Aging and Elder Care
Alone and Invisible No More: How Grassroots Community Action and 21st Century Technologies Can Empower Elders to Stay in Their Homes and Lead Healthier, Happier Lives
Alone and Invisible No More
How Grassroots Community Action and 21st Century Technologies Can Empower Elders to Stay in Their Homes and Lead Healthier, Happier Lives
Paperback      ISBN: 1603583793
"Within the next two decades, tens of millions of Americans will reach the age where they will need either significant support to stay in their own homes or a cost-effective residential alternative. The current state of elder care in America is appalling, expensive, and unsustainable. It underserves the majority of elderly Americans and bankrupts all but the richest few while virtually ignoring this population's complex physical and mental needs. At a time when we should be celebrating the achievements and wisdom of the oldest citizens, we instead find ways to overmedicate and isolate them in dehumanizing nursing-home facilities. And space for more residents within this system is running out. There must be a better way! In Alone and Invisible No More, physician Dr. Allan S. Teel, MD, describes a philosophy and a course of action that have turned aging in place into a viable alternative for dozens of elderly residents in Damariscotta, Maine. Teel lays out a course of action to expand his approach to the millions of Americans approaching retirement age and how these techniques can be used to avert the financial and personal disaster approaching nationwide. He discusses the resources--both technological and professional--needed to guide this transition and the community support that will be critical to its success. Taking this "Maine Approach" to the rest of the country could create a climate where Americans welcome rather than fear the approach of their golden years"--Provided by publisher.

Alzheimer's in America: The Shriver Report on Women and Alzheimer's
Alzheimer's in America
The Shriver Report on Women and Alzheimer's
Paperback      ISBN: 1451639872
Offers the latest research about the disease, proposals on ways to support both the patient and caregiver, and essays written by patients, family members, and caregivers about living with the disease.
Another Country: Navigating the Emotional Terrain of Our Elders
Another Country
Navigating the Emotional Terrain of Our Elders
Paperback      ISBN: 1573227846
An exploration by the bestselling author of Reviving Ophelia into the period of transition that marks the beginnings of old age offers a compassionate and wise view of ways to build communication between generations, presenting insights into empathy and understanding. Reprint.
Anti-Aging Cures: Life Changing Secrets to Reverse the Effects of Aging
Anti-Aging Cures
Life Changing Secrets to Reverse the Effects of Aging
Hardcover      ISBN: 0984430733
"Are you tired of searching for the fountain of youth? Well, look no more. In this book, Nevada medical oncologist Dr. James Forsythe, one of the world's leading anti-aging experts, reveals how to slow and even reverse the aging process. Based on meticulously researched clinical evidence, this book provides an account of revolutionary anti-aging treatments that can prevent the health conditions associated with getting old. The key to youth, good health, and vitality as we age comes from our body's MasterHormone that naturally produces human growth hormone (HGH ). As we advance in years, the body produces less and less of this vital hormone and we begin to see and feel symptoms of the aging process. By rejuvenating the Master Hormone gland using a range of safe and natural Bio-Stimulators, as this book shows, we improve the quality and duration of the human lifespan, prevent heart disease and obesity, and maintain optimal health as we mature. The medically documented and proven benefits include: loss of body-fat mass, improved skin texture and tone, improved bone density, improved libido and sleep quality, and much more. Dr. Forsythe, who wrote the official United States government protocol for administering growth hormone to fight aging, describes how readers can harness the power of Bio-Stimulators safely, legally, and naturally, to combat the ravages of aging. The book also describes simple ways to release more growth hormone in your body by using combinations of everyday foods, exercise, and quality sleep. Backed by firm medical science evidence, Anti-Aging Cures will teach you how all of these natural cures for aging work their magic on the human body"--
Are Your Prescriptions Killing You?: How to Prevent Dangerous Interactions, Avoid Deadly Side Effects, and Be Healthier With Fewer Drugs
Are Your Prescriptions Killing You?
How to Prevent Dangerous Interactions, Avoid Deadly Side Effects, and Be Healthier With Fewer Drugs
Paperback      ISBN: 1451608403
A veteran board-certified pharmacist cites the high number of annual deaths associated with prescription drug side effects, calling for changes in prescription practices that account for the needs of aging bodies. 75,000 first printing.
The Art and Science of Aging Well: A Physician's Guide to a Healthy Body, Mind, and Spirit
The Art and Science of Aging Well
A Physician's Guide to a Healthy Body, Mind, and Spirit
Hardcover      ISBN: 1469627396
A clinical professor of medicine uses his own observations as well as clinical observations to guide people into a better quality of their old age, dispelling the notion of inevitable personal, social, economic and health declines.
Because I'd Hate to Just Disappear: My Cancer, My Self, Our Story
Because I'd Hate to Just Disappear
My Cancer, My Self, Our Story
Paperback      ISBN: 1943859736
“Illness, in the larger sense of mortality,” Don Hardy writes, “is an inescapable shared trait among all living creatures, and we humans know about it, whether or not we want to talk about it.” Because I’d Hate to Just Disappear is a portrait of a husband and wife, Don and Heather Hardy, thrown into the physical and emotional machinery of Don being diagnosed with leukemia and going through chemotherapy and treatment over a period of close to two years. In this thoughtful and exquisite account, Don and Heather narrate Don’s struggle in real-time. Disarmingly honest, they recount each intimate stage of a couple living through cancer together, the mental and physical struggles, the humor and visceral emotion to reveal how two very different personalities shape—and are shaped by—the experience of cancer and its treatment. Through these moments emerge a constant flow of human kindness and discovery that lifts them each day.
The Best Care Possible: A Physician's Quest to Transform Care Through the End of Life
The Best Care Possible
A Physician's Quest to Transform Care Through the End of Life
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1583335129
A palliative care doctor on the front lines of hospital care illuminates one of the most important and controversial ethical issues of our time on his quest to transform care through the end of life. It is harder to die in this country than ever before. Statistics show that the vast majority of Americans would prefer to die at home, yet many of us spend our last days fearful and in pain in a healthcare system ruled by high-tech procedures and a philosophy to "fight disease and illness at all cost." Dr. Ira Byock, one of the foremost palliative-care physicians in the country, argues that end-of-life care is among the biggest national crises facing us today. In addressing the crisis, politics has trumped reason. Dr. Byock explains that to ensure the best possible care for those we love-and eventually ourselves- we must not only remake our healthcare system, we must also move past our cultural aversion to talking about death and acknowledge the fact of mortality once and for all. Dr. Byock describes what palliative care really is, and-with a doctor's compassion and insight-puts a human face on the issues by telling richly moving, heart-wrenching, and uplifting stories of real people during the most difficult moments in their lives. Byock takes us inside hisbusy, cutting-edge academic medical center to show what the best care at the end of life can look like and how doctors and nurses can profoundly shape the way families experience loss. Like books by Atul Gawande and Jerome Groopman, The Best Care Possible is a compelling meditation on medicine and ethics told through page-turning, life or death medical drama. It is passionate and timely, and it has the power to lead a new kind of national conversation"--Provided by publisher.
The Better Brain Book: The Best Tools for Improving Memory and Sharpness and for Preventing Agining of the Brain
The Better Brain Book
The Best Tools for Improving Memory and Sharpness and for Preventing Agining of the Brain
Paperback      ISBN: 1594480931
Stating that memory loss is the result of a distressed brain and not a natural part of aging, a guide to rejuvenating the mind identifies brain toxins in everyday medicines, household products, and foods while recommending a program that incorporates dietary changes, supplements, and exercises. Reprint.
Better With Age: The Psychology of Successful Aging
Better With Age
The Psychology of Successful Aging
Hardcover      ISBN: 0190279982
Better with Age is about how our beliefs, behaviors, and expectations influence how well we age. This book presents the paradoxes and pleasures of old age, new research and personal interviews with famous role models of successful aging, and what we can do now to enjoy old age.