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Moro Affair and the Mystery of Majorana
Moro Affair and the Mystery of Majorana
Paperback      ISBN: 1590170830
On March 16, 1978 Aldo Moro, a former Prime Minister of Italy, was ambushed in Rome. Within three minutes the gang killed his escort and bundled Moro into one of three getaway cars. An hour later the terrorist group the Red Brigades announced that Moro was in their hands; on March 18 they said he would be tried in a "people's court of justice." Seven weeks later Moro's body was discovered in the trunk of a car parked in the crowded center of Rome. The Moro Affair presents a chilling picture of how a secretive government and a ruthless terrorist faction help to keep each other in business. Also included in this book is "The Mystery of Majorana," Sciascia's fascinating investigation of the disappearance of a major Italian physicist during Mussolini's regime.
Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders
Helter Skelter
The True Story of the Manson Murders
Paperback      ISBN: 0393322238
The inside story behind the Manson killings explains how Charles Manson was able to make his "family" murder for him, chronicles the investigation, and describes in detail the court trial that brought him and his accomplices to justice. Winner of the Edgar Allan Poe Award. Reprint.
Death at Chappaquiddick
Death at Chappaquiddick
Paperback      ISBN: 0882892495
Draws conclusions from a private investigation of the court proceedings and evidence surrounding the 1969 accident resulting in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne
Assata: An Autobiography
An Autobiography
Paperback      ISBN: 1556520743
The author, formerly known as JoAnne Chesimard, relates the formative experiences of her youth that led her to a life of activism in Black nationalist organizations and, eventually, to prison
The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America
The Devil in the White City
Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America
Paperback      ISBN: 0375725601
A compelling account of the Chicago World's Fair of 1893 brings together the divergent stories of two very different men who played a key role in shaping the history of the event--visionary architect Daniel H. Burnham, who coordinated its construction, and Dr. Henry H. Holmes, an insatiable and charming serial killer who lured women to their deaths. Reader's Guide available. Reprint. 250,000 first printing.
Last Dance, Last Chance: And Other True Cases
Last Dance, Last Chance
And Other True Cases
Paperback      ISBN: 067102535x
A collection of true-crime tales includes an account of Dr. Anthony Pignataro, a cosmetic surgeon with a penchant for forged credentials and botched surgeries, and his attempted arsenic poisoning of his wife.
The Bone Lady
The Bone Lady
Paperback      ISBN: 014029192x
A former pathologist known as "the bone lady" shares her exciting tale of life in the trenches, literally, of crime investigation, discussing the gritty, dirt-smudged details of her high-profile cases--from Civil War skeletons to modern political intrigue. Reprint.
Sex, Love, and Violence: Strategies for Transformation
Sex, Love, and Violence
Strategies for Transformation
Paperback      ISBN: 0393700968
This work proposes a model for choosing the right intervention to solve the problems which are brought to therapy. The emphasis is on how to understand and control the many forms of violence (including incest and sexual abuse) that constitute a primary therapeutic problem of our time.
Killing Pablo: The Hunt for the World's Greatest Outlaw
Killing Pablo
The Hunt for the World's Greatest Outlaw
Paperback      ISBN: 0142000957
A riveting nonfiction thriller reveals the inside story of how U.S. special forces and intelligence agencies led an extensive manhunt to capture and contain Colombian cocaine cartel kingpin Pablo Escobar, one of the most powerful and wealthiest outlaws ever known. Reprint.
Stranger Beside Me
Stranger Beside Me
Hardcover      ISBN: 0393050297
From the perspective of the former policewoman, crime writer, and unknowing personal friend, tells the story of Ted Bundy, a brilliant law student executed for killing three women, who confessed to killing thirty-five others.