African-American Studies
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Malcolm X Speaks: Selected Speeches and Statements
Malcolm X Speaks
Selected Speeches and Statements
Paperback      ISBN: 0802132138
Presents the major ideas expounded by the legendary leader of the Black revolution in America through selected speeches delivered from 1963 to his assassination in 1965
When and Where I Enter: The Impact of Black Women on Race and Sex in America
When and Where I Enter
The Impact of Black Women on Race and Sex in America
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0688146503
Drawing on extensive research in speeches, diaries, letters, and other original sources, this interpretive history assesses the contributions of numerous uncelebrated Black women to the causes of political and sexual equality. Reissue.
All Our Kin
All Our Kin
Paperback      ISBN: 0061319821
A portrait of the struggle and resourcefulness of African-American ghetto communities is presented from the perspectives of its families and offers an exploration of the black kinship network. Reissue.
Cultural Contexts for Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man: A Bedford Documentary Companion
Cultural Contexts for Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man
A Bedford Documentary Companion
Paperback      ISBN: 0312100817
02 A unique supplement to one of the most important African American novels of this century. As Invisible Man chronicles the major moments of African American life during the first half of the twentieth century, this volume illuminates and contextualizes the novel with a collection of speeches, essays, folktales, historical analyses, photographs, and other cultural and historical documents.
The Promised Land: The Great Black Migration and How It Changed America
The Promised Land
The Great Black Migration and How It Changed America
Paperback      ISBN: 0679733477
A look at the flight of African Americans from the rural South to the urban North between 1940 and 1970 presents the migrants' stories about everything from rural sharecropper shacks to urban housing projects. Reprint. 50,000 first printing. NYT.
Complaints and Disorders: The Sexual Politics of Sickness
Complaints and Disorders
The Sexual Politics of Sickness
Paperback      ISBN: 0912670207
In this exciting sequel to their underground bestseller, Witches, Midwives, and Nurses, Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English document the tradition of American sexism in medicine before and after the turn of the century. Citing vivid examples, including numerous "treatments" and "rest cures" perpetrated on women through the decades, the authors analyze the biomedical rationale used to justify the wholesale sex discrimination throughout our culture-in education, in jobs, and in public life. Ever since Hippocrates, male medics have treated women as the "weaker" sex. By the late 19th century, when the authority of religious documents had waned, the ultimate rationale for sex discrimination became solely biomedical. In this intriguing pamphlet, the authors raise the diffuclt question: "How sick-or well-are women today?" They assert that feminists today want more than "more": "We want a new style, and we want a new substance of medical practice as it relates to women."
Black Women in White America: A Documentary History
Black Women in White America
A Documentary History
Paperback      ISBN: 0679743146
Compiles letters, articles, and essays on the racial and sexual oppression of Black women in America and the ways in which they have managed to survive in a white-dominated society
The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man
The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man
Paperback      ISBN: 048628512x
African-American writer's pioneering novel parallels his own life, probes the psychological aspects of "passing for white," and examines the American caste and class system. Major contribution to American literature.
Booker T. Washington: The Wizard of Tuskegee, 1901-1915
Booker T. Washington
The Wizard of Tuskegee, 1901-1915
Paperback      ISBN: 0195042298
A chronicle of Washington's last fifteen years reviews his accomplishments and explains how he gained strong political influence
And We Are Not Saved: The Elusive Quest for Racial Justice
And We Are Not Saved
The Elusive Quest for Racial Justice
Paperback      ISBN: 046500329x
A distinguished legal scholar and civil rights activist employs a series of dramatic fables and dialogues to probe the foundations of America’s racial attitudes and raise disturbing questions about the nature of our society.