Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times, and Corruption of Atlantic City
Boardwalk Empire
The Birth, High Times, and Corruption of Atlantic City
Paperback      ISBN: 0966674863
Examines the politcal rivalries and corrupt practices which led to the creation of Atlantic City, from it beginnings as a quiet beach town to its rise as thriving and lawless city during the Prohibition era to its establishment as a gambling and entertainment mecca.
Boardwalk Gangster: The Real Lucky Luciano
Boardwalk Gangster
The Real Lucky Luciano
Paperback      ISBN: 1250002648
For the first twenty-five years of his career, Lucky Luciano was a vicious mobster who became the king of the New York underworld. For the next twenty-five, he was a fake, his reputation maintained by government agents. Boardwalk Gangster follows him from his early days as a hit man to his sex and narcotics empires, exposing the truth about what he did to help the Allies in World War II, and revealing how he reallyspent his twilight years. Drawing on secret government documents in the United States and Europe, this myth-busting biography tells a story that has never been told before—in which the American Mafia becomes entangled with foreign war and Cold War conspiracy.
Bones: Brothers, Horses, Cartels, and the Borderland Dream
Brothers, Horses, Cartels, and the Borderland Dream
Hardcover      ISBN: 0812989600
The dramatic true story of two brothers living parallel lives on either side of the U.S.-Mexico border—and how their lives converged in a major criminal conspiracy José and Miguel Treviño were bonded by blood and a shared vision of a better life. But they chose different paths that would end at the same violent crossroads—with considerable help from the FBI and an enigmatic, all-American snitch. José was a devoted family man who cut no corners in his pursuit of the American dream. Born in Nuevo Laredo, a Mexican border town on a crucial smuggling route, José was one of thirteen children raised by a hardworking ranch hand. He grew up loving the sprawling countryside and its tough, fast quarter horses, but in search of opportunity he crossed the border into Texas to look for work as a bricklayer. He kept his nose clean. He stayed out of trouble. Back in Mexico, José’s younger brother Miguel was leading a different life. While José struggled to make ends meet, Miguel ascended to the top ranks of Los Zetas, a notoriously bloody drug cartel—his crimes had become the stuff of legend and myth on both sides of the border. He was said to have burned rivals alive, murdered Mexican and American law enforcement officers, and launched grenades at a U.S. consulate. José, married with kids and now a U.S. citizen, gave every indication of rejecting his brother’s criminal lifestyle. Then one day he showed up at a quarter-horse auction and bid close to a million dollars for a horse—the largest amount ever paid for a quarter horse at an auction. The humble bricklayer quickly became a major player in the quarter-horse racing scene that thrived in the American Southwest and Mexico. That caught the attention of an eager young FBI agent named Scott Lawson. He enlisted Tyler Graham, an American rancher who would eventually breed José’s champion horse—nicknamed Bones—to help the FBI infiltrate what was revealing itself to be a major money-laundering operation, with the ultimate goal of capturing the infamous Miguel Treviño. Joe Tone’s riveting, exquisitely layered crime narrative, set against the high-stakes world of horse racing, is an intimate story about family, loyalty, and the tragic costs of a failed drug war. Compelling and complex, Bones sheds light on the perilous lives of American ranchers, the morally dubious machinery of drug and border enforcement, and the way greed and fear mingle with race, class, and violence along America’s vast Southwestern border. Advance praise for Bones “One magnificent piece of border reporting.”—Sam Quinones, author of Dreamland: The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic “Bones is a riveting read that transcends the larger-than-life cartels, cowboys, and fast horses at its heart. It’s about how hard it is to determine what makes a good guy and a bad guy along our embattled border.”—Joe Drape, author of the New York Times bestseller American Pharoah “What a cast of characters: a bloodthirsty Mexican drug lord, his unassuming blue-collar brother, a daring Texas rancher, and an idealistic young FBI agent. And then there are the racehorses, as fast as the wind, competing for million-dollar purses on the quarter-horse tracks of the American Southwest. Through amazingly detailed research, Joe Tone has brought us a riveting tale about the pursuit of justice in the most dangerous of worlds.”—Skip Hollandsworth, author of the New York Times bestseller The Midnight Assassin
Born to Kill: The Rise and Fall of America's Bloodiest Asian Gang
Born to Kill
The Rise and Fall of America's Bloodiest Asian Gang
Paperback      ISBN: 0061782386
An Edgar Award-nominated account of organized crime activities in New York's Chinatown at the end of the twentieth century offers insight into the plights of Vietnam War orphans, the leadership of megalomaniacal psychopath David Thai, and the brave contributions of former gang member Tinh Ngo. 25,000 first printing. Reprint.
Boss of Bosses: The Fall of the Godfather : The FBI and Paul Castellano
Boss of Bosses
The Fall of the Godfather : The FBI and Paul Castellano
Paperback      ISBN: 0440212294
An account of the life and crimes of Mafia head Paul Castellano describes how the FBI bugged Castellano's Staten Island mansion in an attempt to bring him to justice. Reprint.
A Brief History of Gangsters
A Brief History of Gangsters
Paperback      ISBN: 1472110544
From the Old West to Prohibition and beyond, gangsters brought vividly to life
The Brothers Bulger
The Brothers Bulger
Paperback      ISBN: 0446618888
An account of the infamous Massachusetts criminal team describes their mobster activities and corrupt political practices, tracing Whitey Bulger's ongoing placement on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives lists and Billy Bulger's expulsion from his positions with the state senate and the University of Massachusetts. Reprint.
The Brothers Bulger: How They Terrorized and Corrupted Boston for a Quarter Century
The Brothers Bulger
How They Terrorized and Corrupted Boston for a Quarter Century
Paperback      ISBN: 1455579769
Provides a portrait of Boston's infamous Bulger brothers--Whitey, the city's most feared mobster and one of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives, and Billy, a political power in the Massachusetts state senate.
Brutal: The Untold Story of My Life Inside Whitey Bulger's Irish Mob
The Untold Story of My Life Inside Whitey Bulger's Irish Mob
Paperback      ISBN: 0061148067
The former deputy, partner, and trusted confidante of James J. "Whitey" Bulger, head of Boston's Irish mob describes his more than twenty-year career at the side of the notorious fugitive and underworld boss, sharing inside details of the violence, crimes, intrigues, and murders of Bulger's crime empire. Reprint.
Buccaneer: The Provocative Odyssey of Jack Reed: Adventurer, Drug Smuggler and Pilot Extraordinaire
The Provocative Odyssey of Jack Reed: Adventurer, Drug Smuggler and Pilot Extraordinaire
Paperback      ISBN: 1939521084
Buccaneer is the stimulating, true account of the life and times of Jack Reed, an All-American boy turned drug smuggler; turned Robinson Crusoe, then infamous prison inmate. For the first time, Jack Reed discloses his extraordinary, tabooed journey as a high flying international cocaine smuggler and personal pilot for Carlos Lehder, partner to Pablo Escobar of the infamous Medellin Cartel. Reed flew drug runs for Lehder who handled transportation, while Colombian drug lord Escobar handled production and supply. Lehder's cocaine transport empire was based at Norman's Cay, an out island 210 miles off the Florida coast in the Bahamas. Having gained notoriety in the late 70s as a staging point for drug smuggling, Norman's Cay was immortalized in Blow, a 2001 motion picture starring Johnny Depp. Reed lands in court as Lehder's co-defendant in the longest running drug trial in U.S. history. A non-violent offender, Reed becomes the victim of a tragic judicial sentencing mistake. Tired of being hounded by media, Reed had denied all interviews until journalist MayCay Beeler contacted him in prison. His infamous story has never been given to any other journalist. In doing research for this book, which was a collaborative effort at the end of Reed's life, MayCay would stumble upon a piece of information that would change everything. This book is the stunning account of Reed's provocative life with a twist of fate that will make you believe in destiny.