Pin-up and Erotic Art
George Dureau, the Photographs
George Dureau, the Photographs
Hardcover      ISBN: 1597112844
George Dureau, The Photographs is an album of the great photographic portraits made throughout the 40 years of Dureau's artistic career--a New Orleans romance between the photographer and his subjects. All of Dureau's exquisite photographs, many of them nudes of black and disabled men, were made in his studio in the French Quarter of New Orleans, or on the city's streets. He began photography for the pleasure of photographing his lovers, and as research material for his paintings. Only later on did he begin to take his photographs seriously as works of art in their own right. Many of his subjects became part of Dureau's extended family, whom he photographed on different occasions over many years. Surprisingly, only one book of Dureau's photographs has been published, New Orleans (1985), a modest paperback long out of print. This Aperture book is possible now because of the commitment of Dureau's supporters.
Gerard Petrus Fieret
Gerard Petrus Fieret
Paperback      ISBN: 2365110991

This superbly produced, slipcased monograph on cult Dutch photographer Gerard Petrus Fieret (1924-2009) gathers a range of his blurry, age-toned, often erotic black-and-white portraits of women, children, shop windows and Fieret himself.

Girl: The Second Coming, Volume 4
The Second Coming, Volume 4
Paperback      ISBN: 1561637564

In the long awaited final volume of GIRL-The Second Coming, Jaleira discovers that, after infecting her mother and sister, Kasmir is more than she thought he was. In order to save her family, she gets help from her old friends, Daemon and Starr, and travels back to another dimension where she must enlist the aid of a legend. However, she gets some unexpected help and learns what could have been.

Girl: Body Heat: The Erection Collection
Girl: Body Heat
The Erection Collection
Paperback      ISBN: 1561632465

This collection brings the best stories Taylor has done all in one juicy volume Includes stories with Girl, Boy Blue and Marty and many other goodies as well as a number of new ones as yet unseen Girl is an adventurous, fun-loving, lusciously built strip dancer with a fascination for the occult. The demons she manages to conjure up may be good dirty fun but are also rather dangerous.

Glimpse : A Nostalgic Look At the Fully Fashioned Woman
Glimpse : A Nostalgic Look At the Fully Fashioned Woman
Hardcover      SKU: 281AKJ1017167
Goddess of the Glass Volume 3 (Hentai Manga)
Goddess of the Glass Volume 3 (Hentai Manga)
Paperback      ISBN: 1624590527

It's sweet, comedic, raunchy, and playful all at once, especially when a new girl joins this fiasco and it's time to heat them up and take it to the next level

Graphic Thrills: American XXX Movie Posters, 1970 to 1985
Graphic Thrills
American XXX Movie Posters, 1970 to 1985
Paperback      ISBN: 1903254736

With catchy titles like Carnal Olympics, Ultra Flesh, Insatiable, Deep Throat, and Dominatrix Without Mercy, the 1970s and early '80s were the golden era of the American hardcore sex film. Picking up where the low-budget stag loops and softcore sexploitation pictures left off, this legendary cycle of adult filmmaking was distinguished by both the overall quality of the movies themselves and also the advertising that promoted them. Real movies made by directors with a vision, performed by passionate actors, backed up with genuine plots, drama, and imagination that hit peaks the industry hasn't seen before or since. This was the age of porno chic. Theatrical film posters, then and now, seduce the public into taking part in a fantasy world. This first volume of Graphic Thrills proudly assembles 140 of these debauched and innuendo-packed one-sheets between its covers, with glorious unabashed sexuality dripping from every page. These joyous and colourful odes to sultry sin hung in the lobbies and front windows of the porno theaters and grindhouses of yesteryear. Lit by neon and shimmering marquee lights, each come-on promised curious patrons lurid drama, kinky excitement, easy love, and a myriad of exotic fantasies come true. In Graphic Thrills, the epoch of the American XXX movie poster and the no-holes-barred erotica it promised is laid bare and exposed. A writer for New York's infamous Screw magazine and creator of the underground trash film 'zine Cinema Sewer, author Robin Bougie probes the history of these classic films, interviews the people who made them, and provides candid in-depth reviews. It's time to drop your defences, turn on, and prepare to play dirty... get ready for Graphic Thrills

Great Moves
Great Moves
Paperback      ISBN: 1561635847

Three engrossing and salacious stories. In the title story, a traveler in a bar is accosted by a very horny young woman who bewitches him with unseen circumstances Then, a photographer is asked by her best friends to tape them having sex-only to have the camera turned on her. Finally, as he lies dying, an old woman reflects on the passionate life she has led with her husband.

From a variety of female viewpoints, Great Moves by Robert Edison Sandiford and Geof Isherwood, tells the stories of Caribbean people in love and lust.

Hardcover      ISBN: 3959850166

For many years, Ernest Montgomery has photographed men of the Dominican Republic. His first photo book, Dominicanos, is a best-seller. Now follows a second volume of his most erotic works: Hermoso. The title of the book alludes to what awaits us inside: the most beautiful men of the Dominican Republic, photographed by an outstanding artist.

History of German Porn: Gretchen Kraut Collection
History of German Porn
Gretchen Kraut Collection
Paperback      ISBN: 3936709378

Germans are not really famous for their great passions or pleasures. Abroad, people like to watch them falling under the tables at carnival or at the October Fest, drunk and merry. Tacitus seems to have known this side. He tells tales of the ancestors of the Germans, in classical Rome. He found them a hard and wild tribe that loved to roam the wilderness, stark naked. Indestructible even then but not really prepared to enjoy lust and pleasure. For centuries thereafter, there was little more than yodelling beneath the leather pants. Their best-loved object, a tank-like car, still boasts its indestructible quality. Then, nobody believed that the Germans might indeed, have a very intimate relationship with pornography. What is that supposed to be? German pornography? After the war, porn was happily transferred outdoors, to Scandinavia, generously partaking in the nude bathing cult. Or it was banned to the German Democratic Republic, where allegedly, women were more willing than in the West. Dreaming was allowed, beyond the borders. There was however, still something left of the good old German wanderlust, spiced up with a little sado-masochism. Fantasizing in the style of the romantic fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm Hansel and Gretel locked up in the witch s house. What did go on in there? Is this typically German? Yes, it is. Only it is hard to see, as the Nazis had turned nude culture, which after all had been Germanic, having been invented in Germany, into erotic machinery. All steel-hard boys and Arian women, always willing to do what they were asked to do. Germany militarised the erotic, which was permitted to remain pornographic abroad. The time had come for Germans, characterized by war-time rape and a greatly reduced male population, to put their past skeletons in the closet. Indeed, the Germans had lost something very important. This book shows what they lost: the legendary roaring twenties, when after World War I they shook off the senselessness of the Age of the Kaiser like a drunken stupor. It was the time when photography commenced its victory march, and dared all, without shame. It was not before the revolutionary sixties that lust was raised its head once more. Until then, 8-mm trash films and mags rotted away in farm barns. German pornography found its subjects close to the bestial, close to the stables.