Pin-up and Erotic Art
Paperback      ISBN: 1624591531

Haruku gives Saki some discipline after she finds they share a very special talent with dice. Akane gives lessons on mixing delicious cocktails with one juicy key ingredient. Hirai admires her new neighbor's intimate gardening techniques. Two sisters get schooled by their aunt on how to care for a large home (and each other). The "Charismatic Housewife," Tomoi, is interviewed about her refined cheese making process - a real delicacy Two brokers go to battle to win the most pleasing products at the dildo market. A caring mother must teach her daughter's school nutritionist how to keep hair out of the meal plans. And Master Yoshie coaches young Yoshimasa on diver techniques that leave the men at the harbor. These women come equipped to please themselves and one another in Inochi Wazuka's eight throbbing and slippery hermaphrodite adventures

The Discipline, Volume 1
The Discipline, Volume 1
Paperback      ISBN: 1632159228

Superhot duo MILLIGAN and FERN NDEZ' controversial story of sex and metamorphosis. When frustrated Manhattan wife Melissa Peake allows herself to be seduced by a mysterious stranger, she is drawn into an ancient war between The Discipline and the creatures known as The Stalkers...and must discover hitherto unimagined potential within herself to survive. But at what cost?

Whatever you've heard about it, won't prepare you for...The Discipline.

Collects issue 1 through 6

Elmer Batters: Legs That Dance to Elmer's Tune
Elmer Batters
Legs That Dance to Elmer's Tune
Hardcover      ISBN: 3822881880
Emotion - Photographs by David Vance
Emotion - Photographs by David Vance
Hardcover      ISBN: 3959852517

David Vance is first an artist, a person who expresses himself through a medium and David Vance s medium is the camera. In Emotion - Photographs by David Vance the critically acclaimed photographer shares his particular vision of emotions with us. As a beauty addict, I am compelled photographing beautiful subjects. When I see something that is beautiful, I want to show it to the world the way I have experienced it, says Vance. Influenced by the great movie star portraits of George Hurrell and the great fashion photographers of the 1950s, Richard Avedon and Irving Penn, Vance creates an image world of its own: beautiful, sensual, and emotional."

Eric Stanton & the History of the Bizarre Underground
Eric Stanton & the History of the Bizarre Underground
Hardcover      ISBN: 0764355422

Tracing the rise of commercial fetish art from its shadowy beginnings in the 1940s to its acceptance in the 1970s, this illustrated biography explores the unconventional life and art of Eric Stanton, a pioneering sexual fantasist who helped shape the movement. With more than 400 rare images and interviews with Stanton's family and closest associates, this biography chronicles the infamous circle of patrons, publishers, and cult icons populating his subterranean world, including Irving Klaw, John Willie, Bettie Page, Steve Ditko, and Gene Bilbrew. It is the untold, secret history of a misunderstood culture, the abuses of government authority, social intolerance, and gangsters. But above all, it is a tale about survival against all odds and an artist who had the courage to stay true to himself.

Eugene Von Bruenchenhein: King of Lesser Lands
Eugene Von Bruenchenhein
King of Lesser Lands
Hardcover      ISBN: 0977878392

"Von Bruenchenhein belongs among the great American outsider artists." -Roberta Smith, The New York Times

King of Lesser Lands traces the fugitive career of Eugene Von Bruenchenhein (1910-83), a prolific creator of a diverse range of distinctive images and sculptural objects, who produced his art in private over a period of about 50 years at his home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His large and unusual body of work was not discovered until after he died.

In 1939, at the age of 29, Von Bruenchenhein met Evelyn Kalka. She became his wife and muse. Evelyn, who was nicknamed "Marie," served as his model and the subject of thousands of erotic photo-portraits, which he shot and printed himself. For these images, which emulated girlie-magazine pinups with an offbeat air, Von Bruenchenhein designed and created his own background sets and costumes for Marie.

Around the mid-1950s, the artist began to make abstract paintings using his fingers or sticks, combs, leaves and other makeshift utensils to push oil paint around the surfaces of Masonite boards or cardboard taken from packing boxes at the bakery where he worked. Von Bruenchenhein's abstract explosions of vibrant color evoke the forms of strange plants or fantasy creatures and architectural structures. Later, Von Bruenchenhein used clay to produce home-fired crowns and vases, and also created mysterious sculptures resembling towers or thrones with chicken and turkey bones.

During his lifetime, only his closest family members and friends knew anything about his artistic pursuits. In 1983, after the artist's death, one of his friends called the attention of the Milwaukee Art Museum to Von Bruenchenhein's extraordinary oeuvre.

On the occasion of a 2010 survey of his work at the American Folk Art Museum in New York, Roberta Smith wrote in The New York Times "Von Bruenchenhein belongs among the great American outsider artists whose work came to light or resurfaced in the last three decades of the 20th century." Smith placed Von Bruenchenhein's unusual art in the company of that of Henry Darger, Martin Ram rez, Bill Traylor, James Castle and Morton Bartlett.

Fantasy Nude Photography: Use Lighting, Posing, and Digital Compositing Techniques to Create Amazing Images
Fantasy Nude Photography
Use Lighting, Posing, and Digital Compositing Techniques to Create Amazing Images
Paperback      ISBN: 1608957071

Rayment Kirby shows you how to execute complex image concepts with simple tools. Working in a small studio with simple lighting, Kirby uses digital technology to flawlessly transform images of models, props, and small-scale sets into dramatic composites. Building on these transformative processes he also explores how everyday locations can be infused with a fantasy element for more evocative results. For each final image, the author presents a lighting diagram and alternate or procedural images to reveal the process used. Easy-to-follow text detailing the process makes it easy to adapt his inventive approaches to your own images for more exciting and compelling nude images. Packed with DIY solutions for big looks, this book is sure to stoke your creative fires

Fat Girl
Fat Girl
Paperback      ISBN: 0985490268
Featuring a foreword by Miss Rosen and text by April Flores

His most personal work, award-winning photographer Carlos Batts explores the often stigmatized world of the fat girl in his fourth and final published collection of photographs with wife, adult film actress, and plus-size model, April Flores, who writes of her perspective of being photographed by Carlos. Featuring intimate photographs (including Flores' never-before-seen, highly mythologized early blonde Polaroids), Fat Girl captures an exquisite perspective unique to the celebrated culture of beauty.
Francesca Woodman: On Being an Angel
Francesca Woodman
On Being an Angel
Hardcover      ISBN: 3863357507
On Being an Angel takes its title from a caption the artist inscribed on two of her photographs--self-portraits with her head thrust back and her chest thrust forward. Typical of Woodman's work in the way they cast the female body as simultaneously physical and immaterial, these photographs and the evocative title they share are apt choices to encapsulate the work of an artist whose legacy has been unavoidably colored by her tragic personal biography and her death, at age 22, by suicide. In less than a decade, Woodman produced a fascinating body of work--in black and white and in color--exploring gender, representation, sexuality and the body through the photographing of her own body and those of her friends. Since her death, Woodman's influence continues to grow: her work has been the subject of numerous in-depth studies and exhibitions in recent years, and her photographs have inspired artists all over the world. Published to accompany a travelling exhibition of Woodman's work, Francesca Woodman: On Being an Angel offers a comprehensive overview of Woodman's oeuvre, organized chronologically, with texts by Anna Tellgren, Anna-Karin Palm and the artist's father, George Woodman.
Francesca Woodman (1958-81) was born in Denver, Colorado, to an artistic family and began experimenting with photography as a teenager. In 1975 she attended the Rhode Island School of Design, and in 1979 she moved to New York to attempt to build a career in photography. Woodman's working career was intense but brief, cut short by her death in 1981.
Frank Rothe: China Naked
Frank Rothe
China Naked
Hardcover      ISBN: 3939583111

German photographer Frank Rothe has created an unusual and unique portrait of modern China. He breaks through the clich that we think of the Chinese only collectively and shows nude portraits of young and old individuals of Beijing and Shanghai. Rothe then juxtaposes each portrait with a long-exposed cityscape photograph reflecting China's mass society.