Photography Anthologies
Bright Nights: Photographs of Another New York
Bright Nights
Photographs of Another New York
Paperback      ISBN: 3791348558
Don’t send anyone these postcards from New York. In Tod Seelie’s city, cars burst into flames, punks knock each other off mutant bicycles, and women crowd surf in high heels. Bright Nights: Photographs of Another New York compiles a decade and a half of pictures from a roiling underground of music and art and noise and mess. Organized aesthetically, the collection features friends and comrades tromping through basement rock shows and dirty parties, climbing up bridges, and descending into live subway tunnels. Short essays from Seelie’s collaborators, including Ian Vanek of the band Japanther and street artist Swoon, make sense of the senseless. These are not the snapshots New York City wants you to see.
Burmese Light: Impressions of the Golden Land
Burmese Light
Impressions of the Golden Land
Paperback      ISBN: 962856370x
Burmese Light: Impressions of the Golden Land is a photographic introduction to Myanmar, the country behind the Bamboo Curtain. Stunning images by award-winning photographer Hans Kemp, paired with a witty and insightful text by well-known author Tom Vater, take the reader on a journey through a fascinating country slowly but steadily emerging from a long period of involuntarily isolation. The 200-page book features all the country’s famous sights, its colorful people and its multitude of customs, and leaves the reader with only one wish: to pay a visit to this amazing Golden Land.
C International Photo Magazine 09
C International Photo Magazine 09
Hardcover      ISBN: 0955961335
Cafe Society: Socialites, Patrons, and Artists 1920-1960
Cafe Society
Socialites, Patrons, and Artists 1920-1960
Hardcover      ISBN: 2080301578
Aristocrats, millionaires, painters, fashion designers, choreographers, and musicians of the Café Society fox-trot aboard cruise liners and mingle at dazzling parties in Paris. Exclusive, extravagant, and beautiful, these cosmopolitan socialites were the patrons who galvanized the phenomenal success of the greatest creators of the early twentieth century. It was a whirlwind of sumptuously decorated villas and yachts, up-and-coming haute couture and jewelry designers, and elite evening parties, immortalized by fashion photographers like Cecil Beaton. Combining elegance and fantasy, the members of the Café Society enjoyed a sophisticated, avant-garde lifestyle. Some of the century’s most original talents—from Cole Porter to Yves Saint Laurent—stepped into the limelight via the Café Society. Through archival photographs and period documents, this volume recounts in historical detail the intrigue and impact generated around the world by this stylish jet-set.

Camera Works: Alfred Steiglitz
Camera Works
Alfred Steiglitz
Paperback      ISBN: 3822880728
Candid Creatures: How Camera Traps Reveal the Mysteries of Nature
Candid Creatures
How Camera Traps Reveal the Mysteries of Nature
Hardcover      ISBN: 1421418886
Kays has collected 613 photographs from 153 research groups demonstrating how remote cameras triggered by motion detectors can be used in scientific research and in managing wildlife. The biggest section is on individual species, among them clouded leopards, spotted fanaloka, masked palm civet, dingo, Malay weasel, Brazilian tapir, chimpanzee, giant armadillo, Thomas' flying squirrel, and black cod. Another section demonstrates animal neighborhood watches in such habitats as rainforest canopies, America's urban predators, gaps in the Polish woods, and oil palm plantations. A final section, called Caught in the Act, discusses such matters as movement corridors, highway rope bridges, nest protectors, bush versus elephant, and poachers. Annotation ©2016 Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR (

Casa Susanna
Casa Susanna
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1576877337
Some time ago, while at a New York flea market, inveterate collectors Michael Hurst and Robert Swope discovered a large body of snapshots: album after aged album of well-preserved images, taken roughly between the mid-50s and mid-60s, depicting a group of cross-dressers united around a place called Casa Susanna, a rather large and charmingly banal Victorian-style house in small-town New Jersey. The inhabitants, visitors, guests, and hosts used it as a weekend headquarters for a regular “girl’s life.
Celebrated in Their Time: Photographic Portraits 1910-1922 from the George Grantham Bain Collection
Celebrated in Their Time
Photographic Portraits 1910-1922 from the George Grantham Bain Collection
Paperback      ISBN: 0486467546
Remarkable portrait gallery features 112 rare images of Albert Einstein, Charlie Chaplin, the Wright Brothers, Henry Ford, and other luminaries from the worlds of politics, art, entertainment, and industry.
Changing Circumstances: Looking at the Future of the Planet
Changing Circumstances
Looking at the Future of the Planet
Hardcover      ISBN: 9053308628
Changing Circumstances - Looking At The Future Of The Planet is an expansive presentation of international contemporary photography, video, and new media art addressing the challenges presented by global change. The book shows the works of over 30+ leading international artists, focusing on the ways in which photographic, video and digital art reflects on our relationship, as individuals and as a society, to the natural environment around us. An important aspect of this presentation is how individual artists are using their work to initiate and actively support change that seeks to correct the negative impact of human behaviour on the natural environment. The purpose of the book is to provoke, through visual art, new ways of thinking about how we see our role within the natural environment and our connection(s) to the rest of the planet – and how this affects our future. While we cannot ignore the problems of the planet today, the book will not simply be a recitation of negative prognoses. Rather it will look at ways in which artists and scientists are re-visioning our relationship with the earth and space. The artists and artworks address a broad range of issues that we understand as key challenges to the future of the earth – including climate change, migration, water, energy production, and natural resources. Many of the works present atypical uses of visual art and photography to address these changes with new media, moving image, performance, and text. Lead essays will be provided by the pioneering curator Wendy Watriss, Co-Curator of the Changing Circumstances Exhibition and Co-Founder of FotoFest International, and by FotoFest Executive Director and Co-Curator of the Changing Circumstances Exhibition, Steven Evans. The authors will look at the shifting relationships between contemporary art photography, issues of global change, and activism. Co-Founder of FotoFest International and Changing Circumstances Co-Curator Frederick Baldwin, with Watriss and Evans, will provide a philosophical overview of the project in the introduction. Additional texts from participating artists, policy-makers, and experts will also be included. The book Changing Circumstances is a collaboration between FotoFest International and Schilt Publishing.
The Chicago World's Fair of 1893: A Photographic Record
The Chicago World's Fair of 1893
A Photographic Record
Paperback      ISBN: 048623990x
Offers text and 128 rare, vintage photographs of two hundred buildings and includes coverage of the original ferris wheel, the first midway, and Edison’s kinetoscope.