely publicized emergence of gay tolerance in Cuba but discovered that the sex trade was dominating everyday discussions of gays, lesbians, and travestis. Largely eradicated after the Revolution, sex work, including same-sex prostitution, exploded in Havana when the island was opened to foreign tourism in the early 1990s. The booming sex trade led to unprecedented encounters between Cuban gays and lesbians, straight male sex workers, and foreign tourists. As many gay Cuban men in their thirties and forties abandoned relationships with other gay men in favor of intimacies with straight male sex workers, these bonds complicated ideas about "true love" for queer Cubans at large. From openly homophobic hustlers having sex with urban gays for room and board, to lesbians disparaging sex workers but initiating relationships with foreign men for money, to gay tourists espousing communist rhetoric while handing out Calvin Klein bikini briefs, the shifting economic terrain raised fundamental questions about the boundaries between labor and love in late-socialist Cuba.
Antiracism in Cuba: The Unfinished Revolution
Antiracism in Cuba
The Unfinished Revolution
Paperback      ISBN: 1469626721
Analyzing the ideology and rhetoric around race in Cuba and south Florida during the early years of the Cuban revolution, Devyn Spence Benson argues that ideas, stereotypes, and discriminatory practices relating to racial difference persisted despite major efforts by the Cuban state to generate social equality. Drawing on Cuban and U.S. archival materials and face-to-face interviews, Benson examines 1960s government programs and campaigns against discrimination, showing how such programs frequently negated their efforts by reproducing racist images and idioms in revolutionary propaganda, cartoons, and school materials. Building on nineteenth-century discourses that imagined Cuba as a raceless space, revolutionary leaders embraced a narrow definition of blackness, often seeming to suggest that Afro-Cubans had to discard their blackness to join the revolution. This was and remains a false dichotomy for many Cubans of color, Benson demonstrates. While some Afro-Cubans agreed with the revolution's sentiments about racial transcendence--"not blacks, not whites, only Cubans--others found ways to use state rhetoric to demand additional reforms. Still others, finding a revolution that disavowed blackness unsettling and paternalistic, fought to insert black history and African culture into revolutionary nationalisms. Despite such efforts by Afro-Cubans and radical government-sponsored integration programs, racism has persisted throughout the revolution in subtle but lasting ways.
Bacardi and the Long Fight for Cuba: The Biography of a Cause
Bacardi and the Long Fight for Cuba
The Biography of a Cause
Paperback      ISBN: 0143116320
A history of Cuba as reflected by the dynasty of the famous Barcardi rum family traces five generations during which they served as an example of business and civic leadership while alternately fighting for national freedom and honoring their country as exiles. Reprint.
The Bay of Pigs
The Bay of Pigs
Paperback      ISBN: 019975425x
In The Bay of Pigs, Howard Jones provides a concise, incisive, and dramatic account of the disastrous attempt to overthrow Castro in April 1961. Drawing on recently declassified CIA documents, Jones deftly examines the train of missteps and self-deceptions that led to the invasion of U.S.-trained exiles at the Bay of Pigs. Ignoring warnings from the ambassador to Cuba, the Eisenhower administration put in motion an operation that proved nearly unstoppable even after the inauguration of John F. Kennedy. The CIA and Pentagon, meanwhile, both voiced confidence in the outcome of the invasion, especially after coordinating previous successful coups in Guatemala and Iran. And so the Kennedy administration launched the exile force toward its doom in Cochinos Bay on April 17, 1961. Jones gives a riveting account of the battle--and the confusion in the White House--before moving on to explore its implications. The Bay of Pigs, he writes, set the course of Kennedy's foreign policy. It was a humiliation for the administration that fueled fears of Communist domination and pushed Kennedy toward a hardline "cold warrior" stance. But at the same time, the failed attack left him deeply skeptical of CIA and military advisers and influenced his later actions during the Cuban missile crisis.
The Boys from Dolores
The Boys from Dolores
by Unknown
Paperback      ISBN: 1845290003
The Boys from Dolores is a chronicle of 238 young students and the Cuba they were born to lead. Brought together one day in 1941 for a school photo at one of the island's most elite academies, Colegio de Dolores, their ranks included doctors and engineers, refugees and warriors, and two brothers - Fidel and Raul Castro - who would come to rule the fate of all Cubans. Patrick Symmes follows the tale of this generation, born to privilege and power, which gave birth to the Cuban Revolution. Dozens of the boys from Dolores would aid their classmate Fidel in his rise to the top; some would later take up arms against him. Ranging from the basketball courts and alleys of Santiago, Cuba, to the beaches of the Bay of Pigs and Miami's Little Havana, Symmes offers a collective biography of the generation that made and lost Cuba.
The Brilliant Disaster: JFK, Castro, and America's Doomed Invasion of Cuba's Bay of Pigs
The Brilliant Disaster
JFK, Castro, and America's Doomed Invasion of Cuba's Bay of Pigs
Paperback      ISBN: 1416596534
Now in paperback, a “balanced, engrossing account
Castro's Secrets: The CIA and Cuba's Intelligence Machine
Castro's Secrets
The CIA and Cuba's Intelligence Machine
Hardcover      ISBN: 0230621236
"In this riveting Cold War history, highly acclaimed author Brian Latell offers us a new and surprising look at Fidel Castro. Latell draws his narrative on personal interviews with high level defectors from Cuba's intelligence, many of whom have not spoken out for over nearly five decades. The result is a vivid and revelatory account that revises our understanding of how Fidel operated, what his goals were, and how he imagined the future for his tiny island nation. Latell takes us from from the crimes Fidel allegedly committed as a youth in the anti-Battista movement, to how quickly he built up an intelligence system that rivaled the Soviet Union's KGB and Britain's M15 in effectiveness, and how that translated into a feud with JFK's administration and the CIA, and the ultimate confrontation during the Cuban Missile Crises that brought the world to the brink of a nuclear holocaust"--

Che: A Memoir
A Memoir
Paperback      ISBN: 192088825x
In a new, expanded edition of a best-selling Ocean classic, Castro describes a historic political partnership that changed the face of Cuba and Latin America. He vividly portrays Che—the man, the revolutionary, and the thinker—recounting in detail his last days with Che in Cuba, giving a remarkably frank assessment of the Bolivian mission. Fidel Castro, in an unusually gentle, quite emotional mood, remarks, “For me it has been hard to accept the idea that Che is dead. I have dreamed of him often, that I spoke with him, that he was alive . . .” Includes Castro’s speech on the return of Che’s remains to Cuba in 1997.
Che Guevara: A Manga Biography
Che Guevara
A Manga Biography
Paperback      ISBN: 0143118161
An extraordinary illustrated graphic novel about the legendary political figure Che Guevara. His name is equated with rebellion, revolution, and socialism. His face is on tee-shirts all over the world. Che Guevara's life has been explored and portrayed in numerous books and films, including The Motorcycle Diaries, and he continues to captivate the public imagination more than forty years after his death. Guevara became politically active in his native Argentina, but gained notoriety after he met Fidel Castro and became instrumental in Castro's efforts in Cuba. Guevara then went on to Bolivia, where he was captured and killed by the Bolivian army while trying to incite revolution. This illustrated biography tells the riveting story of Che's life and death through the popular Japanese art form manga.
Che Guevara Speaks: Selected Speeches and Writings
Che Guevara Speaks
Selected Speeches and Writings
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0873489101
The first edition was published in December 1967, two months after Guevara was hunted down and killed in Bolivia, but the Spanish originals of his writings and speeches were often incomplete, and the English translations suffered from the conditions of the revolutionary times. A 2000 edition not only cleaned up the first collection, but also added documents that had been translated and published subsequently. It is that augmented edition that is reprinted here. Among the items are Fidel's trip to New York, mobilizing the masses for the invasion, Cuba's economic plan, Cuba and the Kennedy plan, Camilo Cienfuegos, interview by Mrs. Josie Fanon, farewell letters to Fidel and to his parents, and Vietnam and the world struggle for freedom. Annotation ©2010 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (